Monday, 2 June 2014

Gathering the Moments - May

May is all about birthdays in our embroidery group
as Rosie, Thelma and Mary
all have their special day!
Early in May we had lunch at La Forchette at St Heliers
to celebrate Rosie's special milestone birthday.

La Forchette is a french restaurant/cafe 
where most of the staff appear to be french, 
they have french accents
so that gives it an authentic french feel!
I think most of them are here
on a working holiday while seeing the world.

Photographing moments at home during May.
I've enjoyed watching Autumn come and go in my garden
and observing the way the light changes both inside and out.

These last images are from our embroidery
day at Mary's.
Good company, delicious food and
lots of interesting chit chat
together with some embroidery of course,
make for a great day with friends!

I'm joining Cheryl for her monthly meme
Gathering the Moments here 
we would love you to join us and
share your May moments too!

I don't want you to miss out on Vicki's
amazing GIVEAWAY here 
you have until 21st June to enter.

She is giving away her Woodland nest above
it even has the little eggs nestled into the soft fibres!

Vicki also called on her talented and artistic friends
to include some of their pieces
to make this a very special Giveaway.
I would love all of my special bloggy pals
to have the opportunity to visit Vicki's blog
and read her story and enter her Giveaway.


Take care and
be kind to one another

  Merci à bientôt

Shane x


  1. Lovely photos, Shane!

    How fun that your embroidery group celebrates birthdays together! Such beautiful moments from home, too. Autumn is a glorious season (my favorite), and it looks as if it filled your May with beauty.

    Love the little black cat in your collage!

    Thanks for "gathering" with me again this month!

  2. May is a lovely time for celebrating birthdays. Oh yes, the light does change so with each season. Autumn indeed has wonderful light to delight. Enjoy!

  3. Happy birthday to all the girls.

  4. Dear Shane,

    Lovely photos for the month of May and happy birthday to your friends.
    Sounds like you had some special times together. Love the cross stitch with the hearts and the strawberries, I think it might be.
    Happy Queens birthday and hope you are enjoying your day

  5. Just beautiful photos Shane - gosh, where did May go to, it went by in the blink of an eye. I especially love the embroidery photos in your little mosaic pictures.

  6. Wunderschöne Fotos.
    Ich bin jedesmal verliebt in deine traumhaft schönen Bilder.
    Du bist ein großes Talent im Fotografieren.

    Sophie xx

  7. Happy Birthday to all the sewing girls. Beautiful images, as ever, and I love the last collage from your gathering, especially the cups with a fig on the edge. Are they fruits or sweeties? Cute... xxx

  8. I hope Rosie, Thelma, and Mary all had wonderful birthdays! I love all of the photos. I hope you have a great Monday :)

  9. Sweet Shane, love seeing your pretty collages reminding me that June means Autumn down under…… and colorful, my favorite kind of weather!

    Thanks for the good wishes for our upcoming trip - we leave here tomorrow evening and arrive in the UK Wed. morning - board the QV Thur. PM and sail away! I'm excited having never been to Scandinavia - plus we've been so busy this Spring we really need a break and hopefully some relaxation time! When we disembark in England my brother and wife will be flying over from France - we'll enjoy a couple of days with them in London!

    Will try to post now and then on the trip - stay well and be happy dear.
    Hugs - Mary

  10. Thanks for sharing these nice memories and pictures with us. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. Dear Shane,
    how lovely to celebrate with your friends, both the birthdayes, and the lovely changes of seasons, alltogether with delicious meals and beautiful embroidering.
    I am nosy !! what is in your cups looks so yummy ! And so does your photo collages, alwayes so beautiful and lovely little views from your every day doings !
    Hugs from Dorthe- xx- wishing you a beautiful week, dear.

  12. Dearest Shane,
    You are already shifting your mood to things French with such yummy pâtisserie from La Fourchette!
    Love all your photos, including the silky black cat and your persimmons... Lovely embroidery too.
    Enjoy this time of the year.

  13. Sounds like an enjoyable time together. Enjoyed all the photos!
    Have a great week.

  14. I would love to be in an embroidery group and how nice you celebrate birthdays together. I have some tea friends and we celebrate birthdays together. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your fall month of May!

    My bathroom redo began with our son getting a free gorgeous scrap of granite and installing it, which then meant new paint and there we go!

  15. What fun you can have your birthdays together.

  16. How interesting and fun your May was! Food, friends, family... who could want for more?

  17. I always love your wrap-up posts! May looks like it was very good to you! All your photos are just enchanting!

  18. I enjoyed seeing the photo images of your happy May experiences. Delicious looking sweet treats, lovely seasonal colours and home decor and such pretty embroidery done during one of your friendship gatherings.

  19. Happy birthday to all your embroidery friends. It's such fun getting together and celebrating with good food and beautifully wrapped gifts.I think I just might make a visit to La Fourchette. I'm visiting Auckland next week to housesit for our son who is off to FRANCE. He and his wife and son are going to do a 10 day cycle ride then off to other parts of Europe, and UK. I would like to go and find this place. Shirley

  20. Hi Shane, Thank you for your kind comment on my post. It is wonderful to be back visiting with you. These are exquisite photos. Sounds like a wonderful time with friends.

  21. Hi Shane, your snaps are gorgeous and share such beauty.
    Happy Birthday to your friends. May was a special month and came and went too quickly.
    Love your home pics and everyday happenings. Enjoy a new beautiful season.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. So nice to see you.
    Hugs and Blessings!

  22. Lovely images and beautiful sentiments. May is the beginning of birthday season in our family - isn't it wonderful?! I enjoyed my visit to your gathering of May moments - stopping by from the party at Thinking About Home. Blessings!

  23. Oh my, and here I thought I would be too late to enter that giveaway. I'm so glad that you highlighted the date. I'm now entered! You had a lovely and creative month, it looks like. Love seeing all of your photos together like this!



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