Sunday, 19 January 2014

Bloggy Sunshine Package and a Lesson

I want to show you these exquisite pieces created by my blog friend
Karen of Todolwen.

Karen had issues with her blog late last year.
While working behind the scenes on her blog she decided
to make a few changes - one was her URL.
 This resulted in her blog disappearing totally.... imagine the stress
involved! Luckily she knew the person to turn to -
Karen of Valentine Design 
Todolwen is up and running again but what a lesson to us all!

Karen emailed some of her followers and asked if we would
put her "NEW" blog button on our blogs - which I did.

To say thank you Karen sent me a packet of her gorgeous
little crocheted flowers, hearts and flutter-bys.
A sunshine package I call it!

I photographed them on a vintage silk table cloth
aren't they beautiful.

Please pop over to Karen's blog here and if you were one of her
previous followers you will want to re-join!
If you enjoy doing creative things she shares her amazing
tutorials and they are FREE.

 Here is the link to her free felted nest tutorial.

Just look at these violets with smiling faces - I will be using them
in collage pages and banners I'm currently working on.
 Thank you Karen for your precious gifts!

I'm joining these parties
Karen for Sunlit Sunday
Mary for Mosaic Monday 
Becky for Blissful Whites Wednesday

Thank you dear friends for your sweet comments!

Merci à bientôt
be kind to one another!




  1. Sweet Shane,

    I am so happy you like my little gift and thank you for sharing what happened to my blog.


    Karen B. Todolwen

  2. Forgot to say that I love your photos!


    Karen B. Todolwen

  3. Dear Shane,

    How beautiful the sweet work is from Karen and love the way your have photographed them.
    Such a shame about having her blog disappear and hope she will get all her followers back.
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday - hasn't the weather been beautiful.

  4. WOW!!! Her work is just beautiful!!!! As are your photos!!! I will have to jump over to her space!!! And now I know not to change my URL!!!! Have a lovely weekend!! Nicole

  5. Her work is just exquisite ! And your photos showcase them beautifully!

    Deb from Homespun & Frugal Little Bungalow

  6. These are exquisite! Your photos showcase them very well : )

    Deb from Homespun & Frugal Little Bungalow

  7. Karen's work is lovely -- how generous to share! And thanks for the URL info. I hadn't thought about that -- sounds like a terrible ordeal!

  8. Beautiful pieces...and your pictures brought them out beautifully.

  9. Shane, your friend's crochet work is beautiful and so delicate. I'm glad she had a happy ending to her blogging problem; I'm sure there were some anxious moments before it was restored.

    Thank you for sharing her work at Sunlit Sunday.


  10. Karen is certainly a talented gal! And how sweet of her to send you those little treasures! I'm so glad that she has her blog troubles worked out now.

  11. such beautiful work you are sharing today

  12. What lovely gifts! She does such pretty, dainty work. It would drive my eyes crazy!

  13. what beautiful pieces-those crocheted bits are darling!

  14. How very lovely!! Your friend is very talented!!! Have a grand day!

  15. Dear Shane,
    What beautiful ,lovely little crocheted pieces from Karen, they are truly so lovely, I adore the pansies and butterflyes , she is a wonderful artist!
    Thank you dear Shane for your comment on my blog,- I started to go Gluten free, and it might look as if it helps me, ---I hope and pray !! --I have seen many places, that if having had an infection like I had, you can have Gluten intollerance as a side effect!
    Thank you for asking, my friend.
    Hugs from cold Denmark and me.

  16. How beautiful - I'm heading right over for a closer look.

  17. How terrible for Karen to have her blog disappear. Karen Valentine is my blog designer and I know she's a genius behind the scenes.
    The little crocheted hearts, flowers and butterflies are so darn cute and a sweet gift to receive.
    I'd love to make a felted nest but would have to find a wool sweater first I guess.
    Have a good week Shane.

  18. Oh what beautiful little pieces of art, so delicate and sweet! Thanks so much for sharing at MM! xo

  19. They are lovely pieces, I love the cute hearts and butterflies. Your friend sent you a wonderful gift. I will check out Karen's site next. Have a happy week ahead!

  20. I love all of these beautiful handmade pretties. She is so talented and you are too my friend! Lovely photos! Sweet hugs!

  21. What beautiful hand crafted pieces. Love them all. You are lucky to have a friend who sent them to you. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  22. Hi Shane,

    Such delicate and dainty needlework, and your presentation of it simply complements the finery!

    Thanks for sharing your friend's story and her happy ending!


  23. They are well made, very intricate

  24. That blog business is scary. And her hearts and flowers are so sweet! thanks for the link!

  25. A sweet gift from a blogging friend.

  26. Lovely little crochet pieces. Blogging friends are the best. Valerie

  27. Aren't these the prettiest and cutest little things. She has a talent to make them! Have a good week ahead Shane.

  28. These are dainty little joys! She does lovely work. I went over and re joined her blog. I was sorry to hear what happened. I have heard that happen to another blogger as well.
    That was kind of you to direct us over there : )

  29. Dearest Shane,
    Thank you so much for being so kind and helping Karen. It is tough if you have to start all over with your followers and all the aggravation it caused for loosing it all at first. Lucky she got it back! It is very important to export your blog from time to time for you never know! Here you can read my tutorial on how to do just that:
    You got some lovely work from Karen and that shows how much she appreciated your kindness.

  30. The way you have laid out these little beauties, they look as if they are ready made cards!
    I shall go and visit her blog.

    Thank you for your visit and lovely comment my dear friend. I haven't done much visiting myself lately but as you say, thank goodness for my art. It has kept me going as he has been in hospital now 10 weeks! xx

  31. What sweet lovelies you received.

    I am headed over the Karen's blog right now.

  32. Love her work. I cannot imagine my blog completely disappearing. YIKES!

  33. Lovely crochet pieces so delightfully displayed and photographed Shane. To be treasured. Shirley

  34. These are lovely. I am always amazed at how much creativity some people have.

  35. ♥ooo, so beautiful! LOVE! Happy day for you, my dear friend! xxx Riitta

  36. That is a very scary thought to have your blog just disappear. I will pop on over now and check out her blog. I love the fluter-bys.

  37. tout est adorable et si beau
    je vais mettre son bouton
    sur mon blog
    parmi les autres

  38. Karen's pieces are beautiful Shane. I would be in panic mode if I lost my blog. Karen Valentine is the go to person. She is my blog designer.

  39. Those are lovely crocheted gifts and you have photographed them so beautifully! I know you will put them to good use.

    I prefer not to mess around with my blog too much. I don't need anymore headaches. :)

    Best wishes, Tammy

  40. What pretty little treasures.
    I especially loved the flutterflies, but those pansies are a delight too.

  41. Very lovely work - off to check out her link

  42. ooo your gorgeous photos with Karen's lovely crocheted creations are just what I needed on this arctic blowy morning here in Virginia ;)...
    You are a sweet blog friend dear Shane...
    thank you for the links.
    and to answer your question about the birdhouse on my recent tea post...that is something we picked up on sale intended as decoration :)...

  43. Lovely butterflies and flowers, your blog friend is handy. Good to know about URL.

  44. Wonderful photos what a creative lady and I know it is a terrible thing when you've lost part of your blog. However sometimes a fresh start gives you more energy and more creativity.
    Hoping you're having a wonderful week in New Zealand.



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