Friday, 8 February 2013


When I return from a trip away
I know I'm home
when I arrive at my front door.

On either side of the entrance
I've hung a sweet wreath
and nailed to our door
is this plate with the words

french for welcome.

In the front hallway is a
large bookcase
full of 'old friends'
books that belonged to my dear father.

They sit happily in these
old brass ended book ends.

I consider all these treasures
to be part of my
welcome home committee!!

Today I'm joining Mary of 
Little Red House
Bernideen of
Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

Lovely to see you here dear friends
I'll be over to see you soon
in the meantime

be kind to one another
hugs and love



A Garden of Threads said...

A special welcome with all treasured books. Books are friends.

My Garden Diaries said...

Oh so beautiful! The sign is stunning and so rich with texture as are your father's old box! What a welcoming home!

Lorrie said...

How lovely to make certain that your arrival home is filled with delight and beauty.

Mary said...

Oh, I love all your welcoming "friends," especially your father's books. What wonderful treasures! Thanks for sharing your inspiration, Shane! xoxox

Bernideen said...

This is very welcoming! I am so happy you linked to "Open House"!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

As much as I enjoy travel, both for work and for pleasure, there is nothing as wonderful as walking through the door of "home."

I really should get a "bienvenue" plaque...


Pondside said...

Your front door says 'welcome' in the very best way!

Patricia said...

What a lovely collection of images, and wonderful to have them as a welcome in your home. The blue weath is just beautiful, and I would also love a Bienvenue Sign - very elegant!

Karen Harvey Cox said...

What beautiful wreaths greet you when you return home. I love all of your lovely touches, and those books are beautiful. Now I will wander through your beautiful blog.


Lavender Cottage said...

Hello Shane
There's something about old books that draws us to them and your father's collection is a nice way to remember him.
The welcome sign on your door is very elegant, as is the wreath hanging from a fleur- de- lis.

Dagmar said...

Hi Shane,
There is nothing quite like coming home and having all the things we have lovingly collected over years to welcome us back..
Thank you dear one for the thoughtful and sweet comments you have left me these past few months..I adore your comments.

Johanna at ZigaZag WA Travel and Lifestyle said...

What a wonderful welcome committee you have! And I anticipate the rest of your 'home' is equally lovely.

Junibears said...

You have a wonderful Welcome Home committee to greet you my dear. When I walk into my house it is the smell that greets me and I know I'm home. That sounds peculiar when I read it back but I hope you know what I mean.
Everyone's home has a different smell. if I shut my eyes I'd know I was in my daughter's house for instance. perhaps smell is not the rioght word. Perhaps I should use perfume but it isn't the perfume you buy in a bottle.....
I'm rambling again.
Keeep well, and hugs xx

Magdalena said...

Your welcome-scenery is really inviting. Coming home is always so important. Our children think we only go on a holiday to come back and enjoy our home.
Have a good time!

kitty said...

I love your special welcome home committee when you walk to your door and then through your door. I'm your newest follower *_*

It's me said...

What a lovely post !!!...welcome home !!

8)(8 said...

Hi, Shane.

I love wreaths! You have a beautiful and welcoming entrance with the antique sign and the books.

I also loved the photos below of New Zealand. Gorgeous.

Thank you for your visit.

podso said...

I agree, there is nothing quite like arriving at home and entering the peace and comfort it contains. I love that your dad's old books are there to greet you.

Jeanne Henriques said...

Loving your front door welcoming Shane. It is so nice to have something of your Dad's...those sort of things just have a way of making you smile and best of all, it stays with you throughout the day..
Best wishes for a lovely weekend Shane...

Jeanne xx

Dorthe said...

Dearest Shane, a very lovely welcome home, it is!
The wreaths looks so beautiful, and that iron sign sayes it all, my friend.
Also your fathers books ,greeting you when inside, is a wonderful treasure to have, and to save.
I wish you a very happy and wonderful week end my lovely Shane.
Hugs and love, Dorthe

Mary said...

I love books around a home - that set of pink bindings is really lovely, and having your father's books is very special Shane.

Today I've started my cleaning big time - more cleaning out and organizing first, then the big
Spring clean which is really necessary after being gone so much!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments on my recent trip posts dear - I have lots more to share. Antarctica was truly amazing and I'm so blessed to have had the chance to see this wild and pristine place.

Happy weekend......enjoy each moment.
Hugs - Mary

Linda said...

You have placed such lovely things in your entrance to welcome visitors and you must say 'Home Sweet Home' when you arrive there. We've been thinking about a welcome porch for some time and you've given me some ideas! Happy weekend to you and your loved ones!

Annabelle said...

Made me want to go and make a welcoming effort with my front door. x

Donna Heber said...

Hi Shane,

You have such an inviting and welcoming entrance. It is nice to get away, but even better when you get home.

kathyinozarks said...

a very special welcome-love it

Marissa said...

What a beautiful way to get welcomed! Love it. Your new follower...xoxo marissa

Rustique Gal said...

Hi Shane,
Nice post, I feel welcome! I love to show my treasures too.I enjoyed your comment today on my post at Rustique Gallery. Yes, most people here have garages, too! I just happen to live in an old hardware/home building store, which has lots of pavement around it, but no garage space. My brother lives here too and has used the one garage/barn as his welding business space. So, alas, I have to shovel out my car and clean off the frost every cold morning! Hope you are enjoying your summer!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Lovely items to welcome you home. I saw on someone's blog the other day that you had won their blog party giveaway, but I forget where. Anyways, congratulations! :) Wishing you a wonderful week. Tammy

Vee said...

What a great welcoming committee...your books look so wonderful in their bookends. Your father would be well pleased to know that his treasures have become yours.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Shane,

I always feel the same, great to go away but even nicer to come home again.
Your home looks very inviting and can see why you love to return home.
The wreath and the Bienvenue sign are lovely also love all the old books and how precious that they belonged to your dear Father.

Wishing you a wonderful week

Ostrich Fern said...

Your front door's design is really so nice. Such a wonderful post.

~*~Patty S said...

ah what a lovely place to come home to ... your father's books are just brilliant = such treasures!


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