Saturday, 7 January 2012

Waiting for news.....

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Our new grandchild
is due to arrive into our world
any day
or second
(in France).

I'm finding it very difficult
to concentrate on
or think of anything else.....

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May be a little distraction
such as...
a baby shopping spree
could be just what I need
to calm my mind -
what do you think??

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The fact that I'm
12,000 miles away
on the other side of the world
doesn't help at all -
I feel a little
cut off from this
amazing event.

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It's only natural
when my baby
is soon to be a mother again
(for the third time)
that I would like to
be close by.....

Meantime I must hurry
and finish knitting
this sweet little jacket -
may be that will take
my mind off things...

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It's a waiting game!!!
and I will let you know
as soon as I get
some news!

Thank you my dear friends for visiting my blog.
Welcome to my newest followers
Crissy, Carole, Wendy and Esther!

I will enjoy catching up with you all
and visiting your blogs very soon.
Be kind to one another
Shane x


  1. Dear Shane, what a wonderful occation to wait for- ---a new grandchild- --I understand you want to be closer, so wonderful, we live in a world with telephones and computers-so we can speak, and be near ,like that.
    I wish for you the waiting part will soon be over, so you can tell us the happy news about a grandchild .
    Hugs, Dorthe

  2. Dear Shane,

    Wishing your newest Grandchild a very warm welcome into the world. Will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.


  3. What an exciting time for you - another little life. So precious.

  4. Good morning from sunny and warm Panama..What joy you will have when you get that phone is so hard when they live that far away isn't it? My little grandaughter Claire is a year old already...where does the time go! we will look for the posting of when your new Grandbaby arrives!
    Sweet hugs,

  5. How exciting! I bet your heart jumps every time the phone rings.

  6. Ooh, let us know, Shane. We are all excited for you. Sweet babies are the best!! Yes, go shopping and shower that precious baby with your love!

  7. Thank you for your comment 'Sophies Mom' - I was unable to access your blog to thank you.

    Yes - babies are the best - new life is the most precious gift of all!


  8. Shane,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment, so I could find you. What an exciting time to start following you and see your new grandchild!



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