Thursday 18 October 2018

Spring is in the air.....

Hello dear friends
It has been so long since my last post
almost a year....
So no doubt you all gave upon me a long time ago!

I have missed you all....
I am on Instagram as some of you know.
IG is not so time consuming as writing a post
and editing photos.
Having said that I have missed blogging
and I hope I can put up at least
one weekly post... time will tell!

weather over the last couple of weeks
sunny and warm one day
cold and wet the next!
in my neck of the woods!

New Zealand Kowhai Tree

Recently headed up to

Cornwall Park
to find Spring Inspiration
it is one of my favourite places to walk

As you can see by the photo above

the farmer has a flock of black sheep.
They are such characters
in fact very nosey
and race over to the fence as soon as we appear!

Well I won't ramble on or this won't get posted!
Can someone please recommend a good
photo editing program.
I used to use Pixlr but it has changed
and I found it too complicated for me!

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt



  1. Hello Shane,
    welcome back in Bloggerworld! So good to see you again!
    Thank you for wonderful Springphotos! Here we have autumn with summer Temperatures, but from next week on it will get cooler and hopefully rainy! So dry everything!
    So glad, you are here again! Looking forward for your wonderful posts again! I missed you too!
    Have a happy rest of the week,
    sending Love and hugs,
    Claudia xo

    1. Thank you for your kind welcome dear Claudia!
      It has been ages and I'm so happy to meet up with you again.xx

  2. So lovely to see you today Shane. It seems odd to be looking at Spring flowers when we are rapidlyheading towards Wintter here!
    Looking forward to your posts.

  3. Thank you B!
    I missed my old friends, like you that I want to stay in touch with.
    Yes I know, as the saying goes we are worlds apart!
    You are putting your garden to bed and our Southern Hemisphere gardens are wakng to Spring.
    I’m so pleased you saw my post and thank you for leaving your comment.
    Shane xx

  4. So lovely to hear from you Shane. Are they bluebells? They are the sweetest and prettiest little flowers. Hope the weather is kind to you. We are enjoying much-needed rain, and the roses are very happy. xxx

    1. Hello my dear friend, yes they are Bluebells. I should grow some in my garden too, they are lovely and the first sign of Spring here.

  5. I was so nice to see your blog on my dashboard. Happy spring; it is good to have you back.

  6. How lovely to see a post from you in my feed this morning. Photo editing seems to be a constantly moving target, doesn't it? I still use the downloaded version of Picasa that is no longer available. I did purchase a version of Photoshop Elements, but I find it rather clunky to use.
    Autumn is settling in here, and it's lovely to see your bluebells and forsythia (I think) beginning to bloom. Enjoy these spring days!

    1. Thank you for your comment on photo editiing, it seems that one has to subscribe now - no more freebies!
      I love Autumn, it is my favourite season - it could be to do with age.
      Autumn is all about slowing down, putting ones garden to bed, and spending more time indoors - its convivial!
      Spring is crazy in the garden, continually weeding and thinning out plants, feeding with compost and mulch and watering. We don't have a watering system, but I rather like being out there on my own in the evening!

  7. For some reason, the sheep photo is the only one that won't load for me!

    1. Sorry Michelle. I changed to pop up but for some reason that doesn't suit my blog, so I have reverted back to embedded and no probs!.
      We will stay in touch with IG.

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you Ellen, I’m looking forward to visiting you too. Xx

  9. Happy Spring dear Shane and a warm welcome back.
    I love all your beautiful photos and isn't Spring wonderful. Hasn't the weather been changeable warm one day feels like summer and then back to cold winter days.
    Instagram is easier than blogging which does tend to take more time.
    Have a wonderful Labour weekend

    1. Thank you Carolyn!
      Oh yes - Spring weather is so fickle.
      Today was a stunner - I wanted to spend time in the garden.
      However I spent a lot of time in the car, returning library books, posting mail and various other shopping!
      Enjoy your weekend - lets hope its fine.xx

  10. So happy to see you here again dear friend. Thanks for the lovely comments you've been leaving. Looking forward to seeing more about the grandchildren - how are they adjusting to life in NZ?

    PicMonkey is the best Shane, and easy to use. I pay annually rather than monthly and save a little money. It's easy and fun to use once you get used to it.
    I can't see the sheep either.
    The Spanish bluebells are lovely - I have tons in my garden each Spring as they multiply quickly!

    Hugs - Mary

  11. Thank you Mary!
    You won't see many photos of the girls unfortunately, but that's not my call.
    Anyway from time to time I will talk about them and maybe slip in the odd pic!
    Thank you for your advice - I'll go and sign up now.
    I edited the black sheep photos on my iphone so I don't know what went wrong there.
    I hope you're enjoying your Washington DC visit,

  12. Lovely to see you back here Shane - I like the look of the New Zealand Kowhai Tree, I don't believe that I have ever seen it before.,
    Like Mary I use Picmonkey too, but last year they gave it a new look. However, luckily they kept the old one too which I continue to use as it is easier. I pay for Picmonkey annually, they just take the money from my credit card, and it can easily cancelled at renewal should you wish.

  13. Thank you dear Rosemary, it is good to be back and I will so enjoy reading your blog posts again. Instagram is just not the same!
    On Mary's advice I have signed up for Picmonkey annually but I haven't had a chance to play yet.... I hope it's not too complicated for me. Previously I used Pixlr and loved that as it was easy peasy!
    Can I call you if I need help?!
    Just an aside - could you see my black sheep photos? It was a collage of four photos..... Neither Mary nor Michelle could see it, I don't know about the others.

  14. Welcome back Shane! It's nice to hear from you and to know that all is well in your world. Snow flurries this week here - so jealous of you just going into spring!

    1. Thank you dear Mary Anne, it's lovely to be back.
      We have been blogging friends since I first started in 2009 I think and we both did Carole's journal class - remember.
      You have gone on to do great things - creatively with your embroidery and now quilting too!

    2. Yes, I remember....that was a fun class. And now Carole is a writer.

  15. Please do ask if you need any help Shane - it is easy to use but there are also quite a lot of features that are fun to explore when you have time.
    No I can't see the sheep either - where it should be is showing one of those 'grey no entry signs'.

    1. Thank you so much Rosemary - it will take me a while to become au fait with it all and I will need a shoulder to lean on!
      Sorry about the sheep - I think I used a trial Pixlr to create the collage.
      So much for that!

  16. Glad you are back blogging! I can't see the sheep photo either, but all others there!

  17. I hear you about the ease of posting to IG, but I don't want to give up on blogging either since I've made so many friends who are still here. Our weather is slowly changing. Still hot, but the bearable kind of heat. Soon I will start planting. Seems your sheep photo is missing. I don't edit photos. I use Be Funky for collages since PicMonkey wasn't free anymore, but other than that, what you see is what you get. :)

    1. We,ve been friends on blogger a long time Tammy!
      I’ve still got the crochet piece you made and sent to me!
      I think it might have been when I broke my wrists - I’ll look back and see!
      Can you email me or DM on Insta with your postal address as I only have your old work address.

  18. I'm happy to see you on your blog again my friend. I always love visiting with you. I downloaded a free photo editing program called photoscape. It does most of what I want and you don't have to go online to work on your photos. I miss those others though and the neat features they had. Happy blogging!

  19. Thank you Diane, it’s good to be back!
    Thank you for giving me the heads up on photoscape!
    I’m missing Pixlr as I used it for years and knew it off by heart 💓

  20. Welcome back, dear Shane! Love seeing your spring. My spring always has those blue bells, which I am constantly trying to dig out because they spread all over the place. I love seeing them elsewhere. These days I am using Lightroom, which isn't cheap or necessarily easy to figure out. I am still learning.

  21. Dearest Shane,
    Welcome back here!
    Love your New Zealand Kowhai Tree blossoms photo; very special and never have seen it in reality.
    The other photo where you mention the sheep is a riddle as nothing is visible...
    Is your family now in New Zealand?
    Sending you hugs,

  22. I am so very glad you are back. I've missed you.

  23. I’ve missed you too dear Jeanie!
    Thank you for finding me again😘💕



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