Sunday 10 August 2014

Parnell Houses

Parnell is an inner city suburb of Auckland.
Part of it's charm are the pretty
old Edwardian and Victorian 
villas and bungalows.

In recent years real estate prices have soared
because of it's proximity to the CBD.
The old houses are being lovingly restored
to their former glory.

The photo above is the shopping area in Parnell
where there are some lovely boutiques,
cafes and restaurants.

When the cruise ships are in port
passengers often do a tour of Parnell!

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  1. Ever so beautiful these Victorian and Edwardian style houses!

  2. Parnell is a really pretty place, Shane. I love those pastel and lace houses - gorgeous! xxx

  3. It's wonderful to see old homes restored and enjoyed again! (and I saw fences as soon as I looked at your's getting to be a habit!) Love your mosaic, too! Enjoy your day! Hugs, Diane

  4. Parnell looks a fabulous place, those buildings are just wonderful. x

  5. These Victorian homes are just beautiful. I especially like the gingerbread trim on them When my husband was doing woodwork he made and sold a lot of his gingerbread trim. Great photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. I am squealing over all of that gorgeous gingerbread trim. Lovely!

  7. I love the Victorian homes, they are beautiful. Parnell looks like a lovely town to visit!! Great post and photos! Enjoy your new week!

  8. Such a pretty area and I noticed the Victorian gingerbread trim right away.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Shane.

  9. What a quaint location! I enjoyed seeing the charming cottages and shopping area. I am sure that this little town loves the cruise ships.

  10. The gingerbread trim on those pretty houses is the icing on the cake. So delicately done. I can see why this area would be a cruise ship attraction.

  11. We visited Parnell just last fall - we were on a cruise ship but visited the area on our own as part of a walking tour of Auckland. It is a charming area and one we will long remember.

  12. Dearest Shane,
    Lovely Victorian looking city is Parnell. Those homes do show the ginger bread that is also very popular here in the South of the USA. It gives a home such charm!
    Enjoy your week.

  13. Our daughter lived in Parnell for a little while and it was lovely to visit and wander around the area; it is gorgeous with all the old cottages.

  14. Hi, This is my first visit here and am smitten by the sheer beauty of your pics n posts....
    PS . loved your profile,It resonated well with me :)

  15. Parnell looks like a wonderful place to live and visit! I love its Victorian era architecture

  16. What a beautiful place and I love those victorian and Edwardian looking houses and shops. Have a good week Shane.

  17. Those buildings are so attractive. It's good to hear they are being restored.

  18. How I would love visiting Parnell. It does look beautiful!

  19. Beautiful. I have posted a house today too.

  20. love love love Victorian houses.

  21. OmWord! What a lovely place to visit!
    Love the photos!

  22. What a charming place, a real life storybook scene with the prettiest houses! How wonderful that they are being restored and rejuvenated!

    Thanks for sharing, Shane. Enjoy your week, my friend!


  23. I should love very much to live there! They should hire you to be their visitor's bureau chief!

  24. such beautiful and quaint homes! i can see why it would be so popular to reside there! thanks for joining in with good fence with these beauties!

  25. Lovely homes and fences.

  26. What a beautiful old neighbourhood! I love the Victorian style of homes and cottages. I hope your winter is going well and I guess your spring will be arriving soon as we step into fall next month. Hugs. Pam



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