Sunday 24 August 2014

Beautiful Windows of France

I'm always attracted to the beautiful
windows when I'm in France
and take photos whenever I can.

I love the old doors and entrance ways too
I could do a series on these
but I need to get my photos in some order
as it takes me forever to find the ones I want!!

Last time I came back with over 3000 photos
not a good thing for someone like me.
I need to do some serious sorting
I'm open to suggestions to get this organised
so your tips and ideas are very welcome!

Now that I'm back working three days
time is precious and I have to use it wisely!

Wading through photos to find the right one
can get tedious as I'm sure you all know!!!

I'm joining Judith for Mosaic Monday
do pop in and say hello
maybe you would like to join in too.
I'll look out for you!

Take care and
be kind to one another

Merci à bientôt



  1. The photos of the windows are beautiful and interesting. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  2. These are all lovely windows and photos. One of my favorites is the first shot in your post.. I usually back up all my photos. But, sometimes I make a copy for an separate theme file like all my sunset/sunrise shots all are in one file. They are easy to find this way. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  3. ADORE these pictures Shane. Wish I were back in France for a week!

    I understand about precious time, too. Sure wish I could afford to hire someone to get my photos organized.

    Right now, they are only categorized in months. Each file is a month and that truly doesn't help when you cannot remember when you took the photo. sigh

  4. Beautiful French windows mosaic ,dear Trace, I can understand how difficult it must be to choose where to make a photo !!
    Hoping you are all well, and sending hugs.

  5. beautiful! I love taking photos of the windows and doors in France-especially of churches and castles and old,old buildings. Can't help you with organizing your photos-I tend to have the same problems as you:)

  6. I started doing some serious sorting of photos when I came back because it was getting entirely out of hand. I constantly have to delete from my iPhone as I take waaaaaayyyyyy too many pictures every day. I don't use them all, but when you forget to delete, they start to add up and then that makes sorting even harder. I separated all the photos from our trip last month into folders labeling each place we went -- that's why I'm doing the Sightseeing Saturday and Travel Tuesday posts. Makes it so much easier as normally I get back from a trip and don't share much at all. Having themes also gives me some focus for upcoming posts. That way I organize into folders as I take pictures off my phone. Helps a lot. I have a thing for doors and windows and will likely do a post on that soon, too. :) Have a wonderful new week. Tammy

  7. I enjoy seeing the old style architecture.
    I was just thinking I need to organize/clean out my pictures.

  8. Wow, what a neat post! I'm thinking about taking a trip to France next year, and this was definite food for thought! I hope you are having a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by my blog (and for following me :)).

  9. France has so much beauty everywhere. The windows and doors are lovely.
    My photos are organized by the month. I can usually remember when I took a photo but sometimes I'm hunting all over the place. If we do a big trip somewhere I'll make a file for those photos separately. And I'm getting good at deleting not-up-to-par photos, hard as it is.

  10. Windows and doors draw my camera like magnets! Loved this post -- but then it was of one of my favorite subjects! Happy week to you~

  11. Dearest Shane,
    Oh, can't tell you how many different folders I keep. That makes it really easy for finding something when needed. Vacations by year and by place and other random photos by subject very much.
    Wishing you a productive work week and maybe with some time to organize your photo treasures!

  12. Also loved the windows and doors in France. I am not organized at all, but the pictures organize themselves according to date, so at least I have a date to search for. Now which year did I go to France (laughing)? I need to do some deleting as Lorrie suggests for sure.

  13. I like your windows. We both posted on windows this time! My photos are a disaster. I have to clean them out from three years ago … so many I could toss or copy onto a cd or somewhere for storage. It's hard to find time for such a thing! Hope your week is off to a good start!

  14. Gorgeous photos so much atmosphere
    France is a very exciting country.
    3000 is quite a lot of photos. I usually make about 300 photos on a two week holiday. When I upload the photos than I delete the ones which are not so good straight away. Still fills up the computer quite a bit

  15. Beautiful windows, Shane! I love the old one with the shutters! xo I am no help with organizing photos. If you find a way, please let us know! Hugs xo Karen

  16. I've always liked to do window shopping even if it is in France from the chair in front of my computer! :-)
    Will you kindly add a link back to MM on my blog please Shane when you participate?
    Thanks for sharing your mosaics.

  17. Lovely windows with lots of character! I am the worst person in the world when it comes to photo organization. I have WAY too many and spend countless hours just trying to get them cataloged.

  18. There is always something special about shop windows in another countries :-)

  19. Lovely photos of the windows - each one is so interesting.

    When I sort my photos I load them into a folder by the date they were taken - or a general date if they are over a series of days. Then when editing and cropping them I put them into sub-folders, such as Birds-Washington, or meals-France, a beginning sorting in the folder with the date on it. When I name the photos I am careful to put in the name of what the photo is about and also the place it was taken, such as sheep grazing France. Then when I want to search for sheep, or France, those photos will come up. I use for sorting - it is a free program that sorts all of your photos on your computer into folders (it is not a back up program, simply a sorting program) and you can search for the photos you want - save them to a new folder if you want, such as windows-France-2012 - or whatever you want to name the folder and then all the pictures you want for collages or blog posts are easy to find. Have fun.

  20. Shane I love seeing shop windows around the me a look into another world.

  21. I can see why you took so many photos....lovely windows and doors!

  22. Hello Shane,
    What a nice surprise it was to discover your kind comment on my blog this morning!
    Yours tell how much you love France and how you are connected to it through your grand children.
    How sad your are so far apart...
    Same here the other way round: our grand children live in Australia and we are trying our best to sell our french property to join them.
    We have in mind to visit NZ ASAP!
    Many birds to see there, especially parrots like the Kea: that is one species I would have loved to breed in our South African aviaries!
    Cheers, keep well :)

  23. I love those Windows..!!...have a Nice week Ria...x..!

  24. Hello Shane
    I like your windows photo, France must be wonderful.

  25. Photos of windows is a great idea, Shane! On occasion, I've seen posters of doors in a particular city.

    It's been awhile since I've been to France. I'll just pretend today!


  26. Such a pretty peak into France's beauty, outlined in colourful window frames, practically everywhere one wanders! Your photos exhibit the charm that the French so effortlessly create.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, Shane!


  27. Hi Shane, lovely photo collections of windows of France. I mysel find French windows and door so charming, as most things in France. I don't blame you for coming back with tons of photos. I wish I have a great tip to give you for sorting out yoru photos, because I have the same dilemna.

  28. Sigh. How I should love to be in France this very minute, gazing at all those lovely windows! If you happened to be there at the same time, all the better!



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