Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Note Card Party March

It's time for Vee's Note Card Party
for March 2014.
As you all know by now
I'm back working full time.
By the way that's great as it means
I have the opportunity to
save my pennies
to get back to France
to play with my darling grandies!!

It was this time last month that I started
back as a working gal!
I was so busy that I missed Vee's February party
so I decided to prepare my post
for the
March Note Card party
well in advance! 

Do you recognise these images?
I'm sure those of you who visit my blog
more regularly will 
as they've all been on my blog before 
apart from the photo below of the
purple bouganvillea flowers.
I photographed this when I was in the
Bay of Islands recently!

The softly coloured purple leaves
are paper thin - so delicate
and beautiful
perfect for writing a note to my daughter.

She knows Russell in the Bay of Islands
really well...
our wider family have a wonderful
beach house where we have all
stayed and shared some
lovely holidays together.

Thank you dear Vee for hosting
my favourite party....
I made it this month - phew!!!

Please visit Vee here
we would love you to join us.
Vee has inspired me to print off my photographs,
I make my own note cards now.
My family and friends appreciate
the personal touch!

 My note card box cover for March.

Thank you all for your visits and sweet messages
I will get around to visiting you all
very soon!

Take care and be kind to each other

   Merci à bientôt





  1. Such beautiful flower pics - I can never see enough of them! The soft pink rose on a silver dish is divine! Happy working, Shane. xxx

  2. Beautiful postings each and every one..........Much love

  3. These are so pretty Shane -- I especially love those pretty purple leaves with the sun coming through them. I hope you are turning them into "real" notecards through Shutterfly or Moo or whatever they have wherey ou are -- these are amazing!

  4. I can see why they appreciate them, these are gorgeous. Have a wonderful day:) Jen

  5. These are gorgeous photos and would make such pretty cards Shane - love them all together on the box top.

    Take it easy dear friend - are you going to share with us the type of work you are doing? I hope it's nothing too hectic, but of course I know it will be great to have extra euros for spending en France later! Way to go girl!!!!!!!

    Love, Mary

    P.S. My very dear young (27) friend in South Africa - safari guide on my two visits - was just diagnosed with stage 3 non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I forwarded him your e-mail about the man with same diagnosis and his beautiful eagle Freedom - hoping it will help him fight the battle ahead. Thank you again for sharing that story Shane.

  6. Lovely note cards. Hope you save all your money that you are making working so you can soon get to France and play with your grandchildren. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous flowers! Just love them! xo Jen

  8. Lovely images on your note cards. You just can't beat flowers and sunshine! Have a great week.

  9. Hello dear Shane, such beautiful photos of those gorgeous flowers! Best wishes for your new job and hugs from the Netherlands.

  10. So beautiful, especially the hues of the last one! I'm so glad you are making these into notecards--really they are easy to do with a printer and a little card stock, aren't they. I hope your work is going well.

  11. I am missing the flowers in my garden so much, I scrolled over your cards twice Shane. They're all lovely but the rose in the silver dish is my favourite.

  12. Gorgeous notecards Shane! I love the soft purple flowers. I'm glad you could join this month. Have a great week. Pamela

  13. All are so beautiful absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  14. Beautiful flowers, great color! I like the third one best. Very nicely staged! Enjoy your new job.

  15. Lovely images for Vee's party. You have a great attitude and goal for going back to work!

  16. Definitely beautiful note cards! I really like the rose on the silver tray - perfect!

  17. Loved your choice for the notecards such great pictures, so it was hard to say which I preferred but as pink roses are my favourite flower it has to be the rose. so lovely.

  18. These lovely photos make the best spring note cards. Love them all.
    Love Vee's party, too.

  19. Shane,
    What lovely blooms! My very favorite is the third, but all so wonderful!

  20. Oh my...these are gorgeous. I especially love those pinky-purplish leaves...what a lovely set of cards!

  21. You take the most amazing photos. I love the way the sun is shining in and of course those delicate purple petals are my favorite. I would call them lavender! heehee! Beautiful cards my friend! Hugs!

  22. So lovely...it thrills me that you are now using your own photography for note cards. No wonder your family is happy...

  23. This party is so fun, I get to see so many beautiful images. Yours are very lovely and I just love the purple bouganvillea!

  24. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

    I hope you earn enough soon to go see your grands!


  25. Such lovely images, I especially like the pink rose and the bouganvillea. SO delicate. These would make such lovely notecards.

  26. These are all beautiful images, Shane. I noticed the Marie Claire Idées magazine under the table in the first one - love looking through that publication.
    I hope you soon earn enough to get you back to visit your dear ones in France. I think it's expensive from Canada, from NZ it must be even more.
    Take care of yourself.

  27. How impressive.

    I love every shot you shared.

    How lucky I am living just a 2 hrs away from your lovely France. We use to take a road trip around France thru Italy, Germany. Awesome experience.

    Hope you can visit Europe soon.

    Happy mid-week.
    /CC girl

  28. Saving to see your grandies will make working all the more worthwhile :-) I adore your photos, they are so beautiful... you have a knack for capturing images in such a lovely way.

  29. It is a splendidly lovely assortment of floral note cards, and it is terrific that you made the party this month.

  30. Dearest Shane,
    So happy for you with your full time job; a window of opportunities for giving a LIFE hug to all your loved ones!
    That rose on the silver rose tray is my favorite post card! All photos are very special though.
    Hugs to you and dream on about the next trip!

  31. They are all beautiful, but the bougainvillaea speaks just lovely words to me. Yes, we are much alike I do believe, as I can never get enough of beautiful flowers wherever I go.

  32. Those notecards are gorgeous! Great idea to make your own. We take so many photos, we should use them for something. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  33. Great pictures, as always :-)

  34. Your note cards are beautiful, Shane! And so meaningful because they represent places you've enjoyed. Very, very pretty! Have a lovely weekend.

  35. Another beautiful post..love the flowers!

  36. A lovely and interesting blog. I really like your note cards.
    thank you.

    Hoping your pennies will pile up and take you to France to visit the grandies again soon!




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