Wednesday 20 March 2013

March Note Cards

Today I'm joining Vee of
A Haven for Vee
for her March
Note Card Party.

The idea is that we select four
images we have used
previously on our blog
that we think would make
a nice set of note cards.

I took these photos while
visiting open gardens
last Spring.

I hope you enjoy them!

Please pop over to Vee's
to see all the other note cards.
Maybe you would like
to join in the fun and show us
yours as well!

Thank you so much dear friends for the
kind comments you leave me.

À bientôt

be kind to one another




  1. Your pictures are lovely. Makes me want to take a walk.
    Have a terrific week

  2. Shane, these are really beautiful notecards. I love the rustic door and the shed entrance. Perfect for spring. Blessings, Pamela

  3. Hello Shane
    I like the rustic shed with the flower pots lined up along the shelf and the wreaths hanging on the door. The shady bench beckons and chickens are cute whatever they're doing. (the one at the front looks like it's dancing) Great note cards!

  4. These are wonderful. I love visiting gardens. Love the chickens, the gate, the bench, the shed -- love them all!

  5. Dear Shane,
    You chose beautiful pictures!
    Ruthie from:

  6. Perfect photos for notecards.

  7. What a beautiful selection for postcards Shane. Love the little potting garden shed and gate.
    I can see myself chatting with you on that old garden seat too!
    Your dahlia montage is really exquisite!
    Hope there was much joy in celebrating your special day!
    Sending big hugs,

  8. Oh lovely, Shane. Very charming! I love all the things you included: the garden shed, the chickens, the flowers, the all makes for a great set of note cards. And thank you for extending the invitation to your readers to join in. The more the merrier!

  9. Hello Shane, I just ADORE that little potting shed in your first postcard & WISH it was situated in my garden. Also love the chooks pecking round, Hugs, Julie :-) (actually really love ALL your postcard images)

  10. Great note cards. LOVE the first one!

  11. Shane, what a nice variety but with an outdoor theme looking like beautiful weather with lovely flowers. I also like to photograph benches and doors and flowers, but I'm not so good with chicks!

  12. So beautiful Shane! It is making me long for summer!

    Enjoy your Autumn....


  13. Great pictures, love the chicken.

  14. I love every one of these pictures. They are exceptional note cards! ☺

  15. Hi Shane,

    I really like your "cards" for Vee's linky party - especially the shed one. What a neat place!

    Thanks for visiting today!


  16. Those pictures are a dream! Oh my! I would like each and every one of them in my garden! Thank you for sharing and here is to a great week!

  17. Your note card photos are beautiful. The first one is my favorite!

  18. Your first photo makes me dream of having a beautiful garden shed. Someday, I hope. Gorgeous photos. Deb

  19. ❤you choose 4 great looking photos thAt could be wonderful note cards!

  20. Sweet Shane, I love the chickens and the first in this post, but all would be great as note cards... so would the dahlias in your previous post - gorgeous colors!


  21. The images which you have selected for a set of note cards are truly lovely and intriguing. I enjoy receiving beautiful note cards such as these-as they are not only beautiful but thought provoking.

  22. Nice photos and yes they would make nice notecards.

  23. Lovely photos. I especially like the chickens running around the yard. Hens are such cheerful looking birds. And how I would enjoy having a potting shed similar to the one in your first photo. So much beauty everywhere.

  24. Beautiful pics - exactly the kind of lovely notecards I'd choose!
    Have a great week,

  25. ♥ ooo, lovely photos!! Have a happy day! xxx Riitta♥

  26. These are all beautiful and would indeed make the lovliest cards! A happy birthday to you!!

  27. Those are very pretty pictures. I would definitely buy them in a set of notecards. Hope you are having a great week. Tammy

  28. What precious note cards. Each photograph and frame is lovely. I love the entrances to gardens, and yours is beautiful and inviting.


  29. How lovely to see your beautiful note cards this morning - thanks for sharing such lovely scenes with us.

  30. I love all four of those and think that today, this very moment, you should take all four, send them to a site like Shutterfly (or whatever you have down there that does cards) and order some. I couldn't possibly pic a favorite -- they're all warm and lovely!

  31. Hi Shane, thanks for dropping by. I love autumn almost as much as spring. Your photos are beautiful and the colors sure cheer me up.

  32. I love these!! I have to tell you that my favorite is probably the first one because I would love to have that right on my property. However, that hen party at the end was so cute that it is a strong contender for favorite.

  33. Your blog is so beautiful,the pictures are great!!!I come back again.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Greetings from germany♥

  34. OH YES
    each of these would make splendid and very special notecards dear Shane!


  35. Well, that DOES sound like fun! I shall have to pop over to see Vee and participate, too!

    Love YOUR photos. Old barnwood has such a beautiful texture and is the perfect backdrop for anything!

    Hope you are having a good day, Shane!

  36. Dear Shane, they will become wonderful notecards,- alll of them--, what beautiful photoes from your garden tours, and a great idea to share older photoes like that- You should really print them out on photopaper, for use to cards, sweet.
    I send you a warm hugs, and smiles.

  37. Your note cards are very pretty and a reminder of your garden tour. I love the rustic look.

  38. These would make lovely notecards, thank you for sharing.

  39. All would make good cards; nice collection!

  40. These are beautiful note cards, I really, really, like that top one.

  41. Hi Shane, Love your images, especially the chickens. We are now alowed up to 10 urban chickens here in the city, (Vancouver BC), that might be an interesting adventure. If I had chickens I'd grow great big heads of sunflowers for them too. We get lots of open gardent tours in England, now so much in Canada. I love to snoop, don't you? LOL

  42. What a neat looking place! Love these. Adore the chickens too, LOL.

  43. Shane, yours are so much prettier than most cards available these days - I was looking for some yesterday at Homegoods and they were ugly or stupid - I think you need to start a new career dear!!!!

    Hugs - Mary

  44. What a lovely choice for cards :-)

  45. The chickens are such fun! These are some of my favs for cards! Love your photos! Wish you were here to walk on the river path with me! I don't think we'll find any quicksand! heehee! Sweet hugs!

  46. I agree these would make gorgeous note cards

  47. Citizen of Cyprus23 March 2013 at 09:45

    Whilst you are taking photographs in gardens, pls pray for the citizens of Cyprus. They are heading for destruction and are on their knees begging for a bail out.

  48. They are wonderful Shane - perfect for notecards! I especially like the chickens...

  49. Oh my goodness- such beautiful images Shane-- I love the one of the little house and flowers. These would make gorgeous notecards!!! I guess you are getting ready for fall in your part of the world---

    Love you-



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