Monday, 11 March 2013

Summer sunshine from my corner of the world....

I've written this post
especially for my friends
in colder climes.
From what I hear
you're all tired of snow
and just want Winter to disappear...

so I'm sending you some
Kiwi sunshine
from my summer garden
to brighten up your day!

and as a gentle reminder that your
will be with you soon!

I'm linking with Mary for

Thank you all for visiting
and leaving such nice comments.

À bientôt
be kind to one another

Wildflowers in France


  1. Hi Shane,

    Your summer garden is delightful! I really enjoyed viewing your pretty blooms. A wonderful way to start the week.

  2. I so needed this :)
    Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs from the colder part of the world...

  3. Hello Shane
    You're so kind to think of us up north and your pretty flowers and sunshine are a welcome sight.

  4. Hello Shane,
    Such beautiful flowers you have in your gardens. Thanks for sharing them with us. I especially love the wildflowers from France.

    PS the snow is melting in my world and hopefully soon Spring will arrive.Hugs Judy

  5. Ahh, thank you, that's lovely:-)
    It feels warmer already!

  6. Thank you so much for your lovely post.
    I love your sunny garden, the flowers and butterfly. The wildflowers in France are a reminder that warmer days will eventually arrive here after our cold season. Meantime, I must go and buy a packet of wildflower seeds to sow in our garden - cornflowers are especially pretty.

  7. What beautiful colors! Thank you for sharing the cheerful photos!

  8. Lovely !! is cold again here...i hope spring will come from

  9. Ooo, thank you dear Shane!! I so much needed that! You did brighten up my day with your gorgeous summer garden. Hugs and happy week, Wendy

  10. Aww. Thank you, Shane. I love all the blooming colour in your garden. Spring is coming, faster here than in other areas of Canada, but I'm still longing for more warmth.

  11. Beautiful pictures love the garden!

  12. So much prettiness! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics, and your sunshine. It's a strange old day here today - one minute we have blue sky & sunshine (albeit an icy wind and -2C !) and the next moment, the sky darkens and the snow arrives.
    Happy Monday,

  13. How lovely, especially as it is cold and windy here.

  14. Thanks for the sunshine, Shane! Your collages are beautiful and it's so nice to see the wonderful colours. My turn will come, further down the line. :)


  15. So very kind and lovely of you, dear Shane. What a beautiful post full of promises of spring and summer, -such beautiful photoes from your garden ,-I love all in their bright green colours and sunny outfits :-)
    Thankyou for thinking about us, up here north and everyone having cold and snow now,-you are a dear.

  16. Hello Shane ,,, your garden still looks very beautiful - we are now looking very brown & crisp down here in the Waikato & my son says my lawn looks like cornflakes!!! Enjoy those beautiful blooms, Julie :-)

  17. Your collage is just perfect! Love it!

  18. Such a pretty collage Shane - love those Kiwi greens, and will definitely enjoy your gift of Kiwi sunshine this morning as it's raining here! BUT, sun is on the way again along with warm days for the remainder of this week. Hubby mowed the lawns on Sunday when it was sunny and pleasant - first 'haircut' of the lovely season about to start. My magnolia is opening pink blooms, and green buds are visible on many shrubs, such as the azaleas, although I doubt they'll be out for Easter this year.

    We've had a mild Winter here in the southeast compared to much of the US - just hoping it won't be a stifling hot and humid Summer - not my favorite time of year.

    Happy week dear friend.
    Hugs - Mary

  19. oooh how pretty!! We were very lucky the last 4 days with unusually warm weather , and although it's quite dark and rainy today it is warm and yes, I'm going for a walk in it :)

  20. A post ment for me, I'm sure :-) thanking you, I. Can in fact feel the warmth of the sun through the window!

  21. A post ment for me, I'm sure :-) thanking you, I. Can in fact feel the warmth of the sun through the window!

  22. ahhhhhh - SO much nicer than the dreary drippy dirty snow look that I currently see outside my window right now. Thank you!

  23. So sweet of you girlie! As for me, Im enjoying the last bits of snow! ;) But your pictures are lovely!


  24. Hello Shane
    Love those shades of potted violas and petunias. Sunshine and shade with dappled light reminds me that Autumn is definitely here.
    Your collages are beautiful!
    Hope all is well sweet friend.
    A parcel is now on it's way to you from here so keep an eye on that postie.
    Sending love and hugs,

  25. Everything about your garden, is simply beautiful!

  26. Enjoy those wonderful flowers as long as you can..sending you sunshine and love across the miles!

  27. ahhh
    SO pretty Shane!
    our parade of flowers has begun here in northern Virginia with daffodils and crocus ... such a welcome sight...I can see the primroses fattening up too...
    ah Spring!

    congrats also on your lucky win of those sweet treasures must be so pleased about that



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