Sunday 18 March 2012


Camper the New Zealand boat image from here

A week ago today
we went out on the harbour
to welcome the
yachts arriving in Auckland
on the 4th leg of the
Volvo Round the World Yacht Race!
Camper is the New Zealand
entrant in this amazing race.

They had sailed from China
non-stop for 20 days
The crews must have been beyond tired
and looking forward to stepping
on to dry land
with the prospect of a warm bed
and dry clothes

Their families had flown in several
days before and were waiting
in the Viaduct Basin.

It was a very blustery day,
raining off and on
but that didn't matter...
we were just happy to be part
of the excitement and see
all the boats arrive here safely.

In the calmer waters of the
inner harbour Camper
is reunited
with her shore support team.
Home at last but only
for one week, as the fifth leg
of their journey started today.
They deaprted this afternoon
bound for Brazil via Cape Horn
which yachties call
'the Everest of yachting'.
On the way back to the marina
we passed this massive boat.
An overseas supporter of the race,
even if I won Lotto
(which has reached $20million here)
I still couldn't afford to run it!!!!
C'est la vie.....

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  1. Looks like pretty rough seas there. These guys are so bold and brave to sail these races. Thanks for the mini show. xox

  2. Shane, what a blustery day indeed! You were brave to be there. It reminded me of watching the Tall Ships races in Cornwall.

  3. Hi Shane..looks like the kind of day we are having here in the desert of Arizona..without the ocean waves..I always love watching the yacht racing..impressive boat NZ has!
    Great photos!

  4. Dearest Shane, thankyou so much for your so kind and loving words to me, they are so warming, dear friend, thankyou.
    ---Seing this in person must have been a wonderful sight- they are truly brave!
    Hugs to you ,

  5. Congratulations darling !!good news !!...have a nice from me.....thanks for your

  6. It must have been really exciting to see all the boats (or do they call them ships?). Quite an undertaking for the sailors.



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