Thursday 8 March 2012

cosi fan tutte.....

Today I'm taking you on
a shopping spree
to one of my favourite
'Cosi Fan Tutte'.

This is where I come to find
a special gift
when I feel the need to immerse myself
in the sights and sounds of
french shopping!

On every display
I find things I want - no...
things I must have
you all know what I'm
talking about.....

There's romantic french music
playing in the background
and the delicious fragrance
of a french candle burning.

I love this shop....
I can close my eyes and
imagine for a moment or two
that I've slipped into
an irrestible boutique on
a Parisian boulevarde!

Back to my real world...

There are wonderful collections
of essential beauty treatments,
plus a great selection of candles,
soaps, sachets.....
the list goes on and on!

and the ribbon selection is
the best in Auckland -
I can always find exsactly what
I'm looking for.

I was tempted to buy
yet another gift for my
darling new granddaughter Jessie -
this mouse family is adorable...

but I think I should send
her something a little more
kiwi this time!!!

Next post I'll show you the
sweet cake plates
I bought here for
my darling daughter in France!

Bienvenue / Welcome
to my four new followers
Brandyl (no blog) and
you may like to visit their blogs!

Thank you dear friends for visiting
and especially those of you
who leave me a comment - love you!!
Be kind to one another


  1. Oh, how I wish I could be there in that beautiful shop. Thanks for taking us with you.

  2. What a lovely shop Shane, I can imagine that you get a french feeling there :) Might be a less expensive alternative for flying to France !!
    Have a nice day,

  3. Hi dear Shane, --LOVE your header--
    OHH a woman can wish--and I doooooo! if there were only one shop like that here, I would be so thrilled- I know how you feel visiting that wonderful place- you are so lucky, to have it close.
    Wish you a beautiful week-end.

  4. What a wonderful shop and so many ribbons:-))))))).I would like to be there.
    Thanks for visiting my blog,that´s make me happy.
    Have a nice day--far away from Sweden.
    Hugs Gudrun

  5. Wowwwww Shane what a beautiful shop is that !!! it !!!...have a nice day

  6. What a lovely place to be, i think i can sit hours and look around and enjoy all those lovely things.
    I will take a look at the blogs you named us.

    Have a nice day,

  7. What a beautiful shop - so many lovely things to buy!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Oh that does look like a lovely shop. Sometimes I like to go antiquing and to a nice restaurant with an exotic cuisine -- it's like taking a mini-vacation in an afternoon. Wishing you a fabulous Friday. Tammy

  9. There arent many French shops here as lovely as that one!

  10. Bonjour sweet friend, I'm sitting at work at my desk, eating a sandwich and loving your post! Your French shop looks amazing.

    Ooh, buy your grandbaby that mouse family, I had a mouse house and family that I played with for years and years. I never got old enough to put it away. I sure wish I had kept it.

    Hugs, Rhonda

  11. Oh wow, fantastic, I can smell the essential oils and lavender as I view the photos. Thanks for the tour Shane! xox Corrine

  12. Good morning dear Shane
    What a stunning new header with that exquisite Peonny Rose. Was that in the adorable shop?
    I truly understand why you feel a touch of Parisian atmosphere when you visit that exquisite little shop so full of the things you really love and for your whole family too. The little mouse family housed in that box is adorable and your grand daughter will have many more occasions coming up to receive that I am sure.
    So handy to have all of those beautiful ribbons and braids so close to home.
    Was wondering what those boxes/drawers were out the front of the shop - they look so interesting!
    Love and hugs to you sweetie,

  13. Hi Shane,

    Looks like a beautiful shop and one I would love to wander around too.
    Romantique, in Richmond Rd is like this with all French treasures and I make my way there too, every chance when I want to buy something nice.
    Looks like the weather is going to be beautiful over here on the Island, we are going over tomorrow to the City and have lunch with the kids and take in a movie.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend

  14. Dearest Shane,

    It's only good that we are not together shopping there or we would have a fight over things we MUST adopt (as I always put it...).
    Enjoy this dreamy life and from experience I know how it is to find special gifts to take on a trip for your loved ones... More fun ahead of time often than the actual exchange of the gift.
    Love to you,


  15. Gorgeous post Shane! I had to smile as the French shop here sells that ribbon! I have quite a bit of it, love the natural feel it has. And I saw one of those little mice at a friend's house last week, I don't know where she got it, I must ask her! Mx

  16. What an exciting shop! Where abouts is it?

  17. Thanks for taking us to this lovely shop. Fabulous things.
    Love and smiles across the miles
    Love Jeanne♥

  18. I wish you lived close by in my little corner of France. We have this wonderful lady named Anne who bought the newsagency in the little Touraine town and turned it into the most amazing treasure trove of books and beautiful objects, similar to the ones you have kindly shared with us. She expanded her shop by buying the boulangerie next door. So great was her success that she also bought a house by the river and turned that into a shop. Each room in the house (painted and decorated by a local artist) has delightful objects suitable for the kitchen, bedroom, etc.

    Your blog is delightful and I am so very, very glad I took the time to stop by.

    Have a beautiful weekend. I am off to follow you.


  19. oooooh - I'd love to spend some time in that shop! Nothing like that here so it would be a fun experience.

  20. Hi Shane, What a great shop! I love the shoes and the wonderful ribbon selection. The burlap pillow is fabulous. I'm sure I'd never leave this shop empty-handed.
    Have a lovely weekend :-)!

  21. I think you are so lucky to have such a shop nearby. I would go there daily to smell and feel a little france. Drooling away over all those beautiful things.

    Have a nice day

  22. I would LOVE to nose around in here with you my dear! ANd those baby shoes down below are just the dearest things I ever saw!

  23. That shop looks so gorgeous, then you say, French candles burning, romantic French music playing . . . come on girl, do you want to have us drooling on our keyboards. Your blog is lovely and as soon as I finish here I'm going back and becoming a follower. Please come and visit my blog, the welcome mat is always out. Connie

  24. another tu tu sweet bbb post dear lucky for me to get my "French Fix" for the day :)

    and ooo those ribbons!


  25. Thankyou for showing us that beautiful shop. So many things to look at and enjoy.
    Thankyou Shane.



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