Thursday 11 August 2011

WOO-HOO!! Karla's Tag Book arrives....

I was so excited the day
I found this exciting parcel
in our letter box!

I couldn't show you the envelope
it arrived in -
I tore it to shreds
trying to get inside as
quickly as I could!!

The tags were thoughtfully wrapped
in a book page from
a 1907 publication titled

"What I have done with Birds"

Gene Stratton-Porter

how clever is that!!

Karla's tag just
took my breath away
(and she made 150 of these tags)

just look at this detail
a sweet little bluebird
singing in her cage

Suzanne's tag is exquisite
I love "pretty" so I'm a
huge fan of hers.

    Hope's tag

and the reverse side is
just as pretty

Lilla's adorable tag.
I was so happy when I
found Lilla's tag
in the bunch!
Most of you probably know
I'm a huge fan of hers
(and we're friends too -
she's a fellow Kiwi after all)!

Lilla creates magic in her studio - 
"the sweetest French-styled art".
She also sells on Etsy

Donna's pretty tag

I wish I knew who made this sweet tag.
Sadly, I can't read the name

This is the reverse side.

In the top left corner
there is a signature.
Please click on this image
to get a better view as
I'm hoping someone
may recognise the signature.

I would love to know who made it!

This pretty yellow chested birdie
is from Kat.
You can see more of her work here:

Flickr: KatInCali
Pinterest: Kat Lives

Erica's tag has amazing detail.
The lily in the top left corner
is made of clay,
it is sitting on a piece of old lace.

There is sewing,
more lace and
folded paper -
please do click on the image to
appreciate the finer detail.

A very special
"Thank You"
to all the ladies
who made the beautiful tags
in my book.
It is sitting on my coffee table
everyone ooohs and aaahs over it!


This was my first swap
and I loved it!!
I'm trying to visit
all the people whose tags
were included in my book.

Thank you sweet Karla
for all the effort you put into this.

150 swappers - phew!!
That means you handled
over 1000 tags,
plus made 150 tags
(one for each book).
The logistics are mind-numbing!
Merci mon amie!

Thank you everyone for visiting
my blog
and leaving your lovely comments.
Take care
please be kind to one another!
Shane x


  1. Gorgeous tags and lovely new blogs to visit :-) Thanks for sharing them all.

  2. What an amazing tag book! Shane, you took such great photos of them. I've got to scroll back up to look one more time, they are beautiful.

  3. What beautiful tages, and all so different. You are becoming quite a swapper now, Shane!

  4. Good morning Shane from sunny tags are so beautiful..isn't it amazing how many creative women are out there and I will take the time to visit their blogs...I think we can all make this world a better place with this exchange of love and kindness..and meet the loveliest women...and of course make new friends! ......your tag is very special!
    hoping you are having a lovely week!

  5. They're all inspiring - I couldn't pick a favourite because each one is special. Great swap!

  6. ooh la laa
    what a treat for the eyes...that is one fantastic swap you got yourself into dear Shane!

    and my mind is whirling with the thought of hostessing a swap such as this...golly jeepers!

    I am off to click on your links...I think I need a cool beverage as I will be in my fav chair for a while...merci beaucoup!


  7. oh and I adore your fistful of violets...
    I used to candy some of the blossoms when they bloom here in the spring...our boys Loved that and any leftover look so pretty on a cake!

  8. What beautiful tags you received. And I love the one you made (in the previous post). That's a huge swap!

  9. People made the prettiest tags!

    Thanks for the lacy extras you sent to me, I loved them.

  10. What a beautiful tags. They are all so precious. Love them all


  11. too cool Shane I love the selection and know you will enjoy.
    It was a nice idea and fun to be with all the great and gifted artists.

  12. Those are some fabulous tags, no wonder you were excited. I can't even imagine sending out that many.
    Great swap.
    hugs Lynn

  13. Shane, just dropping by to say thank you for the lovely tag. So much gorgeous detail!!
    (just recieved the birdsong swaps too)
    Keep smiling and creating

  14. Those are ALL gorgeous! I've taken pictures of mine, but haven't done the post yet!

  15. All of the tags are absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure just looking at them each and every day will bring you much joy. Have a blessed new week. Tammy

  16. Hi Shane,

    How wonderful you have the gorgeous little book with all the sweet tags. Each one is exquisite and so special and you must enjoy having it on the coffee table, for you and all to admire.
    Hope that you are having a great week and staying warm. We had a flurry of snow for about 2 minutes here on Waiheke yesterday, could not believe it. Wonder did you get any?




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