Thursday 18 August 2011


Just as we are heading
into Spring in the
southern hemisphere,
we've been visited
by a cold blast
from the south pole!! 

This little blackbird
probably hasn't experienced winter before

a very cool cat!
a snowcat maybe!!!

Thank goodness for sturdy
winter flowering shrubs like

I'm thinking this image
could make a great
Christmas card

A photo of dinghies
in the so called
Winterless North!!!

I photographed this
beautiful camellia
on one of my daily
walks in the park.
it wasn't named.

Lastly, what could be
more beautiful than the
delicate Hellebore
(winter rose).

For my friends in warmer places just now
(especially you Tammy)
I hope these snow photos have
had a cooling effect on you!!!

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Thank you Mo and Amy!

I've got my fingers and toes
crossed that either
you or I
will win!!!!!

Thank you my dear friends for visiting my blog.
I appreciate all your comments and
I really enjoy visiting your blogs too.
Be kind to one another
Shane xox


  1. All I can say is.... brrrrrrr!! I think I much prefer our hot weather. Snow can be pretty, but it doesn't mean I have to like it!

  2. Shane....refreshing indeed! It was 88 degrees at my house today. Whew, your post cooled me off nicely.
    The photograph of the boats covered in snow is my most favorite ~ if I have to pick ONE!
    Thanks for the breath of fresh/cool air!

    Jan in Colorado

  3. I heard about the snow! I've got a lot of email to catch up on, including yours. It wasn't quite that cold where I was in Australia!

  4. The last time I saw snow was the day we left NZ to move to Australia but that was from Dunedin - can't believe it snowed in Auckland and on the Coromandel, I understand. Those are very beautiful winter pictures. I love hellebores too, they remind me of my first garden in Te Awamutu.

  5. Beautiful snow pictures. here in England we are warm and showery but I can smell Autumn in the morning air.Your spring flowers remind me of my favourite season.

  6. So glad you visited my blog because now I have found you. Love your photos especially the one with the dinghies! Well at least spring is coming your way we have Autumn coming here and looking at this morning it looks like it has arrived early very dull and wet!!! But you could say a typical English Summers day.

  7. Shane, this looks exatly like it will here, in some months..... I maybe foolis asking-but it seems you are not used to snow, where you live? Weather around the world have realy become weird. The photoes are beautiful, though- yes-save some for christmas :)

  8. We have been hearing about the extreme weather in NZ and have seen photos of ChCh. Whilst snow can be very beautiful, I'm sure you will be pleased to see it all go away. Your photos are exquisite. Keep warm. J xx

  9. What a surprise that must have been. We are experiencing really hot weather here, so find it hard to relate to snow!
    Lovely photos, Shane.

  10. Well that was handy..I just saw "Margaret Davis" blooming the other day when I was out walking & was so surprised that her name still sprang happily to there you go! Much love Catherine x

  11. Lovely photos of winter...ready for spring now tho! :-)

  12. Hi Shane, looks very familiar to me :)
    But it is not useual in your corner of the world? All the photos will make great Christmas cards!

  13. Beautiful pictures... Love snow and love Hellebore... but not right now... still summer here but not a very good one... thunder and a lot of rain today and ccooolllldddddd. I'm hoping summer still comes back here and spring starts for you in New Zealand.
    PS Yes, that would be a lovely Christmas card!

  14. It is so hard to even imagine there could be snow anywhere in the world when it is so dang hot and dusty here. :/ Are those real white doves huddling on that snowcovered birdhouse? And that cat really is wearing a winter coat of fur. Wow! Beautiful images. I would like to visit snow but would not like to live in it. How about a happy medium? I would take a nice 20 C right now. :) Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy

  15. Hi Shane,

    Your photographs of your part of the world are lovely. That is sure a pretty hellebore you have. They bloom in my garden in February, usually. I love the photo of the blackbird in the snow with holly. That's such a wonderful bit of serendipity that you've captured.

    I hope your days are full of happiness.

    Take care,

  16. Hi Shane,
    Wonderful the Christmas card idea! At least you are getting the snow from the poor Canadians are always getting blamed for our Polar Express! :)

  17. Your pictures are lovely but hope that snow stays away from us here in the UK this year!!

  18. che meravigliaaaaaaaaaa!!!! vorrei essere liiiii!!!! :))
    qui in Italia si sta morendo dal caldo ...afa ...sole ....evviva l'inverno! ;)
    complimenti per il bellissimo blog e e le bellissime foto
    un bacio dall'Italia
    p.s. ho una zia e dei cugini che non vedo da anni che vivono ad Aukland ....semplicemente meravigliosa la Nuova Zelanda :)
    ciao ... Cristina da Trieste

  19. dear shane, what beautiful photos. The weather is quite different around here in Florida. I do love that hellebore rose you shared, thank you!!
    xo lenna

  20. Your pictures are fabulous Shane!
    I LOVE snow and you have captured it SO have several perfect Christmas cards there...the blackbird in the holly = oh my!

    Thank you for making me say ahhhhh

  21. what a surprise to see snow in august. Of course I understand it is the other side of the world. Here in Holland now 20 degr.
    Kind regards!

  22. Though we have have a rather cool summer this year (near Vancouver, BC) is hard to imagine that you have snow! It does make for lovely pictures though.

    Thanks for stopping by 'My Front Porch' and saying 'hi'.

  23. Oh, oh, it feels cold! Lovely pictures :)

  24. Wow! We've been experiencing record breaking temperatures here in Texas! Over 100 for about a month and a half, with today's temp being 105, so these pictures are refreshing indeed! Thanks so much for posting them!

  25. Hi Shane,

    Hasn't the weather been playing tricks on us!
    Some freesias are out in my garden, so I think they have been tricked into thinking Spring has arrived. Love all the snowy photos you have shown.
    Hope you are having a lovely Sunday there, the sun is shinning here beautifully but on our walk this morning it was very cold walking in the shady parts.


  26. Imbelevable it si winter overthere! Here w ehave now a hot summer, almost 40 degrees Fahrenheit in france.
    Nice blog do you have!

    Regards Janny.

  27. Well that sure cooled me off. With temps here today at 102 this looks refreshing!
    Great photos!
    Hugs Lynn

  28. I can't believe it's SNOW, for reals? We have had some cooler weather here too...but thank goodness no snow in Canada...we already get too much winter....any more and I'd ... well, I don't know what I'd do! lol

    beautiful photos ! thanks for sharing!

    ciao bella

    creative carmelina

  29. Now why didn't it ever snow in Auckland when I lived there?! Certainly not photos you would expect to see :) Fabulous photos though.

  30. It is supposed to be over 110 degrees here today in Phoenix. I adore the coolness of your images. :)

  31. It was 107 this morning as we hit a record high today, so those winter scenes are simply perfect. You couldn't have shown a better post than all these wonderful winter wonderland goodies. Thank you!

  32. Waooooh !
    It's the end of the summer here...
    Greetings from France,


  33. how pretty all the flowers and colours look with snow on them!
    Hope your wrists heal well and you can get on with your fun things....



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