Sunday 4 July 2010

HAPPY 4TH JULY 2010!!!

I would like to wish all my dear American friends a...

WONDERFUL day of celebration on Sunday.

YOU are all an inspiration to everyone else in the world with your great sense of PRIDE in your homeland.

More than most, America represents what dreams are made of... especially to her new immigrants over the last two hundred years, so many coming from harsh troubled backgrounds in their countries of birth.

DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM, OPPORTUNITY and HOPE were what made AMERICA their promised land.



  1. How gorgeous to read about your pride for your country like this. I hope you had a festive and celebratory day!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. It is so nice to have you and I hope you visit again.

    Big hugs from Sydney.
    xx Charlotta

  2. Thank you for your sweet wishes!!!
    Our buttons do burst a bit, on
    Independence Day!!
    Cute cute image : )
    Hugs ~ Suzanne

  3. thank you what sweet wishes!! mine was wet! but welcomed!!

  4. Thank you for coming to visit my blog! I must get acquainted with you - and we'll have virtual tea here. I love the name of your blog! You are so talented ... it appears you like to work with paper.

    I must poke around and find out more.

    So you've been to Paris? Everyone's been there but me ~ : ( ~ it seems. But not for long!

  5. Thank You for stopping by the blog, so nice to hear from another French follower too!
    Have a blessed day,

  6. well this certainly IS a lovely post, where have I been!

    Many thanks to you!

  7. So lovely to be back and be visiting you again. Lots of reading catch-ups to do. Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your touching comments...looking forward to an afternoon for a tea with you, maybe one day! have a great day! verbena cottage

  8. Hi there, may I first start off by saying what a cute little cat that is! I'm just commenting here in reply to your comment on my chicken recipe. I'm actually Australian, I live in QLD. But it's nice to meet people in other places via the blogging world :)

    Ps. Love your blog design!

  9. What a beautiful name your blog has :-) I love it.

  10. Hello and thanks so much for getting in touch with a fellow kiwi - me! So great to hear from you and to also know that you know Carole. Her and I live just around the corner from each other, so we have met up on a couple of occassions. Her quilt work and paper and cloth work need to be seen for real to be truly appreciated. If you think they're stunning online, in person they are incredible! She is one very talented lady!

    We kiwi altered art girls are all going to have to get together me thinks!

  11. Belated visiting as I catch up, but I love this kitty!

  12. Thank you for the tea & macaron that was special and especially in that beautiful teacup.I'm so enjoying visiting your site.
    Dianne xx



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