Wednesday 21 July 2010



Not far from where I live is a beautiful Quilting shop called
"PATCHWORK PASSION" and about a month ago
I ventured inside for the first time - just to have a peek.
I wanted to peruse the fabrics and see if they had any tiny offcuts
I could use for Carole's journal which I'm currently making.

They had a beautiful little quilt on display called
"Days in Provence" (see picture above) and I bought the kit.
The kit only includes a pattern and instructions and
from there I selected the fabrics I wanted to use.
As I'm not fond of browns, I opted for the rich reds
complimented with a touch of blue and a beautiful
beige nubbly linen as the main border.
This kit is by House on the Hill, please check out their website
which is full of interesting kits and ideas.

I was mesmerised by these beautiful fabrics
by French General, they are copies of old French fabrics
like this one...

AND this one...




I couldn't resist any of them - it was as though that
collection of fabrics was made for ME!!!

Have YOU ever felt like that?

This is just a little quilt and I intend putting it on top
of a blanket box in one of our spare bedrooms which already
has toile coverlets at the ends of the beds.
Once it's finished I'll post some photos...
but it won't be for a while!!!!

Meantime I MUST be strong and stay away
from fabric shops and especially my favourite
"Patchwork Passion"
which has opened up a whole new world to me.


  1. oh ... fabric shops are dangerous, that toile would have had to come home with me!!

  2. what a beautiful kit and to think that fabric shop is near to you. I would have definitely bought the lovely red fabric in the bottom pic
    Dianne xx

  3. It can be very addictive, I know that.
    I love the pretty fabrics you have chosen and I look forward to seeing it finished.

    enjoy making your quilt.

  4. They are really beautiful. I can imagine that you couldn't resist them!

  5. What beautiful fabrics you found...they are just what I would have chosen too!

  6. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog so that I could come and find yours. I see that we like many of the same things - all things French, Versailles, art, and fabric! I'm trying to be good and use up the fabric I have instead of purchasing new pieces, but it's oh, so difficult!

    I'm off to explore your blog.

  7. hahaa they got you Shane!
    Love your fabric selection and that quilt will be wonderful! Fabric and paper go so well together too ... save those scraps ;)

  8. Hi :)
    Thanks for your visit and your review.
    It`s a small world.. ;) So nice that you want to follow my blog:) On the right you will find my follower link.
    Beautiful colors in the fabrics you have bought. It will be interesting to see what to make of them ..
    Now I'm looking forward to take a look at your page:)

    Hugs Anneli <3

  9. These fabrics are gorgeous , I can easily understand why you bought them.
    I want to see what you are going to do with it

  10. What stunning fabrics you chose -- I'm eager to see the steps toward your end product! And anything named "Days In Provence" works for me!

  11. Hahaha, that happens to me all the time Shane!!

    May this be the happy beginning of a life long addiction :))

  12. I love to quilt also but haven't done it for a very long time! But after looking at those fabrics I could get the bug again! Love them.
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. Thank you for the comment. You can find the introduction of Fp on the 6/14/10 blog post. Have fun!

  14. I don't sew, but love fabrics! My mom was a quilter and I could spend so much time just looking through her shelves of years of accumulated cloth!

  15. Boy oh boy oh boy - what stunning fabrics - and I just love the vintage style French ones - ooooh I will have to get out and search, search, search!

  16. What gorgeous fabrics you have chosen - I cannot wait to see the finished product!

    Bon dimanche,

    Leeann x

  17. Oh I know exactly what you mean! Those fabrics look gorgeous!

  18. Beautiful fabrics and just what I would have chosen.

  19. Omigosh, those fabrics are gorgeous!!! They would be just right for my little red house! ;)

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your kind comment! :)

  20. These fabrics are lovely. The design of the last one, the pink one, looks more like the design in bandannas here in the US.
    I see you like old postcards. I have a large collection of old postcards and try to place some in my posts.

  21. Oh those fabrics are fabulous!!! It is addicting! :D Marva

  22. Beautiful fabrics and quilt kit. Looking forward to seeing what your artwork.


  23. The fabrics you selected are truly beautiful! Don't you love the feeling you get when you come home and know you are going to create something beautiful x o


  24. I love that Provence quilt; but the fabrics you have chosen......gorgeous!! :-)

  25. Hi, thank you for becoming a follower on my blog and for inviting me to have tea with you. You have a beautiful blog and we already have a lot in common as I am a fabric-a-holic and also love all things French. I studied French at college and love the language.

    I am still working on my journal but I hope I will get some photos taken this week and get them on my blog.

    The fabric you bought is beautiful and I'm sure you'll enjoy making it up. can't wait to see what you make! Have fun! x

  26. Oh my goodness,what a fantastic shop you have found - lucky, lucky, you. Brilliant

  27. Just discovered your blog and I'm already a follower!
    You have chosen beautiful fabrics and look forward to seeing the end result!


  28. Ah yes...I want to see what lovely items you create with these gorgeous fabrics. A quilt you say? I don't have one ~ always wanted one. Guess I'll have to add "learn how to quilt" on my TO DO list. Thank you for sharing.


  29. Hi Shane

    Once hooked it lasts forever. French General has a great line of fabrics. I like your choices better then browns. Keep us posted on how you do as you go along.



  30. Wow these are beautiful.
    Thank you so much for your very sweet comment xx

  31. Hi Shane, I always feel like that when I go into my favorite art or fabric store. Love these color combos, this should be a splendid quilt. Can't wait to see it finished. Thank you so much for your comments. xox Corrine

  32. Your blog is very beautiful, very tasteful!
    I enjoyed everything here.
    I'll follow.

  33. AHHH.... When I saw the word Provence. I got all warm and fuzzy inside!
    I love the fabrics. The toile is spectacular... You will have such fun...
    Catch you later

  34. Ooooo love those fabrics I'll have to subscribe to your blog now so I can see your quilt progress!

  35. I didn't realise you are new to quilting Shane, once hooked it's adictive - I kid you not! Love those fabrics - they would all work their magic in your Journal. Maybe you will have to get some more for your quilt .......?!(or have you already started it?)

  36. Thanks for stopping by!! I am like you I love these beautiful fabrics!! Gorgeous and how is a girl supposed to pick just one when we want them all??? LOL

  37. Only just starting patchwork & quilting?Fabrics are a such a lovely addiction! I just never have enough at home (!?), I keep seeing pieces I just "must have" and my stash just keeps growing!
    I love your selection of fabrics!

  38. What very yummy patterns! Can't wait to see what you do with these. I do not sew, but want to so badly and am going to get a machine for my birthday and teach myself as I go. Wish me luck. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I am enjoying this very fine cup of tea! BTW, I adore your blog header!!! ;0 The frog, oh my!
    Autumn Clark

  39. Love your blog! Beautiful fabrics.
    Teresa (Splendid Sass)

  40. Oh those fabrics are beautiful! I would have fallen head over heels for all of them too. I am a sucker for toile, and that little French Provencial print made me smile. This will be a beautiful quilt. I look forward to seeing it. laurie

  41. Wow! Just love this!
    greetings from Holland,

  42. Oh swoon and double swoon, these are totally delish! I would have bought a piece of each because they need to be together! really they do.. Margaret

  43. These fabrics are yummy! Like you, fabrics are difficult for me to resist. I've not made a quilt in several years now, but seeing your selection of fabrics makes me want to begin a new project. French General is new to me. I'm going to look and see if the shops here carry this line. Love your choices! ~ Sarah
    PS If you have time, please come visit the Quimper Blog where I'm guest blogger for the month of August. Would love to have you visit my own blog as well. Have a great day!

  44. oh!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE, love, love that fabric!

  45. I love fabric too....LOVE it.
    Thank you for linking up :)
    Big hug.



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