Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Exquisite Hand Made Lace

When I visited the
Auckland Vintage Textile Fair
I was enthralled by these
exquisite hand made lace samplers.

I am full of admiration for the women
such as our grandmothers,
great-grandmothers and great aunts
who created this fine work.

It took many hours to make one small piece
such as a collar and cuffs
for a special dress.

I imagine much of this work was done by
poor lamp light in the evening
once their hard days work was done.

I have several pieces of precious
hand made lace which I will
pass on to my granddaughters and
I hope they will appreciate it's beauty
as much as I do.

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  1. I love the lace samples dear Shane. They are so intricate and beautiful :)

  2. These are so beautiful, Shane. I love lace, always have, and collect it too. My mother made bobbin lace, and did tatting, very time consuming. You have shown some wonderful examples. xxx

  3. Very beautiful indeed.

    Much love

    Many blessings


  4. Ihave occasionally seen such samples for sale but they are always very expensive. Lovely examples

  5. Some pretty lace pieces. I hope the next generation will have an appreciation for these and want to have them to pass down.

  6. I can't even imagine being the person who did these -- they are stunning and so delicate. A wonderful find!

  7. SWOON!!!! I LOVE vintage lacework...the figurals intrigue me, especially. Jealous - beautiful, ALL! Happy Tuesday - Tanya

  8. Oh I was excited to see the sample of hardanger, too! I can not imagine having the patience and eyesight to accomplish this kind of work, but ohhhhh how lovely it is!

  9. So, pretty, loved the last one the best with my favorite Lavender sprigs. Happy Valentines Day!

  10. Such exquisite laces Shane!! I have done a bit of lace crocheting and it def. is time consuming even though my work wasn't as intricate at these samples:)

  11. These pieces you shared are just beautiful. Like you I admire people you can do just lovely works of art. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  12. Oh wow! Those are just amazing...I went to an American Colonial festival one year and watched women making lace. It's incredible. The photos of your mother on your sidebar are amazing...love them! xoxo Jen

  13. Beautiful. I love old lace,

  14. Such beautiful laces , I can only imagine the time involved in creating these pieces .

  15. Beautiful photos showcasing those magnificent laces dear Shane...
    Lavender certainly is the perfect accompaniment to fine linens and laces... I can almost smell its gorgeous fragrance from here ♥

  16. Such beautiful lace samplers, Shane. How patiently the women worked to create such loveliness.

  17. Love old vintage lace. These are all so gorgeous.
    I have several pieces, which I keep thinking I will frame. I must do that soon.

  18. I have bits of lace like this from women in our family long gone. And some beautiful tatting by my great aunt. I have a piece framed --a delicate doilie. The young girls are crocheting again but I wonder if delicate work like this will ever be popular. Who will be around who knows how to do it? Lovely post!

  19. I always wonder what the women were thinking when they created such exquitise work, especially in such dim light..I am sure when the stories get told to your sweet granddaughters they will cherish those special pieces as well. Sending you lots of love!

  20. Ooohh so beautiful, you lucky lady. I hope the next generation will love them as much as we do too.Shirley

  21. Just beautiful exquisite lace samplers dear Shane. Like you, I appreciate all the hours & the fine detailed work that goes into these pieces. Beautiful post :-)

  22. Beautiful works of art made by very dedicated ladies. I do hope we don't lose the techniques in our computer tech savvy world. Blissful Laces...

  23. Hi Shane, It always amazes me too how the women back then were able to do such delicate work with poor lamp or candle light. I always love to see the different techniques and patterns. Thank you for sharing those lovely lace bits and pieces.

  24. Not just beautiful and intricate,but beautiful little pieces of social history. It's so important we keep these wonderful skills going.x

  25. Those lace fragments are exquisite, Shane! It's so hard to imagine the labor, time, poor lighting, and dexterity it took to create even the smallest pieces. Thank you so much for sharing those images. They truly are inspiring!

  26. Hi Dear Shane
    Oh these lace samples are just divine!
    I love the collage where you can see up close the different styles and types.
    I only wish I had the patience to create such amazing works of fine art.
    I really can appreciate each and every one.
    Sending hugs,

  27. Exquisite is a great description! It took a lot of skill and patience to create these treasures.

  28. I have always, always loved lace and never more so than these past few years. I used to crochet and quilt but my eyes got so bad I had to quit. The work that went into such tiny intricate pieces..how wonderful it is.

  29. These are beautiful!
    My Father could Tat....

  30. Yes, the lace is beautiful. It's so easy to swing past the fabric store and buy lace today that it's hard to picture a time when that slow, fussy work was the only way to have it.

  31. Shane, Thank you so much for sharing those lace samples. I really love vintage lace works. I have some pieces of old lace which I bought at some antique shops in Japan and Italy.Although some of them are just cut from a sleeve,they are my treasure.I loved reading your writing!!
    Have a happy day!



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