Thursday, 27 February 2014

Creating in White

Hello dear Friends
I'm running late this week!
I thought I would show you some of
the creamy white loveliness
I've created over the year.

It's always a joy
to pull out my boxes
of laces, ribbons and buttons
and have a little play! 

and most especially when there is
a very special piece
of lace such as this one given to me by
my dear friend Patty of the blog
A lot of you already know Patty
but if you don't please pop over to her blog
and have a drool at her amazing art.

Today I'm joining Becky
Blissful Whites Wednesday

I'm sending this basket of  Spring flowers as
wishes for my dear friend


We're all missing you dear Dorthe and
blogging just isn't the same without

  A wee reminder about the two giveaways on my
side bar - the last day for entering is Friday 28th!

Thank you for your kind comments!

Take care of one another
  Merci à bientôt






  1. These are so Very pretty!!!
    Have a super evening!!

  2. Such beauty on your blog today, and I like your new header very much.

  3. Hi Shane, What lovely projects you have shared. So delicate and pretty.
    Thanks for the links to your friends' blogs and best wishes to Dorothe.
    Have a nice day.

  4. I always love to see what you create with pieces of lace! I need to get some out and play, too. I entered the giveaways...thanks so much for telling me about them. They are both wonderful blogs to visit. Sweet hugs!

  5. I do love your white & your cream posts Shane - your work is just so beautiful & inspires me to get out my vintage laces today & have a little play. Happy day to you dear friend x0x

  6. It is good for the soul to get creative again and just as soon as I clean my wee little room, I will get creative again, too. I hope. Oh I had not known that Dorthe was ill. So good to learn that she is on the mend.

  7. The piece of lace is lovely and so are the creamy white projects you've created.
    The get well basket of spring flowers is pretty and would make anyone feel better.

  8. Dear Shane,

    You have made some beautiful creations, love all the feminine lace and pretty flowers. Yes, I have been thinking of Dorthe too and hope she is feeling better.
    Hope you are enjoying the week - isn't the weather perfect today.


  9. What beautiful things you create with lace! And, I love the photo of the basket of spring flowers, so cheerful!



  10. Dearest Shane,
    Would there be ANY woman that does not melt a wee bit when lace is in play?
    Hugs to you,

  11. Beautiful post. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  12. This is so pretty, Shane. So crisp -- and I love your get well greeting to Dorthe. Isn't Patty's blog fabulous? When I grow up I want to be even a quarter talented as she is!

  13. White is always so fresh and just lovely. Your artwork, yummm! The basket of flowers would cheer anyone up, love the color there.

  14. Oh my goodness, as sweet as can be! Happy week my dear friend!❤️

  15. I'm sure your friend Dorthe is thrilled with those lovely flowers (I know I am!!). I can't wait for spring!!

  16. Simply lovely! Enjoy the rest of your week - hugs!

  17. I just LOVE your work! Creamy whites are my favorite! I'll check out the two other blogs you mentioned. Thanks for the recommendations! xoxo Jen

  18. your beautiful white projects are like a summer breeze Shane along with the lovely flowers. I completely agree with you about Patty. And although I don't know Dorthe I did visit her blog to leave a message of healing thoughts. Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

  19. Dearest Shane,
    Oh from my heart thank you for your basket filled with the most beautiful spring flowers, -how very loving a thought of you.---- I haven`t started looking much on blogs yet, but this evening I thought I would take a tiny look, and when seing you posted I just had to visit!!! and look sweet friend, what I found,- ....the most wonderful greeting from you...Thank you Shane ,dear.
    I love your beautiful creations, too- so lovely and romantic.
    I wish you a beautiful weekend .
    Love and hugs, Dorthe

  20. Your white projects are very prety shane as is all of your work. I too agree about Patty and do read her blog. She is an artiste.


  21. The lace is beautiful and so are your creations! I hope your friend, Dorthe get well soon! Have a lovely day.

  22. Beautiful lace pieces. Your creations are filled with grace and loveliness, Shane.
    The basket of flowers for Dorthe is sure to cheer her a little - it did that for me!

  23. Hello,Shane,
    So beautiful!!I love to see those lace pieces you created.I believe beautiful arts are created by women with many grace and affection.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  24. I stopped over to visit your friend Dorthe…….was glad to hear she is responding to treatment now they know what is wrong. Hope she is back to good health very soon……..she will be in my prayers.

    Love all your white, lacy creations dear Shame - you have a special penchant for making the most beautiful collages from fabric and lace.

    Hope all is well over there - how's the hubby's boat coming along these days?

    Yesterday celebrated 7 years of blogging - can't believe it, where did the time go? I celebrated by having my stylist chop off my hair into an updated shorter style (I'd had a blunt bob for so long!)…………..I can't believe I did that but have been thinking about it for a while and yesterday she said let's do it! I think I'm going to love it and, as hubby, daughter, granddaughter and neighbors all gave it a thumbs up, that's encouraging!

    Oh well, still awaiting some warmer weather here as you move toward Autumn. Hope life is good dear friend.
    Hugs - Mary X

  25. Love that bit of lace! Ditto on the get well wishes for Dorthe!

  26. Fabulous usage of your lace, you have a great talent. I have no imagination.

  27. Your creations are works of art Shane!

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  28. The lace is so beautiful, Shane, and I love the lovely things you make with it. A perfect way to preserve it and show it off.

  29. As I was admiring your lovely creation I could not help but think of the gorgeous swan piece you gifted me with a while back...I think I've mentioned that it is hanging in a special spot where I see it each and every day more than once!
    Then as I was admiring your lace photo...well you made me smile...thank you for the kind mention and I just knew that pretty piece of German curtain would be very much at home with you ♥
    You and your creativity are always inspiring...
    Hoping Dorthe gets a good report from the doctor on Monday...she has been through so much!



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