Sunday, 28 October 2012

My French themed Collages

This is one of the pages
I made for my dear friend
Suzy of
for our French themed
Collage Swap.

The laces, fabric pieces
and trims are some
favorites from
my collection.

I've been waiting to use this
beautiful image of a little
French girl - and my swap with
Suzy was the perfect time.

On the back I created a little
organza and lace pocket
to hold a lavender tag
and an old french postcard
which I picked up at a Brocante
in my daughter's village
when I was in France this year.

Je t'aime label came from 
my friend Lilla
it is perfect for this collage and
I combined it with tulle and lace
for a lovely soft look.
Lilla has a great blog
where she has lots of
amazing on-line
Here is the link for
her etsy shop called

I love this sweet image too
it's from Karen of
Thank you Karen
you inspire all of us with
your amazing images.

The French label is also
from Karen's collection.

I'm very fond of these old organza
flowers and this one came
from Karla of Karla's Cottage.
Karla collects old hats to
get these exquisite flowers.
She might have some in her 
etsy shop.

I included some pieces of fabric
and laces from my stash
for Suzy
and wrapped it all
in this french themed

I'm linking to the following parties
please have a look and even join in the fun!

Mary at Mosaic Monday

Thank you all for visiting my blog
and a big
to my new followers!

Take care dear friends and
Be kind to one another

Shane ♥


  1. Shane, Love all the laces , fabrics and trims on your adorable french inspired collage. You have made suzy very happy, I'm sure. The wrapping is divine!!! xo Pam

  2. I do adore your creations, Shane.
    I'm looking at what you sent me right now. You are so lucky to have Lilla as a friend. She is such an inspiration to me. Adore both of you, actually. xo Rhonda

  3. Dearest Shane,

    Oui madame, je t'aime beaucoup! You made some lovely lace collages with a distinctive French touch.
    Hugs to you and happy Sunday.

  4. Hello Dear Shane
    I love the way you have created that collage of one of the pages in our swap - it shows the details up perfectly!
    The pocket was such a surprise addition with that vintage postcard and lavender card too.
    Love also the images, pretty labels and especially that sweet vintage organza flower on the second page.
    All the little details add more beauty and substance to the collages and all I can say is that I am so happy to be the very fortunate receiver of such exquisite creations from the most beautiful collection of laces and doilies.
    Thank you so much again for these lovely pages - I will treasure them and I hope you received as much pleasure in the creations as I did!
    With love, hugs and a big, warm
    "thank you" Shane,

  5. Oh how truly exquisite Shane!! Love the pressed pansies too. Much love Catherine x0x0x0x

  6. Your collage pages are gorgeous; the time and care to create them really shows. It's nice to see so many old scraps of material, lace etc. repurposed in a creative way.

  7. Your collage pages are gorgeous; the time and care to create them really shows. It's nice to see so many old scraps of material, lace etc. repurposed in a creative way.

  8. I really like this....happy

  9. You created something quite wonderful, Shane. I love the way you've used various bits and bobs in such a unique and lovely way.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week! Please come back again!


  10. Hello again... if you want i can send to your country too.....lovely

  11. Shane, those are pure gorgeousness! Wow, what lovely work.

  12. Shane, what a talent you have to put it all together..It looks so lovely ❤

  13. What exquisite collages you have created Shane. So much attention to the details and those beautiful layers all with such lovely French touches-magnifique!

  14. thank you Shane for the nice project you shared. Love your new direction, hope we can meet again next year and share and maybe do a class?
    All the friends in the swap were superb, wish I had been in it too!
    Next time maybe.
    aloha Lilla

  15. The lace is so elegant and pretty.
    Beautiful work you do!!!

  16. So beautiful, Shane! The layering is just delightful and for me, the back was ... dare I say?.. my favorite. That is because it is so easy to do the side that everyone will see. But by the time you're completed, the back can get lost. The attention to detail on this side really impressed me!

  17. Ciao carissima. Immagini bellissime.
    Un caro saluto e buona settimana.

  18. What a beautiful swap. Both of you are so talented and create such breathtaking pieces! Have a wonderful day.


  19. such a lovely swap and how nice to see and hear all about your beautiful creativity with so many special ingredients

    c'est tout bon mon cherie

  20. Shane, these are simply beautiful and I have examined in detail all the intricacies of your collage. Now, you have reminded me that I have pressed flowers tucked away in a press along with some fall leaves from past seasons.


  21. So beautiful! Love the image of the little french girl.

  22. Such lovely things - beautifully presented!

  23. What a beautiful blog you have... I am a lover of French too... My dream is to some day visit there. I just love your collage... this is something that I would like to try some day..

  24. So LOVELY things!!! Happy day for you! xxx riitta

  25. Shane - your collage page here is lovely - and two, the one from Suzy in your previous post! I had many of these inspirational images collected in my mind inspiring me as I worked on my own Cassandra this weekend. I have more dolls in need of repair and am thinking of playing around some more - doll collage? Keeps me busy - and able to be done by candlelight should the need arise. We still have power so I'm online now - early Monday morning. Twelve hours from now - if the predictions hold true - things could be much different. Thanks for your prayers!

  26. Dear Shane, your swap pages for dear Suzy, are both so very beautiful.
    I love the little girl image, and beautiful laces you used all over that page, the pocket is the sweetest idea, and the little word pieces so adorable.Also love the other page, with Karla`s lovely old flower, I have also bought some from her wonderful shop.The colours with the little blue to the white and creams are perfect. You both made such gorgeous swap pieced dear friend.
    Hugs and love,Dorthe

  27. Hi Shane, Your fabric and lace collage is simply gorgeous. I love all those pretty details. You are so talented my friend. Have a great week and happy creating.
    Thank you for stopping by and your sweet comment.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  28. WOW! These are gorgeous and such amazing detail :)

  29. So very pretty Shane. Making them must give you great pleasure. P xx

  30. Lovely lace and the package with the black ribbon is really pretty. I adore the floral image at the bottom~

  31. So very lovely!! Just adore each and every detail! You do beautiful work, and I love that you shared this at Blissful Whites Wednesday!

    Have a delightful day!

  32. Hi Shane, Stopping by to visit and see your gorgeous white collage again. So talented.
    Hope you enjoy a great rest of the week.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  33. Hi Shane,

    I love the beautiful swap, you and Suzy had. Both very beautiful with all the gorgeous French images, lace and pretty fabrics.
    Thanks for showing us.
    Also adore the pressed violas, I have some pansies that I am pressing.

    Happy Thursday

  34. Your fabric collage is just exquisite, Shane, and I love everything about it. Truly beautiful!

  35. Love the luscious lace and the ever so pretty violas.What a treat.

  36. Meine Güte!
    So viele herrliche Arbeiten hast du in meiner langen Abwesenheit geschaffen.
    Ich habe das so vermisst.
    Dein Blog ist einfach ein Traum.

    Ganz liebe Grüße

  37. Such delicate creations to treasure.
    This style of collage is new to me and if only my eyesight was better I would try
    for myself as I have lots of Edwardian lace inherited from great-aunts.
    I love the last one of the mauve violas.

  38. Hallo.Deine Sachen sind wunderschön die du herstellst.Liebe GRüße aus Germany.Jana.

  39. Love your use of the vintage laces. I keep hording my laces and can't bare to share. I really must do something with them one day.

  40. Oh Shane...your fabric collage work is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love each and every component ~ these pieces are truly heirloom treasures. I'm so very glad you visited me!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  41. These are stunning -- a lot of work in them and how I love them all!



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