Monday, 29 November 2010

Call in the Experts I say.....

I've just received some
wonderful news -
my daughter and her family
will be visiting us from Europe
early next year!
Sooo I feel the house
needs some extra titivating!

I've sought the expert advice
of Julie-Ann of
Julie-Ann has very kindly offered
to do a post for me today
as we thought there maybe
others out there needing help as well!
Over to you Julie-Ann!!!

"Would you like to give your
living room or bedroom
a little makeover?
Maybe it just needs some finishing
touches to make it everything
you have dreamed of?
It can be as simple as
adding a few extra items:
Perhaps some cushions.

Or a throw rug.
You can even make one from
your favourite material
or an old quilt cover.

I love adding flowers to a room,
especially orchids.
They look so elegant
and can last for months.

A rug can help to frame a space.

Try adding some personal photos
of your last family holiday -
don't keep them hidden away
on your computer.
Have them on display
to bring back great memories.

There are some gorgeous wall decals
and canvasses for sale online.
Or make your own canvas
with some stunning fabric.
It's cheap and can look

And when the Minister of Finance
says there's no money in the bank
don't worry - look what one member
managed to do with pieces
she had around the house
(elements bedroom before photo)

(elements bedroom after)

If you are looking for ideas
on decorating, renovating or building
pop over and chat with us
We would love to meet you!"

Thank you so much Julie-Ann
I love your simple ideas -
it doesn't need to be
complicated after all.
Even the Minister of Finance
will agree to this makeover!!

Thank you dear friends for
visiting and leaving your
lovely comments.
Enjoy your week and
be kind to one another.
Please surf over to sign up
Shane x


  1. Hi Shane thanks for letting me do a guest blog for you. You must be so excited with your daughter coming for a visit. I'm looking forward to hearing how your titivating of the house goes lol.

  2. What fun you will have getting ready for your family.
    Even just changing the way the furniture is positioned can alter the look of a room.

  3. Great news Shane ~ and I love the pics showing us, those little decorating idea that make all the difference.

  4. Hi Shane,

    How lovely that your daughter and family are coming over for a visit. Yeah!
    Love all the decorating touches, from Julie-Ann.

    Have a happy week

  5. I love folks who can just add that little bit and make a room sparkle. Great post Shane. Enjoy getting ready for the family. xox Corrine

  6. fabulous post...I would like a room like the first photo pretty please :)

    wonderful news that your precious family will be visiting...the anticipation of that must be pure delight!
    p.s. congrats on being featured on Decorating Forum too!!!



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