Sunday, 15 January 2017

Visiting Gardens with my dear friend...

In March last year one of my dearest friends moved out of Auckland.
It took me a long time to come to grips with Jen not being here.
We've been friends such a long time, 
in fact since I was 18 - that's 56 years! 

I think I've mentioned before that Friday is my MahJong day
and I would usually catch up with Jen for a cup of coffee or lunch afterwards.
She's also my best shopping mate - we like the same things
and I've missed our shopping sprees hugely.

However she is happy in her new home at Mount Maunganui
a seaside town in the Bay of Plenty.
She made the right decision to move out of the big city.

In about October Jen phoned to tell me there was an
Art and Garden Festival in her neck of the woods in November
and suggested I pop down for the weekend!

This was our first catch up in person since she stayed with us
before her big move.
It was so good to be together again and see her new home,
and catch up with her children
Annie her Labradoodle and her cat Millie.
We talked and talked late into the night - as all old friends do. 

The Gardens

We picked out several country gardens to visit
and they were all well worth while seeing. 

I take my hat off to the organisers who managed this event.
Everything went like clockwork,
as well as stunning gardens and friendly hosts and hostesses.
Directions and signs were spot on too - thank you!
There were delightful watering holes along the way to stop
and enjoy a cup of tea, sandwiches and other yummy goodies!

I hope my Northern Hemisphere friends enjoy my Summer photos!
I  must tell you how much I'm enjoying your "snow" photos.

Being a bird lover, I'm particularly interested in seeing photos
of your bird feeders and the birds who visit your gardens.
Where I live in New Zealand, it doesn't get cold enough for snow in winter
so maybe that's the reason we don't have a good selection
of feeders available here.

My friend Mary who blogs at A Breath of Fresh Air
welcomes all birds who venture into her garden for winter snacks.
In fact generations of birds have been taught by their parents
to include Mary and Bob's garden on their Winter food GPS route!
Do pop over to her blog and say hello
you will love her amazing bird photos.

She ensures there is an unlimited supply of food available
during the cold winter months,
in the form of suet, seeds and peanuts 
(which sometimes the naughty squirrels devour)!

On behalf of all those hungry birds and squirrels
Thank you Mary dear!

I'm joining Maggie for

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Monday, 9 January 2017

Under the Red Sunshades

A summer market in Kerikeri 
with music under the red umbrella.

A stop for lunch on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, Paris

A glass of wine at Wynyard Quarter, Auckland

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Take care and
be kind to one another

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Friday, 6 January 2017

Five on Friday - Boats

My post today is all about boats
I may have told you before that
Auckland is known as
The City of Sails.

Auckland is surrounded by water so many children
learn to sail at a very young age.

Westhaven marina is a favourite haunt for us.
Both Reston and I belong to the RNZYS
Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron.

Today we had a lunch at a cafe called 'The Sitting Duck'
as the Squadron restaurants etcet don't open again until next week.

Afterwards we drove around the harbour looking at boats!
It was fascinating watching the crane lifting large crates
on to the top deck of this luxury super yacht.

She is named Vibrant Curiosity and as she was flying the
Union Jack she must be from the UK.
We imagine she is here for a refit.
The exchange rate makes it worthwhile for many
overseas boats to come to Auckland to have work done.
Our local shipyards build many new boats too
for overseas owners.
Our nephew is a boat builder who works on these new builds.

Near the New Zealand Maritime Museum
are several heritage boats.

This yacht is the Aramoana built in 1938 by Gordon Pollard
a cousin of my father-in-law Russ Pollard.
They were great mates and sailed together on her for many years.
Notice there are no staunchons or handrails,
one needed to be sure footed moving about when under full sail.
Those were the days!

The Menai is a heritage launch which we owned in the 1970s.
It was the perfect boat for when our children were young.
It always brings back many happy memories!

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Thank you Amy for hosting - it's been a while since I've joined in!

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Thank you for visiting and especially my friends
who have left me a comment!
It's lovely to be in touch again!


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