Friday 28 December 2018

It's the little things that lift our hearts

Hello dear friends
I hope you all had a
Merry Christmas 2018
with your families and friends.

The lead up to Christmas this year was chaotic
for me as I was working most days.
I won't let that happen again!!!

As with most of us, the big decisions
such as
list making,
food planning, 
present buying
lets be fair to ourselves and put it in writing
the logistics of events such as Christmas
falls to us girls!

One evening during the week before Christmas
I arrived home to find a little parcel
sitting at our front door!

My friend Vee who blogs at
A Haven for Vee
had posted on her blog about preparations for
One of the items she photographed 
and spoke about was Bell's Seasoning.
I commented on the colourful packaging
......and as often happens with lovely bloggers
we decided on a small swap,just a card and
a Christmas decoration!

The card was just what I would have chosen
a Nativity scene - the reason we celebrate this great
feast of Christmas.
Plus a lovely Santa, some Christmas stickers and
a packet of Bell's Seasoning!

We spent Christmas with my daughter and family
this year and my son-in-law
was the chief cook!
I will use the Bell's Seasoning next time we
have roast chicken - a treat in store!

Thank you Vee - your lovely parcel
lifted my heart and made me feel special!

Take care and
be kind to one another
à bientôt



  1. Ah yes, the logistics does fall almost entirely on us girls. That is why I much prefer opening gifts on Christmas Eve the way I did growing up (thanks to my mom's immigrant parents – Grandpa from Germany and Grandma from Sweden). It provides a lovely, atmospheric interlude (and a chance to clean up) after Christmas Eve supper and the special meals expected on Christmas day. How nice to have your son-in-law man the stove this year, and get a special gift from a blogpal! Happy New Year, Shane!

    1. Thank you Michelle!
      As you know our son-in-law is French and my daughter lived there for 18 years.
      Christmas Eve is a big occasion and as is the custom in France we had a wonderful seafood dinner preceded by platters of delicious canapes!
      We were spoilt!
      Our three granddaughters unwrap their presents on Christmas morning once Santa has visited during the night!
      Happy New Year to you too dear friend. xx

  2. What a sweet blog post, Shane. It sounds like you had an excellent Christmas, and so did we - with our two sons and daughters-in-law, and a visit from our grandson who is growing at an alarming rate! The packaging on the Bells Seasoning is gorgeous, and what a great Christmas gifting idea. Always nice to receive a little something at Christmas.

    1. Thank you dear Trish!
      Were you in Brissy this year?
      It's wonderful being with family for Christmas as both our children were overseas for many years.
      I agree it is lovely finding things in the letterbox especially at Christmas. Very few cards this year sadly and I only sent a few mainly because I ran out of time.
      I prefer writing cards to emails for such occasions - I'm old fashioned I know!
      Love Shane xoxox

  3. Hi Shane,
    a wonderful post, thank you! It sounds, like you had a lovely Christmas, this is so good!
    And it is so good, to heear from you again!
    Wihsing you wonderful last days in this old year and all the best for the New Year 2019!
    Sending you Love and hugs, Claudia xo

    1. And it's so good to hear from you too Claudia!
      Thank you for popping in - 2018 has simply flown by so fast for me and we only days away from a new year and new beginnings!
      Best wishes to you for 2019.

  4. Always fun to swap with friends and find nice surprises on your doorstep. Really very sad that we can't get mail in this country because the system is so unreliable and corrupt. Not many days left in this year. Wishing you peace, love and joy in 2019.

    1. Oh Tammy that is so hard that you cannot rely on your postal service.
      I didn't realise this was the case. Can you have mail sent to the school where you used to work?
      I echo your wishes of peace, love and joy in 2019 - when all is said and done that is what the world needs.
      Take care
      Shane xxx

  5. How lovely. Little things mean so much. I hope my card arrived safely. We used some delightful tiny Christmas napkins over various occasions! Thank you!

    1. Thank you Elizabeth, your thoughtful Christmas card arrived safely and well in time for Christmas this year!
      It's especially at this time of year that we think of our friends far away.
      I'm so pleased you had occasions to use the little napkins.
      Shane xx

  6. I am glad that you had a lovely Christmas with your family. That is so true about ladies making the holiday all that it is. I have been doing it for over 50 years and although it often has me exhausted, I am thankful that I can still do most of it. It is nice to read that your son in law was the cook. Maybe he can start a trend.

    1. Lovely to hear from you Arleen!
      You have been the Christmas Fairy for a little longer than me. Next April we will celebrate 49 years married!
      It was a breeze in the early years and so much fun!
      It's the shopping I find a chore these days - the crowds at the malls and grocery shops make it so stressful....
      Enjoy your holidays.
      Shane xx

  7. It sounds like a lovely holiday, Shane. I'm so glad to see you posting again. And what a thoughtful gift. I hope the rest of your season is merry and bright!

    1. Thank you dear Jeanie - we had a fun time with the family up north!
      I will pop over to see what you and Rick have been up to!

  8. Happy Fourth Day of Christmas, Shane, or is it the Fifth Day there? ☺️ So glad that your Christmas was Merry and Bright! Thank you for the mention. How sweet of your son-in-law to do the Christmas cooking! Gotta love a man who enjoys working in the kitchen. I have so enjoyed my gifts. The Christmas angel brightens my Kitchen window both inside and outside and will for many more days to come.

    1. We had three Christmases in France. Our Son-in-law did it all with our daughter helping him. At the time I thought maybe it's a French thing but learnt later French boys are not different to Kiwi boys who leave kitchen things to the girls!!
      I was disappointed with my photos - the weather was at it's worst, rainy and dark - not our usual beautiful sunny Christmas weather...
      Never mind - it didn't take the shine off your lovely gifts at all!!!
      Thank you again dear Vee.

  9. Hi Shane, sounds like your Christmas was good. What a dear Vee is! Hats off to your son in law for taking the reins in the kitchen to make the main meal. Hope the new year is filled with good things for you and yours!

    1. Thank you Ellen!
      Vee is one of our blogging treasures!
      Yes, our son-in-law always did Christmas Eve and Christmas Day when they were in France - he's a gem!
      He is the chef in their cafe here now!

  10. What a lovely treat to receive in the post. A late Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, dear Shane!

    1. Thank you Marilyn - I'm gradually making my way around my friends!
      Thinking of you and your family too.
      Festive greetings

  11. How lovely to have a little swap with Vee. She's such a sweet blogger. You are so right about the women usually planning and pulling things together for Christmas. I felt quite exhausted! It's fun, but lots of work and how wonderful to have a son-in-law to take over the cooking!
    Happy New Year, Shane, may 2019 be filled with many good things.

    1. Dear Lorrie
      I feel your exhaustion... and as much as we all love Christmas, it certainly puts extra pressure on Mothers.
      I remember in France the children had a week off school at Christmas time - I'm not sure about Canada but I hope you manage a few days to relax.
      Festive Greetings to you and a Happy and prosperous 2019!
      Shane xx

  12. That is so sweet! We have such wonderful friendships with our blog buddies! It does make life even sweeter! Happy New year! Hugs, Diane

    1. Happy New Year to you too Diane!
      Yes blogging brings very special friendships from across the oceans.
      Thank you for popping in, I always appreeciate chatting with you!
      Shane xx

  13. Sounds like a lovely Christmas at your house, despite you being pressed for time. Our oldest son and d-i-love host the festivities now so there's much less stress for us. That's not to say my sewing room isn't abuzz for months in advance! Happy 2019 to you and yours Shane.

    1. Oh it's so good to hear from you Mary Anne!
      So glad you had an enjoyable Christmas with your family.
      I imagine your sewing room as one of Santa's workshops - abuzz with creativity from one Christmas to the next ha ha!
      Wishing you and your family a Happy and healthy 2019.
      Shane xxx

  14. Dearest Shane,
    You are really blessed for having family within reach!
    This was our 35th solo Christmas... One of the downsides of being an immigrant.
    It even makes us more intense celebrate Christmas in its true meaning; the birth of Christ!
    I've worked also and my last day was December 18. It was very hectic as I also sang in two choirs.
    Our women's choir had to perform for the annual Christmas Revue on the 13th and then we did sing at two nursing homes on my final day of work, following a fun Christmas party with heavy hors d'oeuvres and a gift. That was the final day of action for our choir for this year.
    The other choir for which I'd committed my time was for singing Händel's Messiah. Enjoyed doing that so much and it made Pieter happy and proud for sitting in the audience at the local theatre.
    Wishing you and yours a happy New Year's Eve and a Happy & Healthy 2019!

  15. Dear Mariette
    I'm amazed that after 35 years you are still celebrating Christmas on your own.
    As you mentioned you celebrated in true Nativity style. The Holy Family will understand your feelings only too well, and shower you with Blessings for the coming year.
    How exciting to be in two choirs - I love hearing Handels Messiah at Christmas but sadly I was too tired to venture out the night it was on.
    Wishing you and Pieter a happy and healthy 2019 dear Mariette.
    Shane xxx



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