Sunday 11 November 2018

Armistice Day New Zealand 2018

This year is the 100th anniversary
of the end of World War 1.

A cross has been planted
on the grass in front of the
Auckland War Memorial Museum.
Each cross represents a New Zealand soldier
who lost their lives in that horrific theatre of War
18,700 poor souls.

I felt an extreme sense of loss
walking beside these crosses
thinking about the futility of war.
We shall always remember them.

I pray that this small boy will never
have the horrific experience of war.

Take care and
be kind to one another
à bientôt



  1. Dear Shane, that is so beautiful. What a fantastic gesture, and one full of impact for us all. We went to see the Peter Jackson film today, and it is a masterpiece. Lest We Forget. xx

  2. Thank you Trish.
    We fully intended seeing “They shall not grow Old” yesterday but friends popped in and we ran out of time.
    We will do it next week end.

  3. I felt that extreme sense of loss walking through the American Cemetery in Normandy that you describe here. Your cemetery looks like a beautiful one, and a peaceful resting place, which after war, one can only hope these brave souls have. Rest.

    1. Oh Jeanie, I visited a lot of the cemeteries in Normandy too - I certainly felt the enormity of the horrific loss of such young men.
      Difficult to understand that 20 years after WW1, it all happened again and more lives were lost.

  4. They have just shown “They shall not grow Old” on our tv - it is a very moving film, and the way that Peter Jackson has brought the whole theatre of war to life using colour is very impressive.
    I am pleased that you have shown this post - today in the uk there has been a great emphasis on remembering that so many other countries around the world also lost hundreds of thousands of their young men too.

    1. I've heard from several friends here it was so very real and moving.
      We are going at the weekend.
      Peter is an authority on the First World War.
      Those poppies at the Tower of London look amazing, one can't help but feel moved when viewing this installation.

  5. We saw all those crosses on last night's news. Quite chilling.

    1. It was and I had tears in my eyes seeing some of the crosses that included photos and commendations.

  6. Hello Shane,
    I have no words to see those many crosses in your photo.So sad.
    We never have to forget the tragedy of war.
    これ程多くの若者の命が失われたことを思うと戦争は2度と繰り返してはならないという思いで一杯になります。今も色々な国が争い若者が犠牲になってることを思い、世界の平和を願わずにいられません。Please allow me to write this comment in Japanese. Your post is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Have a good day.

    1. Dear Tomoko
      Thank you for your kind words.
      We should have learnt after fighting so many wars that the greatest tragedy is the loss of so many lives.
      I think the young people today recognise the futility of war.
      Thank you my dear friend.
      Shane xx

  7. The red poppies and white crosses just make such a statement. I agree with you that I hope there is never war like that again. I dream of a world that even with our differences we can live in peace. I can dream, we can all dream and do our part to make it so.

    1. Thank you Marilyn.
      Takes me back to that song “what the world needs now is love, sweet love”.
      We certainly need to strive for peace in our world.
      Shane xx

  8. Dearest Shane,
    Yes, the entire world should pause and reflect more on their Veterans and the loss of mainly young lives during our wars. The ending of WWI is now one hundred years ago and yet, look back at the many losses.
    Excellent post about Armistice Day in New Zealand.

    1. Dear Mariette
      This Armistice Day was an opportunity for the entire world to reflect on how futile these wars are.
      So many young lives were lost forever.
      Who knows what some of those men might have achieved if they had lived.
      100 years is so long ago yet, it is still has a huge impCt on our lives.
      Tak e care of one another.
      Love to you and Pieter.
      Shane xxx

  9. I've been trying to think of appropriate words and I think perhaps overwhelmed might be the one. To think that your small country lost 18,700 is staggering - and that number is echoed by so many other countries as well. We pray that we never see a repeat of such a loss of lives. The sight of all those crosses really brings home the sheer numbers and makes us stop our busy lives and take time to reflect on what they lost - and what their families much have gone through.

    1. Dear Mary Anne,
      The number of crosses was certainly overwhelming and obviously I couldn’t fit them all in one photo.
      We went to the Domain that day, to pay our respects and take some photographs. When I got there and saw the crosses stretching so far in every direction - it was totalling overwhelming and difficult to take in.
      The waste of so many lives and what might have been just left me feeling numb.
      I actually didn’t even want to bring out my phone and take photographs.
      However I knew I wanted to commemorate this significant milestone of 100 years since the end of one of the worst wars in history.
      We left the Domain with heavy hearts and didn’t speak until we arrived back home.
      We just felt empty.
      Take care my dear friend.
      Shane xx

  10. Hello Tanza,
    Thank you for your kind comment.
    Enjoy your day.😉

  11. What a lovely tribute and kind words, I wish everyone felt this way. You took good pictures too.



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