Wednesday 18 November 2015

Oh Paris......

Translated the words on the candle read

"You Will Not Kill Our Freedom"

It was left on the pavement
near the scene of the senseless terrorist attack 

 at the Bataclan Theatre in Paris. 

The newspaper's chilling headline translates

"This time it's War"

Words simply cannot describe our feelings
about these horrific happenings.

As my regular readers know
our daughter and her family live in France.

We spoke to her when we heard the news
and she told us everyone is on edge.
The feeling in France is that their border security
has been far too lax in the past.

From what I've heard and read in the news
it seems that Monsieur Hollande
has now taken the necessary steps to address this.
Sadly this is the second such attack on Paris
in 10 months.
I posted about the Charlie Hebdo massacre here

New Zealanders held prayer vigils in towns and cities
across our country
lighting candles and
praying for the 129 people killed
and the 400 plus people injured.

The Auckland Sky Tower
and War Memorial Museum are lit up
in Red, White and Blue in solidarity and respect
for the people of

I created this prayer image for my post

following the January terrorist attack in Paris.

Again I ask you to pray for the safety

of my family and every family in France.

Be kind to one another

Merci à bientôt



  1. It is a horrific event and with talk of stronger border control it makes the refugee situation even worse. Most people want peace but is the evil few who cause the world's suffering. Blessings to us all.

  2. It is so senseless.
    Growing up in one European country and living in another, I feel very much an European, more than anything else, and so welcomed open borders policy, when it came. In fact I was disappointed that UK did not embrace it as well.
    Sadly, this now seems an utopia....

  3. Hello Shane. I will certainly pray for your family and everyone else impacted in one way or another by this tragedy. There are those in the world who obviously hate happiness and love. How terribly sad to spend one's life hurting others fo no real reason. We, here in the States, are following the news closely and are getting nervous ourselves. Hugs and love to you and your family. Sue

  4. Shane my dear friend, your family in France have been on my mind (so glad they are safe), along with my own who were actually in the UK on Friday but were able to fly back to Toulouse on Sunday without any problems regarding the security issues/border entry etc. I was concerned for them then, but are concerned for this weekend also as they fly to Berlin tomorrow to celebrate my SIL's 60th with their daughter and some friends! Germany is not the best place to be these days either.
    It's become frightening now - to think we were in those same areas of beautiful Paris just a month ago (I'm putting about another cheery post on my time in the city today) - it seems one can truly be in the wrong place at the right time, and that scares me. The whole problem of securing these countries borders against these cruel zealots, who want only to destroy the good and innocent, must be addressed quickly. Yes, war on a larger scale would be terrible, sadly innocents are killed, but that is what they are doing to us, little by little to gain a hold before it becomes a war anyway. They must be stopped.
    I pray each day for good leadership, decision making by strong politicians because we, the little people, cannot fix this world wide problem, and for the good Lord to give us strength and hope for peace some day before all is destroyed.

    Sorry, didn't mean to rabbit on but I, like all we peace loving women of the world, want nothing more than to raise our children and grandchildren in love, kindness, thankfulness for what we work hard for, to enjoy beauty around our stunning planet, and the means to live peacefully and be kind others. To me, that doesn't sound so very difficult, but it must be addressed right now ----------

    Sending you love and hoping you will not worry too, too much about your lovely family. They are in my prayers, as are all the good people of the world.

    Mary OX

  5. Shane my prayers have been with France since this terrible thing happened I will certainly remember your family over there. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  6. It is a nightmare. My friend Annemarie from Paris told me, that the son of her colleague were killed at the Bataclan. Horrible imagination!In Europe we had 70 years peace. What will the future bring?
    Next week all over Europe , especially here in Germany, the christmas market season starts. Crowded places, thousands of people, children! It´s not possible to control that!
    Since Friday, 13th,2015, we live in another world and it seems to be not a better one.

    Take care of yourself!

    Luv, Barbara

  7. Dear Shane, we are all terrified and so sad over what happened in Paris last Friday, and all Europe are on the edge of fear, for which country comes next !
    I also have family in Paris, whom luckily were not out in town ,friday evening, but whom lives close to this area.
    How can those persons, become so darkened and violent, how can any human become such a person !!!!!!!!!!!
    In all this as Tammy write , the real refugees will be in even worse situations, and ignorant people will throw their hate on them , -lets not judge anyone until it is proven ,there needs to be judging, and lets hope the stronger boarders will cause ,they catch the terrorists before entering , and let the refugees have a place to live in Europe, and USA ,until they can return home again!
    I hope it was ok to write my thoughts here, if not you can delete it my friend.
    Hugs and safety for your family in France, and for everyone else in Europe and all the world !!
    Dorthe, oxoxox

  8. Thank you, my darling Shane for this post !
    I hope that your dear ones in France are feeling good and can still live a normal life, especially the children !

    Have a beautiful remainder of your week
    sending hugs

  9. I too have been horrified with these events and was hoping your family was safe xx

  10. I am sending prayers for your family and for all of France to stay safe. My heart is broken with this sad news (as you probably know from my blog) and I know the world weeps with Paris. Hugs to you.

  11. Dear Shane, I am glad your family is well. My thoughts and prayers are with them. Take care, Jen

  12. I am glad that you have spoken to your daughter and that she is physically OK, even if not emotionally or mentally. We can only imagine the horrors and hope so much that it stops, now. I do hope that all will be well for your daughter and for everyone else too. xx

  13. I have been heartbroken over this devastating news and loss of innocent lives. I thought of you knowing you have family there. My mother was so worried even though we don't have anyone living directly in Paris. Turns out my cousin and wife were there for a seminar and although safe they were in lockdown for two more days(and they have two very young children). Thankfully we are in touch with everyone but it has been very disconcerting for all of our family regardless of where in France they live. We can all only unite with prayers and thoughts of love and peace. Beautiful post dear Shane.

  14. Shane your family and their friends have been in my thoughts too, as have many of our group who have friends who live in Paris. Our own friends are safe, but sadly they lost colleagues and friends at the Bataclan too. It just hurts my heart and soul, to imagine those young people out on a Friday night to enjoy a concert, never imagining that their carefree lives were about to be cut short by senseless violence. Thankyou for a beautiful, healing post. The French will prevail as they always have. It is the ability to rise from the ashes of terror and tragedy, that forms the basis of the true steel of the French citizen. Love, Mimi xxx

  15. The prayer of St Francis is a favourite of mine, Shane, and perfect for the situation. I am so glad you were able to speak to your daughter and they are OK, but I can imagine the anxiety they are experiencing. I pray for them, and all the people of France. Your tribute is beautiful, thank you Shane.

  16. Nobwords for what is happening in Paris ...feeling Sad the whole week.....glad your daughter and family is prayers are for France love happy day Ria x

  17. There are no words, Shane. Something is broken in this world.

  18. It's hard to imagine how people can do these unspeakable acts and still call themselves human beings. Very relieved to hear that your family members are okay Shane. Prayers are definitely being said - for all of France.

  19. Such heartbreaking tragedy. You must especially feel it, having your daughter and family there, and having visited France so often. I notice in your previous post you were praying your daughter and family would be able to move to New Zealand. What a blessing it would be to all be together, especially during these uncertain times.

  20. I thought of your family in France when I heard the news. And of a couple of bloggers I know there. Such horror. How wonderful it would be if your daughter and family could move to New Zealand. I hope it works out for them.
    France is such a beautiful country. So many of the sights that have been shown on the news in the past week are places we recognize from our visits to Paris. I hope we can return there soon.

  21. I know how much you like France Shane and I have been praying for your family. It would be nice if they can move to NZ to be closer.

  22. Dearest Shane,
    It is a very scary time for the entire world that is!
    Our freedom as we have known it, has been attacked and so many leaders are too cowardly for even responding to it. The media too is way too politically correct and that has cost already far too many innocent lives...
    May God bless the families affected and my God protect the people of good wil!

  23. Sweetie, like you I'm so sad too, as I have many relatives living in France and also in Paris. And it's so close to us in the Netherlands as well. Even our southern neighbours, Belgium, there is a high state of alert and word of possible attacks. And also in our country we are frightened, because of a big group of people who fought in Syria for Isis and now came back to our country. You never know what they're up to. It's just horrifying. But like the candle says, we will not allow them to take away our freedom! Take care dear Shane, I'm happy your family wasn't harmed, but I pray for their safety and well being. Sending you hugs, xx

  24. So sad for France and other countries touched by this violence. My husband and I are planning to visit Paris this coming May with some trepidation. Sending prayers of comfort.



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