Tuesday 22 September 2015

Provins Île-de-France

Provins, is a fortified medieval village 
in the Île-de-France region.

We visited on a beautiful summer's day

and there was much to enjoy. 

Charming old wooden and stone buildings,

an authentic creperie,

as well as an ice cream shop

we can't ask for more than that!

I love these old wooden and stone houses

still standing after five or six hundred years.

This beautiful 1929 stone plaque
commemorating the 500 year anniversary
since the visit of 
Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc)
to Provins in 1429.

I'm joining 

Thank you ladies for hosting!

Take care and 
be kind to one another!

à bientôt



  1. What a beautiful, gorgeous village, Shane. And it reminds me of the French Market where we met up in May :) Everything French is so picturesque and elegant - and what a sense of history to have been visited by Joan of Arc. Lovely post - makes me smile. xox

  2. Oh those stone buildings and walls are just amazing - something we just don't see here Shane - do we? The old architecture is so beautiful. Love that stone plaque commemorating the 500 year anniversary of Jeanne d'Arc!!!
    It must be wonderful reliving your time over each time you post these amazing images!
    Emailing in the morning hopefully! The postie left me a little packet!!!
    Warm hugs and love,

  3. Thanks for this lovely post, dear Shane. It brings back so many memories even so my visit seems ages go:)
    Have a lovely day.

  4. What a beautiful historic place. I adore those buildings, they are so pretty.

  5. An interesting place to visit and a nice tribute to Joan of Arc.
    Thanks for linking to mosaic Monday Shane.

  6. My favorite thing to do in France is wander around the beautiful medieval villages. My brother's is many centuries old with beautiful abbey and the famous red marble quarries. Looking forward to doing more walking and taking lots of photos as always!.

    Off soon - hope all well with you dear.

  7. The buildings are wonderful and I definitely like the sound of the Creperie! It looks a rewally interesting place to wander round.

  8. The old building remind me of an old village.

  9. WONDERFUL houses dear Shane, and lovely to see the stone plaque for Joan of Arc ,visiting the town. The old brick walls looks amazing still, and all so lovely in neutrals !!
    Hugs from Dorthe

  10. What awonderful place,dear Shane!
    Thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures with us!
    Happy week to you,
    Love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  11. ahhh I can just picture myself walking along those wonderful streets and taking in the glorious old buildings and the aromas of French food:):) My mom is still in France visiting family and although I am not there too she has been calling me every few days and I get to speak with the different relatives. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos Shane!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous and just as I envisage picturesque historic places in France! What did you try from the yummy menu?

  13. Hello dear Shane, what a beautiful village that is! I too love the wood and stone houses. We have a few here in the Netherlands as well, but with white painted stone. The beige stones make it all the more charming. Must have been wonderful to enjoy your time there, complete with a yummy crèpe. Thank you sweetie for joining the party again and for your sweet comment. Yes I'd love to add the wool to some book of sorts, just don't know yet how or where :) How are your Nellie and Suzy books coming along? I'm still busy with Nellie's and haven't even started on Suzy's yet! Wishing you a beautiful day, hugs xx Wen

  14. Dear Shane,

    How lovely you got to visit Provins and see this wonderful old place.
    The time before we went to this lovely old village only it was raining however I enjoyed looking into the history of the place and wandering around the old stone buildings and marveling at how old everything was.

    Have a happy Wednesday

  15. Hi Shane,
    What beautiful architecture and a beautiful place to visit.
    TFS and enjoy the week.
    Julie xo

  16. Anywhere with crepes and ice cream has to be good doesn't it! xx

  17. Love the old architecture. Thanks fr sharing your trip with us.

  18. Shane, what beautiful pictures and memories. We too have visited countryside France on several occasions and enjoyed the thrill of finding little spots that aren't in the tourist guides. This little village just looks so welcoming, doesn't it. The French do that so well. Love, Mimi xxx

  19. What a lovely village. The old architecture is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing this part of your trip with us. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  20. Beautiful...thank you for the virtual tour of this charming village!!!
    BTW...now I'm craving a crepe!!!

  21. Simply charming! You have living history in every step. Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

  22. When I picture a French village, this is exactly what I imagine it to look like. I have been dreaming of a trip to France for many years. I definitely would want to visit an authentic village like this one which is steeped in history. Thank you for sharing these lovely photographs. You arranged them so well.

  23. Dearest Shane,
    Such ambiance of medieval homes and other buildings never can be recreated! It creates a whole different landscape and we all love it.
    Sending you hugs,

  24. I love France and your post is wonderful!

  25. Such beautiful photos which take me back to wonderful visits to the region now many years ago-thank you for such an inspiring post xx

  26. Wonderful images reminds me of st Malo love the creperies too wonderful food!
    ah such great memories, thank you!
    Shaz in Oz.x #34

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  27. What an enchanting town! Oh, I should love to have joined you for crepes at that restaurant! So lovely. There is something about the smaller towns that just make my heart sing!

  28. {{sigh}} so beautiful and charming, my friend. What a joy for you to walk along these lovely streets. Thank you for sharing with Roses of Inspiration - you are such a joy, sweet Shane. Love and hugs to you!

  29. Shane, these are exactly the kind of places that make my heart sing and keeps me coming back to Europe to discover! Thanks for a lovely post!

  30. A lovely village Shane! Makes me want to go to France on holiday :-)

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  31. Oh Shane I love this post. Every photo is of things I love. Our favorite place to eat in the city is the Creperie. But that Jeanne d Arc plaque is amazing. I would so love to see it in person. How lucky you are. xo

  32. Such a gorgeous and historical place to visit. Thank you for sharing it with all of us! <3


  33. Those quaint buildings look like a movie set. Amazing! And a plaque to commemorate a visit from Joan of Arc just puts things into perspective very quickly. Hope that you have a wonderful spring, Shane!

  34. Those half-timbered houses are so striking. Amazing to think of the history in a village like this. We here in the west are so young!

  35. Just beautiful photos Shane, isn't it marvellous to see something standing from such a long time ago.
    We are starting into a lovely fall as you start into spring....happy joyful week :)

  36. Thanks for giving us a little trip to a special place in France. I'd love to go - but without kids and husband! Those wood and stone buildings are divine neutrals.

  37. Oh Shane... Such a long time I have not been visiting my friends in blogland and I must have missed your trip to France... Have you already returned safely? I am so happy to follow your journey here on your blog as it provides me with the warmest memories...
    As you know, my husband stems from Paris and at the moment he is working there a lot. With your photos I feel near to him and you as well... The next time, however, you have to make a short stopover in Berlin. Lots of old things to find here, too, (however not your family, I understand...).
    Anyway, I just want to tell you how I enjoyed your trip to France and the beautiful images with which you capture the spirit of the country! Have a nice and relaxing weekend, whereever you are!
    Hugs from Manu

  38. Thanks for sharing part of your trip with us! I enjoyed the tour. Hugs, Sue

  39. Good Morning Shane. Oh just love all the history and beauty of these buildings. Just beautiful.

  40. I love the relaxed, traditional look of the place, Just what you want for a fun day.

  41. I love seeing those old stone building. Wishing I could live in one of them. Oh if dreams could come true. Thanks for your beautiful photos.



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