Sunday 6 September 2015

French Vintage Finds & Fabric Dyeing

Isn't this the sweetest baby's top
it is all hand made with exquisite hand made lace
and tiny pin tucking.
I found it at a Brocante in my daughter's village.

The back is just as beautiful
the fabric is the finest lawn or voile
with tiny mother-of-pearl buttons

I was delighted to also find this vintage broderie anglaise
I only have 2 metres
so I'm saving it for a very special fabric book.

I apologise for the darkness of the photos - it has been another
dark, wet and miserable Spring day!

I always look for old books and postcards
and I was happy with my finds
this one was over 100 years old!

I would love to buy more but there is limited
room in my suitcase!

with the juice from her home grown loganberries,
I delved into my freezer and found a packet of mixed berries.
I boiled ¾ of a cup for a few minutes, sieved them
and added the juice to ¾ of a cup of water
and boiled for 30 minutes.
These pieces will all be used in my new book!

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Take care and
be kind to one another

Merci à bientôt



  1. Hi Shane
    That really is the most beautiful little voile blouse I have seen. What a treasure! and so too the 2 metres of cotton broderie anglaise lace.
    Beautiful ephemera too!
    You have been having some great fun dyeing your laces too. I am glad that you gave it a go using your own frozen berries and yes the still worked. The colours are so pretty and soft. You now have some gorgeous things to use in your new book. These lovely fabrics, laces and ephemera give us so much inspiration to go forward.
    Love and hugs,

  2. Oh my...dearest Shane...what an exquisite little baby's delicate and gorgeous...such a wonderful find! I do so love handmade items... And how pretty is the anglaise..{{sigh}} It is going to look just beautiful on whatever project you use it on...
    You do come across the most amazing goodies...and visiting your lovely blog is a sweet treat! :)
    Wishing you a happy and blessed Sunday...hugs and much love to you!

  3. Beautiful, precious finds, dear Shane; they are real treasures.
    You have created lovely colours with the berries. The colours are so much you!
    Have a blessed new week!

  4. Such beautiful fabrics Shane! The work in these old textiles is incredible. It is so great that you take little pieces and make them into something new! xx

  5. Such pretty finds. Such detail in that blouse. And the dyed laces are really lovely.

  6. Hello Shane, the top is lovely. I love the pretty lace. Wonderful treasures and finds for your book. Beautiful images, have a happy new week ahead!

  7. The baby top is just beautiful as is the other finds. Your dyed lace is very pretty. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  8. Lovely fabric. What are you going to do with it. Are you writing a book? In that case, I hope to hear of your project. Groetjes,

  9. Lovely clothes....

  10. Mixed berries - I never would have thought of that. I've used fruit tea bags before, but never the real berries. It will be fun to see your book!

  11. Mixed berries - I never would have thought of that. I've used fruit tea bags before, but never the real berries. It will be fun to see your book!

  12. Dearest friend, what lovely little treasures! The baby top, oh my, it's precious and so dainty! What a delightful find for you, my friend :) May you have a wonderful and DRY week :) Love and hugs!

  13. That little blouse is the sweetest thing. Just think of the handwork that went into making it. I'm glad you've found it and will treasure it. Dyeing with plants is something that interests me although I've never tried it. Your pieces are so pretty.
    Have a wonderful week, Shane. Summer's on the way!

  14. Dearest Shane,
    This is such a joyful post and I'm very happy to read that you came home with several treasures. Incredible detail in that fine lace work.

  15. Beautiful blouse & lace you have found there Shane. I look forward to seeing your book that you make with it. I adore the shades of your dyed lace - my friend used to dye lace using onion skins to give it a timeworn vintagey look. Have a wonderful week my friend x x x

  16. Oh, you have found some lovely pieces in France, dear Shane. The little baby blouse is exquisite, and handmade is extra special. The idea of making dye from berries is lovely, and what pretty delicate colour you have achieved. It sounds so easy too - I will have to give it a try. Your book will be lovely. Have a great week. xxox

  17. That top looks beautiful Shane! So delicate!

    Wishing you a lovely week!

    Madelief x

  18. Hello Shane!
    I'm so happy that you visited my blog and I found yours! This looks amazing! I really love those old laces and every single of those old pieces of paper. Have a nice week!

  19. Shane, the intricate stitching in that delicate little top is truly exquisite. I believe that you found true treasure there.

    It was interesting also to see the results of your berry-based natural dying. Those variations of the soft colors are so easy on the eye. I think you were also quite lucky in finding the old books.

    It's always enjoyable to visit here and see what you've been doing. Best wishes. xo

  20. Lucky you with the antique discoveries Shane. I'm going to read the part about dyeing lace again as I have a project that could benefit from this. Glad you posted how you did it thanks.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  21. Gorgeous findings~
    How I would love to sit with you and make books with lace, ribbons, and treasures. What fun that would be.

  22. What an adorable top! Too bad that it doesn't come in an adult size. Hee!

  23. A beautiful blouse, it looks so fine and exquisite and also the lace. I love the colour your laces turned out with your dyeing spree. My mother used to be a spinner and weaver and she loved her "dyeing days". She liked to use lichen, onion skins, I think even beetroot. It was amazing to see what colour appeared. Your book that you are going to make looks lovely. I wondered whether to make something like that but wasn't sure where to start. Will go and look at Suzie Q site.

  24. How much detail in the vintage clothing. I love it. Sweet hugs, Diane

  25. I am happy to say that I have some of my mother's baby clothes from 1920. It is such a privilege to be able to conserve these tiny items and perhaps be used again for special moments.

    The dyed bits are exquisite.

  26. What a beautiful little blouse and such a great find Shane. France has the most beautiful brocante.

  27. Such beautiful finds dear Shane, the sweetest top, so gorgeous and delicate, the beautiful broderie Anglaise and the antique papers. And your dye turned out great, beautiful colours. Can't wait to see your fabric book! Thank you sweetie for linking up to my party, I smiled when I saw how early you were, happy to see your enthousiasm :) Seeing how well the suggestion of the party was received by several of my dear blog friends, I decided it will be a weekly party from now on, yay! And also thank you so much for your sweet comment, it was such a joy to read! Sending you hugs and sunny smiles, xx Wen

  28. Oh my word that is simply beautiful. Imagine wearing such a thing. I don't think I could fit it onto me even unbuttoned.

  29. These are just beautiful pieces! I love the way the berry dye worked... A very rich but gentle cast on your pretties...

  30. Hello dear Shane,
    the baby's blouse is simply lovely and so precious. You really lucked out with your treasures.
    Have a lovely day.

  31. Ah, Shane, such prettiness in your finds. They are fancy in their appearance, but simple in their elegance. The dainty work on the baby's blouse and the border is exquisite!

    Hope you get some sunny spring days, soon!


  32. I love the dreamy whites Shane. So pretty and those pieces that you dies are to die for! Gorgeous!

  33. So lovely indeed! I love the dainty little top and delicate work. The dye is such a soft color and it really fits the piece! Beautiful!


  34. This is an amazing post. Like opening a trunk and discover all these goodies and think, and dream, about the delicate hands that worked the items with illusion, hope and love.
    And I love OLD books.
    So much loveliness in a, as you say, gloomy day takes the gloom away.
    Take Care,

  35. Wow, Shane. I would be so terrified to do this to such gorgeous old lace -- but the results were terrific. You are indeed a brave soul -- and one who mastered the technique!

  36. Hi Shane,
    I loved scrolling through your found treasure! I also collect all of these things so this post was particularly interesting to me. The child's blouse is exquisite. I am always amazed at the work that went into the clothing back when.....Such beautiful lace. I would love to try dyeing my own. I have dyed stretch lace for a costume but never for crafting. Must give it a try. Visiting from Roses of Inspiration.

  37. The blouse is just lovely! All of the vintage handiwork is such a beautiful art form. You did an incredible job with the dyes. So soft and not overpowering the textures. I'm intrigued about the book you mentioned. Please tell us more.

  38. What beautiful treasures! Thanks for sharing them with us. Sue

  39. Coming to you from Mosaic Monday, attracted by your lovely textiles, especially the lace. Lucky, beautiful finds.

  40. The baby's top is amazing. The workmanship! WOW

  41. I always marvel at the delicate handiwork in the baby's top...stunning! Great job on dyeing the lace with a natural ingredient!

  42. Dear Shane,
    What sweet fabrics You have shared! I especially love the baby's dress in the first photo. I always admire women who have devoted to making such delicate works.
    Have a happy day.

  43. Beautiful finds. The berry dye job turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. What a great idea!

  44. Such gorgeous work, what an heirloom! Beautiful.

  45. Awww... these are just most delightful finds! I can't wait to see the new fabric books - they will be stunning, I'm sure of it! I'm quite jealous of your finds - I never have any luck finding any vintage markets to indulge in..sigh. Pure joy popping in here today as always! Have a wonderful weekend lovely girl! x

  46. Hi Shane, let me get my hands on that wee dress!
    I used to collect suitcases too, when I was at school in Wellington, had a bunch.
    All gone now. No room in my small cottage.
    Hope all is well in NZ, miss it
    love Lilla

  47. Hello Shane,

    What exquisite items you share with us on this beautiful post. The baby top is magnificent and very nostalgic.


  48. Fabric and lace dyeing is such fun.Your lace dyeing looks so pretty. have ytou tried avocado skins? I have a you tube video ( I found)on my blog at the moment.
    Went thrift shopping and found some treasures too. Isn't it thrilling to find these lovely things!

  49. What a gorgeous vintage baby garment, in great condition, too. Your berry-dyed laces look superb; you've inspired me to try that too. Such pretty pictures...

  50. Hello Shane, what a delightful post, I love the idea of dyeing the fabrics with berries, the baby top is a real find, you could frame such a pretty piece. Thank you for your encouraging comment on my last post, it really cheered me as I felt my posts were a little dull and am not posting so much. :D Betty

  51. How fabulous dying these in lovely berry shades Shane - you are so creative, and I should know!
    Tomorrow I will post on my fabulous gifts from you - been working on it this evening. I truly love everything you sent and thank you yet again.

    Hugs always - Mary

  52. The little pieces bought back from France are charming so delicate and refined, and with that touch of berry juice - parfait

  53. What lovely items you've find and photographed in this post of yours, your blog is truly wonderful and I'm going to follow you with joy!

  54. That is the sweetest little blouse! What wonderful finds! I love coming across these sweet little treasures when I am vintage shopping. Beautiful lace and fabric! I would like to try dyeing some of my laces too. Your book is going to be beautiful!



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