Sunday 9 August 2015

Beautiful memories of our France sojourn 2015...

Stella our middle granddaughter
celebrated her First Communion in the 
12th century Cathédrale Saint-Étienne de Sens.

It was a beautiful ceremony full of old french traditions.

Over the two years since our last visit
Sens Cathedral has had a major restoration.
The exterior of the building has been cleaned
and now highlights the magnificent
Parisian limestone used in construction
during the 12th century.

Following the communion ceremony
we had an enjoyable family lunch at
an old restaurant on the Vanne river.

The girls end of year ballet spectacular
took place in the performing arts theatre.
The two older girls have been learning ballet at the
Conservatoire de Sens for four years,
Jessie 3½ years will start when she turns 4 in January!

As you can see she already has her outfit and ballet slippers!

These were some of the highlights from our France visit!
I'm now back on track, it has taken me a while
to get motivated since arriving home.
I always find it hard leaving my daughter and her family,
the separation leaves a huge hole in my heart....
If you're a regular reader of my blog
I'm sure you have read these words before
and will understand!
I know with Skype I can see their little faces
but nothing beats a real ((hug)).
I'm now back visiting your blogs and catching up on
what you've all been up to!

This week I'm joining
Judith for Mosaic Monday
Stephanie for Roses of Inspiration
The team at Our World Tuesday

Thank you ladies for hosting your fun weekly parties!

 Take care and
be kind to one another

Merci à bientôt



  1. Love that last set of photos! I'm sorry you are so far away from family; at least I'm on the same continent with mine, although too far to drive.

  2. Dear Shane, how happy I was to see your post and to see your beautiful grand children. I understand how you feel with a big hole in your heart when leave. Skype is wonderful but not like a real hug, but it does keep us foremost in their minds.
    love and hugs to you.
    :) on

  3. Wonderful heart warming photo glimpse into your time with your loved ones, Shane. I can just imagine the joy of your visit but how you have that ache now that you are missing them again. I am sure you have many happy memories.

  4. What a wonderful time to be there for the communion and the ballet time, but most of all how wonderful to receive hugs and laughter. I am not sure I could be so far away.

  5. Sweet Shane, I have been thinking of you for the last few days wondering how you were doing :) What a joy to visit your beautiful blog and learn that all is well. And what a precious blessing to spend time with your loved ones. Your photos are simply darling!

    Love and hugs to you!

  6. Oh, so lovely to have you back! You were truly missed...smiles... I know you must be thinking of your precious daughter and her little ones! How special you were able to spend some wonderful time with them...I love all the pretty ballet photographs! And that sweet little one is too adorable for words in her ballet outfit! Aww!
    Blessings to you, dear Shane and much love...

  7. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos with us. Can imagine you miss your daugther and her family..
    Hugs from a sunny Amsterdam
    Erna x

  8. Dear Shane, how wonderful to see your blog again, and what very special pictures you have shared. Congratulations to Stella on her First Communion, in the most amazing cathedral. Also to the two ballerinas on their recital, which you would have enjoyed so much. How cute is the little ballet dancer, ready in the wings:) Totally understand the ache in your heart as you say goodbye once again to your daughter and your beautiful grandchildren. Once again, welcome home, and sending love across the 'ditch'. xox

  9. Hello Shane. So lovely to see you back again after your visit to France and to see that you were able to be part of such precious times in your grand childrens lives.. I know only to well that big hole in your heart when the time comes to leave. Luckily for us Denmark is not that too far away and we do get to see our son & his family more often. Just loved the ballet pictures. thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I've missed you.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  10. A Communion service in France is such a special time. How lovely that you could be there.

  11. A wonderful time and great celebration for you all I am sure! So glad that you enjoyed your visit. Having lived overseas apart from my family - and still having family overseas - I can understand somewhat your heartache at returning home again. Keep the memories in your heart in the meantime. Good to hear from you. xx

  12. Beautiful....:-)It must be so hard to leave :-(

  13. Beautiful pictures of the First Communion of your granddaughter Stella, congratulations. Nice you could be there with her in that beautiful old Cathedral Saint-Etienne de Sens.
    Also nice to see the pictures of the end of year ballet, but now you are home again. I understand you'll miss your family and are already looking forward to see them again.
    Wish you a nice new week!

  14. What a beautiful church for your granddaughter's communion. So happy you had a great trip seeing your family. I know that has to be hard to not see them all the time. Glad you had a great visit. Welcome home.

  15. I know it is so hard being so far away from your family. So glad you were there to celebrate your granddaughters fist communion and to see the others in their ballet recital. Great photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  16. I know it is so hard living so far away from your daughter and her family. It was so nice you were there for your granddaughters first communion. Also that you were able to be at your other granddaughters ballet recital. Great photos. Welcome back. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  17. What a beautiful series of photos - lovely memories, thanks for sharing them with us!

  18. I am so happy for you and your visit. I can completely understand the ache you have. But you are so lucky that you can go visit! I cannot fly so if any of my children move to another country or state or far away I will only see them when they visit me. I raised them to follow their dreams and travel the world yet I hope they remain near. xo

  19. Such pretty pix Shane - your granddaughters are so sweet, and obviously accomplished ballerinas, and I know you had a wonderful, special visit. Love the pic of you too!
    Yes, hard when families are separated by such long distances - but oh how fabulous when we are able to meet up again and enjoy precious time together!

    Glad you're getting back in the groove dear friend - know that takes a while after these long distance trips! Did you bring back anything French and gorgeous to show us?
    Love, Mary

  20. Dear Shane,

    Lovely photo's of your visit to France and your family. You have beautiful granddaughters. Congratulations on your eldest granddaughters communion.

    Have a lovely week ahead!

    Madelief x

  21. Enjoyed seeing the pictures of a special time for you. I know it was wonderful for you to be able to be there for their special events.
    Thanks for sharing.

  22. A very special time for you Shane. Such lovely photos. Welcome home. The spring flowers are starting to bloom. Shirley

  23. Oh Shane, how wonderful that you can be there with these special occasions. I savored each and every photo! TOTALLY beautiful in every way!

  24. Hello Shane, I am glad you were able to visit your daughter and sweet granddaughters for these celebrations. Lovely images from the cathedral and of the 1st Communion. And the little ballerina is adorable. I am sure it takes a while to get back in the groove at home. I enjoyed this post and photos, thanks for sharing your trip! Have a happy week ahead!

  25. This is a lovely post and a lovely blog. Yes I totally understand the feeling of leaving one's family and nothing beats a real hug. Loved your photos.

  26. Such lovely photos of your precious girls, Shane! It is wonderful that you were able to be there for their special occasions. I'm sure it meant so much to them and I know it meant the world to you! Thank you for sharing these tender memories. Hugs xo Karen

  27. Beautiful trip to France, A really wonderful experience.

  28. Oh, Shane, it must have been more than wonderful to visit your family in France! The photos are so happy and beautiful and elegant!
    Having very dear family members living abroad, I too know how the separation leaves an enormous hole in the heart.
    Warm hugs, dear Shane! Take care!

  29. The cathedral is just stunning!

    And those beautiful girls...of course it would be hard to leave them again :(

    I love your photos! : )

  30. Shane what an absolutely fabulous visit to france, the cathedral and to see those precious grandchildren....just blissful!

  31. A beautiful cathedral for one's first communion, so glad you were able to be back in France for these special occasions Shane.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  32. Beautiful collages! I really enjoyed seeing some of the highlights of your visit with your daughter and her family in France. Now I must go looking for more. (No need to visit me, Shane, I'm on a hiatus.)

  33. It's wonderful to come home from such a holiday, but I know a little piece of your heart gets torn out and left behind. I don't have grandchildren at a distance, but hope there will be one day soon. Skype is okay, but just not the same as warm little arms. Hugs to you.

  34. Dearest Shane,
    Oh yes, I do know that stage of emotional transition all too well!
    Last year was my toughest departure as I already knew in my heart that I never again would hug my Mom.
    But after healing the heart we do eventually bounce back and pick up on our daily routine. All that we have left are those treasures of photographs and FOND memories sealed forever inside our hearts.
    So glad you had such a meaningful First Communion in a beautiful medieval Cathedral.
    LOVE those photos and that gateau!

  35. What a beautiful Communion!
    And my daughter is getting ready to move 3 hours away with hubby and son...Heartbreaker!
    I can't imagine being over an ocean away!

  36. Lovely photos and memories to treasure.

  37. I loved these, so, so beautiful, sweet and heart warming. Sad they are so far from you, but these kinds of memories keep them there with you always in your heat. Just a very charming visit to your blog this early morning~

  38. Lovely photos of your darling grand girls. I'm glad you had a wonderful time. You'll be replaying those memories over and over in your mind.
    I've been away, and am catching up on blog posts - so glad to see this one from you.

  39. Bonjour Shane,

    Lovely to see all your wonderful photos of France - welcome back.
    Great to see your beautiful family photos and congratulations on your sweet granddaughter communion.
    The Catherdral is amazing and you must have many special and happy memories of your time with your family.
    Sending love and hugs

  40. What a beautiful cathedral! And your luncheon venue was lovely. It must be very hard to have to leave your family there. Two of our sons are about an 11- hour drive away, and that seems too far. I'm sure the memories you are making together are very precious.



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