Saturday 8 November 2014

Photo Challenge - Trees

Each month I look forward to taking part in
the topic for November is trees.

I have an affinity for trees 
you could even call me a tree hugger!
On my walks I take loads of photos of trees.
The photo above represents
'trees are fun' 
Children playing on it could imagine it
being a pirate ship - what do you think?

Trees can be a window to the sky.

they frame long vistas

and provide beautiful floral displays
 like this glorious Jacaranda.

Thank you Donna for hosting
and providing all the technical info you source for us.

Wishing you all a happy weekend

Take care and
be kind to one another

Merci à bientôt



  1. Gorgeous images Shane especially of that Jacaranda in full flower!
    I personally could not live anywhere
    where I wasn't surrounded by trees!
    Enjoy your Sunday,
    Warm hugs,

  2. Lovely views full of joy and colour! Thank you, Shane!
    What tree is the "framing" one in the third photo?

  3. Belas fotos! Parabéns! Quando eu era criança no quintal da minha casa havia uma pequena arvre que era o meu navio. Viajei muitos mares nos galhos desta arvore.Obrigada por me fazer recordar.
    Um abraço!

    Beautiful photos! Congratulations! When I was a kid in the backyard of my house was a small arvre it was my ship. Traveled many seas in the branches of this arvore.Obrigada for making me remember.

  4. Hi Shane,

    What gorgeous images of the branched beauties in your neck of the woods. I don't think I've ever seen a tree with a trunk so close to the ground, before! You are surrounded by such a magical landscape of leafy lovelies.

    Happy weekend, my friend.


  5. Hi dear Shane,
    I love you second picture, the one that looks like a window. It is so beautiful!

    Many hugs,
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  6. Love that first photo...wouldn't that be every child's dream for a climbing tree.

  7. Love your New Zealand landscapes with trees we don't see over here - especially the jacaranda which I recall seeing also in Aus. In that first pic, the tree appears to have grown downward into the earth, so unusual!

    Hope life is good dear as Spring surounds you - bet you are keeping busy as always. In my post before the tree 'challenge' I shared what is going on with me! Life is always throwing is curves - often most annoying!
    Happy weekend -
    Love and hugs - Mary

  8. What beautiful photos for the trees challenge. I really love that first tree as it is so unique in it's growth. Blessings, Pam

  9. Good day! I agree with you about trees. I think they are great and I love to photograph them too. My grandson has gained an appreciation for trees too, which makes me very happy. One day he said to me, "I can't ever see myself living where there are no trees." I can see his love of trees in his eyes when we are hiking in the forest. It's a great thing.

  10. Oh Yes I feel the same about trees :) I'm browsing Your blog and enjoying Myself. Denise

  11. I am now Your newest follower :) # 593.Please drop on by for a visit with Me any time-Denise

  12. That first tree really is amazing isn't it. xx

  13. Well done Shane, I love taking photo's of trees also. I love the colour of the Jacaranda-just beautiful!

  14. Hello dear Shane,
    I love trees ,too, and the one you found on your tours all are special, especially your "pirate" tree,-lol- and the blooming one is amazingly beautiful, dear.
    Beautiful photoes all, and with a blue wonderful sky !!
    Hope your weekend is good and happy.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  15. There is so much beauty in trees, they are all so different, and many of them forever changing. It is hard to believe just how old some of them are.

  16. Oh I love that first one the most...looks as if one could sit on it without having to climb! :)

  17. Some beautiful trees. Great photos. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  18. Have not seen such a wonderful tree for playing in...low branches and sturdy decks. I don't believe there are Jacaranda trees in my corner; it certainly is a beauty.

  19. What a beautiful assortment of compositions! The first one is quite a specimen, and I would love to play on it even though I am in my 6th decade of life, LOL. The second one showcases trees as a natural "frame" for the sky. Great concept! And the pretty landscapes in the other two photos make me smile with contentment. As always, thank you for joining in, and I'm glad that you look forward to it each month!

  20. You have chosen some wonderful tree pictures for the challenge. I love the flowering Jacaranda tree, which I only once saw in reality on Madeira. Difficult to hug first tree and the vista as a window to the sky is great too.
    Wish you a Happy Sunday!

  21. Wow ! Really gorgeous trees and so amazing views from your beautiful country !
    Have a nice weekend :)

  22. Dearest Shane,
    Wow, LOVE your photos and your philosophy as well. You should have been here at our home as we just this week gave 5 of our tall (HUGE) oak trees, one live oak, a hair cut. They had the lowest, big branches sawed off so there will be more light for shrubs and for the lawn. The bigger and heavier they grow, the lower they come... Not quite like your photo but still!
    We had a black gum tree cut down in front of the house as it caused too many problems with leaves on the tiles patio and clogging the gutter for draining the water away from the home.
    You made me very happy with the Jacaranda tree. We saw them in Johannesburg, South Africa when Pieter lectured there in the 80s. Also in Mexico and in Spain I saw them, as well as in Florida. Wish they would not die here in Georgia... We tried from seeds but lost them to frost. Do they thrive in New Zealand?

  23. How magical is that tree. And I also love the Jacaranda, especially when the flowers carpet the ground with those soft purple petals.

    I would mind being called a tree higher too.

    Have a good weekend.

  24. Wow, Shane! That first tree is amazing! Thanks for the reminder that you are celebrating spring, while we are enjoying autumn. Your spring trees are lovely! :)

    P.S. No apologies needed for not linking up with GTM this month! No obligations ever at my blog! Hugs...

  25. Yes, I would have to sit in that first tree. I love being in a tree and dreaming. The last tree with the blooms is just wonderful.

  26. I love looking up at the sky through the leaves of tall trees! And what a pretty tree with the lavender blooms. Beautiful for the challenge! Hugs!

  27. I'm a tree-hugger, too. Love that first one - children (and adults) would have so much fun playing there. Jacaranda trees remind me of our years in Ecuador. Such amazing color.

    Hope your weekend is relaxing and enjoyable.


  28. O, such beautiful photos of beautiful trees. You really outdid yourself on this challenge...just love your post. I have a post coming up of a grandgirl climbing a tree much like your pirate ship. :)

  29. Your first tree is so welcoming, like a big pair of arms embracing all comers, Shane.
    I love trees too, and it is the highlight of my day to go walking among the trees by the creek. So soothing! xxx

  30. Hi Shane, your tree in photo #1 is soooooo amazing, how could one ever pass it and not take a photo of it, it's wonderful! I have certainly never seen a tree like it. And I really liked your comment about trees as frames... I have some photos with trees as frames that really punch up the drama in a scene, I should have thought to share them for this challenge. Good job! Jackie

  31. I am a tree hugger too Shane and you mentioned some of the reasons why they make me so happy.
    Looking back at the first photo I see a tree that I could actually climb, although very high which would be fine with me.

  32. Oh, the Jacaranda! I whish I had one in my garden. But it is to Cold. Thanks for posting this lovely tree. Groetjes from Holland, Hetty

  33. Wonderful trees and pictures, dear Shane!
    Have a lovely and wonderful new week,
    sending love and hugs and blessings,
    Claudia xo

  34. SO gorgeous! We live in an old house, three years ago, we had to remove the choke cherry tree due to plumbing problems! It was a beautiful flowering tree. Then a few weeks ago the old cottonwood was nearing death. Watching the Tree Man take it down was amazing. It fell beautifully as if he orchestrated it! Which I suppose he did or it would have landed inside my house! Now we have a strange little tree in the backyard reaching for the sky but thin and not attractive at all. Along with it we have five huge pine trees. They have long trunks and many many branches filled with cones. Trees are lots of work but I would love to visit Yosemite before I am too old as those Sequoias are amazing trees. Their roots entertwine so that is why they with stand natural disasters so well. They grow as tall as 379 feet with trunks about 26 feet in diameter. Wow!
    That's mytree story for the say! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photography.



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