Monday, 3 June 2013

A Gift to Inspire....

I received this beautiful
birthday gift,
a hand made fabric and lace book
from my very dear blog friend
Suziqus Threadworks

The beautiful front cover
tells the story about
my love of vintage textiles,
lace, embroidery and flowers

Exquisite details on each page of my book
completely takes my breath away.

Most of you who read my blog
already know Suzy
but those of you who don't
will appreciate a visit to her blog.

Suzy is a textile artist
and a source of inspiration
to all of us who follow her
creative journey.

Thank you dear Suzy
you have given me a gift
I will treasure always.....
and it will be part of my collection
to be handed down to my
in years to come!

Today I'm joining
Mary for Mosaic Monday
Isabelle for Monday Link Party
Claudia for A Favorite Thing
Becky for Blissful Whites Wednesday
Judy for Creative Mondays
Bernideen for Open House Thursdays

À bientôt

be kind to one another


(only 12 days until I fly to France again -
can you imagine how excited I am at 
the thought of being with my grandchildren again)!!!


  1.'s amazing. Will definitely go visit your friend's blog.

  2. my goodness - the book is exquisite! what a wonderful gift, and treasure for daughters and granddaughters. Lovely.
    I am joining you through Mosaic Monday. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Dear Shane,
    Happy Belated Birthday! I was my birthday today! I looked at all your lovely photos your gift and it is so beautiful and then guess what I saw ... one of my little crochet flutter~bys! That is so neat!
    Many hugs
    Karen B. ~ Todolwen

  4. What a beautiful gift -- I could look at it all day!

  5. Dearest Shane,
    While the dessert is in the oven baking for this evening... I can pay you a visit. How sweet of Suzy for creating this for you.
    Enjoy it and have a happy new week. Will host a dinner for 12 tonight... first need to sleep some hours.

  6. What an absolutely beautiful birthday gift, Shane. I would like to fly over to NZ immediately to have a better look at it! I looked at the blog, and her work is truly amazing. I don't even know what to call this craft; I have made crazy patch quilts and have a big collection of vintage lace etc. but this is something special.
    Soooo exciting you are off to France very soon to see the precious grandchildren. xxx

  7. The little book is a treasure. I can imagine you're counting the days until you go to France. (Now we are beginning to plan our trip to Italy we're feeling the same, although it won't be until next month now).

  8. WAW it is soo beautiful - lots of lovely details - how locky you are!!

  9. Shane, have a wonderful time in France with your family.

  10. Oh Shanc, that is a wonderful gift from a truly generous friend. Suzy"s work is exquisite.

    I can't imagine your excitement - I see my grandchildren at least once a fortnight and they often stay with me so I cannot imagine being without them.

    Have a wonderful time and thanks for visiting my blog.

  11. What a beautiful gift, I'm off to check out your friends blog. Sarah x

  12. What a beautiful gift! Suzy has done an exquisite work of love for you. The thimble is the perfect accent.
    I know you will be counting the days until you see the little ones. I think of those sweet slippers you created for Jessie and kindly shared the pattern with us. Have a safe and wonderful trip.

  13. The book is gorgeous Shane. So feminine with lace and vintage photos, the thimble is a nice touch too.
    You'll be in France before you know it!

  14. Shane, that is indeed a lovely and most precious gift from a talented friend.

    You must be so excited and eager to leave for France!

    Thanks os much for joining in this week.


  15. Dear Shane,-
    Such a most amazing gift from our dear Suzy, it is so beatiful , a stunning piece to treasure alwayes!
    How very lucky you are, to have one of Suzy`s very beautiful books!!
    A happy belated birthday to you my friend,
    and a HAPPY tour to France and your loved grandkids! I know you will be in heaven being with them again!!
    Hugs and love,Dorthe

  16. such a gorgeous and touching gift Shane. Suzy does create the most beautiful textile art. A happy belated birthday to you!!

  17. How gorgeous! Suzi's work is amazing to say the least. You are a fabulous artist yourself, Shane. I hold in my hands your work and I'm in awe!

    Back to France, you lucky gal!

  18. That is truly a beautiful book. Fantastic work! Have a wonderful trip to France:) Thanks for leaving nice words in my blog.

  19. Dear Shane,

    First of all, happy belated birthday wishes and may it be a great year ahead. Your gift from Suzy is exquisite and know how happy you must have been to receive this, it is so beautiful.
    Look forward to seeing your photos from you needlework group.
    You must be getting so excited about your trip to see your dear family in France - you will be counting the sleeps!
    I spoke too soon, winter is here today, so wet and different from Saturday which was lovely. Today you just want to stay indoors.
    Happy new week, stay warm

  20. Good morning Dear Shane
    How lovely to display my gift here on your blog. I'm thrilled that it means so much to you - I dearly loved creating each page for you!

    I can only imagine the excitement in your home at the moment with all your plans afoot for France - to be reunited with your daughter and grandchildren is one of the most precious joys of life!
    Sending love and hugs dear friend,

  21. An elegant, beautiful treasure for you to love for many moons. And may you celebrate many, many more moons in your new year! Happy belated birthday!

  22. Wow! What a beautiful gift! Really so lovely. Thanks for sharing on Creative Monday. I am now a Follower of your Blog. Have a great week.

  23. What a lovely, lovely gift from your talented friend. I know you will treasure it.
    Just 12 days until you fly off to France. Lucky lady!

  24. Great that you soon go to France, your grandchildren will be thilled.
    Lovely gift from your blog friend, very beautiful book.
    Hugs to you dear Shane

  25. This is such a work of art. I made lacy ruffled ones like this back in the 80's - they were to many ruffles Victorian in style but now not so stylish as things change - I love yours!!!

  26. Happy Belated Birthday! What a lovely gift. It is a beautiful book! Wishing you a happy week ahead.

  27. so nice! love it! ^^

  28. Shane the book is so beautiful. What a treasure and what interesting discussions future generations will have as they look it over! I also enjoyed seeing the bags your aunt has made. So bright and cheerful. I wonder if she is still making them.

  29. It is a beautiful keepsake. What a special gift and one you'll treasure always! I'm off to look at her blog now! Hugs!

  30. What a beautiful treasure you have received from Suzy. The detail she puts into her art is astounding and I can only imagine how special it must be to have some of her work to pore over whenever you want. A family heirloom for sure! It's fourteen days until we fly away too - can't wait!!

  31. oops - fully intended to wish you a happy (belated) birthday too!!

  32. Dear Shane,
    happy belated Birthday.I just adore the book dear Suzy gifted you with.So exquisite and such a treasure.TFS.Have a wonderful weekend.

  33. So glad you shared at "Open House" as this is lovely. Your header makes me want to look for an old bike for my garden!

  34. Oh my gosh, that is breathtaking, so lovely. What a wonderful gift and dear friend to gift you with such a treasure.

    Happy weekend!

  35. How feminine and sweet. What an absolutely wonderful gift!

  36. Such a lovely gift!

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  37. Hi Shane
    they are beautiful.....
    and do not miss.....


    it is FUN :)
    Håkan ( The Roseman)

  38. What a creative and thoughtful friend to give you such a treasure for a gift!

    Thank you for visiting Botanic Bleu and leaving such a lovely comment. Of course, I am following you, also. We share so much in our love of France. Then when I came over to Roses, Lace and Brocante to visit, I saw that Botanic Bleu is in your blog sidebar. How could I not be friends with you!?


  39. Featuring you tomorrow on my blog and Facebook!

  40. Happy Birthday Shane - I hope you had a happy day!
    Your book from Suzy is a delight - she has created an amazing gift for you, and I can see how it will become a most treasured heirloom.
    I hope you have a wonderful trip to France - I can only imagine just how exciting it will be. And now we get pictures of lovely French things....

  41. What a special and exquisite gift! Suzy's work is so beautiful.

  42. I know you are away and having an awesome time in France with the family. Just stopped by to catch up as I'm back from the recent trip to Japan and Russia - it was fabulous!

    Hope we see you here soon dear Shane - meanwhile enjoy every moment.

    Hugs - Mary

  43. Hi Shane,
    Hoping you are having just the very best time with your family in France! xox

  44. a lovely book from a lovely friend.

  45. Susy is a very special person and I can imagine how you felt receiving one of her beautiful lace books.

    You are right about an heirloom to be left to your grandaughters.




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