Sunday 18 November 2012

The Oyster Inn

The huge cruise ship Celebrity Millenium was in 
Auckland harbour yesterday.
I took this photo as I waited for the ferry to 
Waiheke Island.

It was my friend Jennie's birthday last week and as her nephew
has just opened a new restaurant at Oneroa village on
Waiheke Island, she chose it for the venue to celebrate.
Eight of us caught the ferry, a leisurely trip
of about 40 minutes to the island.

The restaurant has had a complete re-fit 
and been re-named
In my opinion it is now
of world class standard.

The main dining area has a wonderful ambiance
of up-market island beach style.
 Inside it looks rather like a sail loft
with a high ceiling and lovely old roof beams.

tête-à-tête for two maybe?

I ordered Pork Belly with a
Waldorf Slaw - delicious.
I'm sure you can see the crispy crackling
it was so yummy!

Creme caramel was on the dessert menu
it's my favourite and while I know
I should have just ordered coffee,
I didn't
 and yes I savoured every mouthful!!!
(I forgot to take a photo)

A welcoming bowl of fresh flowers

There's quite a nautical feel too with
the chart on the wall and old jars
resembling glass fishing buoys.

The Pearl Room is available for private functions.
If you visit my friend Carolyn's blog
Draffin Bears
you can see inside the room
where she attended a friends birthday dinner
just the night before I was there!!

We had a fabulous long lunch
spread out over several hours
with lots of lively chatter and a few glasses
of Waiheke Chardonnay!

I must tell you there are two of Jennie's
recipes on the menu!
One is a yummy New Zealand dessert called
Rolled Pavlova.
Pavlova is one of our national dishes
and I'll post the recipe for you all

Her second recipe is for
Sponge Kisses
which they have on a blackboard.
This one came from her mother's cook book.
I'll post it too as I can see
it's a little hard to read.
I hope you've enjoyed my little
sojourn on the island!

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to my new followers and thank you
you to everyone for popping in and
leaving such lovely  comments.

Take care and be kind to one another


  1. Owww Shane this is great !!!..have a nice sunday

  2. Hi Shane,

    So glad that you were able to come across to the Island and try out the new Oyster Inn and have lunch with your friends.
    It is a lovely venue and we had a fun night out too.
    One day we will have to meet up for lunch.
    Happy week ahead

  3. The Oyster Inn looks delightful Shane and a nice place to linger for a birthday celebration.
    Thanks for sharing your outing.

  4. Simply gorgeous! The restaurant is beautiful, airy and light-filled. The ocean - oh my! I'm envious.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week.


  5. That is one impressive place and you are right it does look world class and as for that food....Wow! Suzy x

  6. What a super place for a celebration.

  7. Wow that is some ship!!!

    What a lovely place to eat and celebrate. It all looks so clean and simple and the food looks soooo good.

  8. Dearest Shane,
    That indeed looks and sounds like a great restaurant! Love those French Bistro chairs for the perfect tête-à-tête! It is too bad that with so many obese people (at least here...) they are kind of disappearing.
    I have not eaten pork belly since I was a child; Mom always made it for us when we slaughtered a pig. Fond old memories.
    One would think you would have had a chance to meet with Carolyn, coming that close to each other.
    Hugs to you,

  9. Thanks for popping over! The restaurant looks fabulous,and happy you had a lovely time. Time with friends is the best.
    Jane x

  10. That sounds like a wonderful day Shane and such a lovely meal. I think I would have ordered the pork belly and creme caramel too. Fab pictures! xx

  11. Looks like just a wonderful place to celebrate❤

  12. I simply adore Pavlova but didn't realize it was your national dessert! I can't think of a lovelier venue -- it looks simply beautiful (and delicious, too!)

  13. What a wonderful outing. Love the fact that you are showing summery weather and not autumnish, like here.

    We lived in Ecuador for many years and I had an Australian midwife for our middle child's birth. She gave us the recipe for pavlova and it's been a family favourite ever since. YUM!

  14. Oh dear Shane,
    this must have been a very beautiful tour, to the island and the beautiful restaurent serving such delicious disches. UHHMMM it looks wonderful, all- the weather ,too.
    Today here we have a pale sun shining over my lawn, which was totally decked with white frost in the morning-COLD here!
    Hugs and a happy new week to you.

  15. Good morning Shane. Happy to know life is full of Summer fun and friends down under! I know that was a great outing - love the idea of going by ferry across the beautiful water to dine on an island (we did that to have lunch at the Cipriani in Venice). The Oyster Inn is certainly elegant but welcoming - love the Bentwood chairs at the bar and tables and those hanging plants are awesome.

    Have a wonderful week. We're in the midst of raking, blowing mountains of fallen leaves here, trying to tidy the garden before leaving for Christmas in England!

    Hugs - Mary

  16. such a gorgeous restaurant-so elegant and light and airy at the same time- I could linger there for hours...and what a treat to get there with a lovely ferry ride!

  17. You must have had a lovely day. It all looks so nice.

  18. What a beautiful trip to a fantastic place :-))

  19. Yum! It all looks delicious :)

  20. The restaurant looks so elegant and the food looks fine. Must have been a great trip.
    Hugs and love

  21. WOW! That is one beautiful ship!

  22. Everything looks so wonderful, what a great restaurant! Mx

  23. what a pretty place and a great place to visit...I would enjoy going there, that looks very enjoyable

  24. Enjoyed your photographs. Those cruise ships are more like a floating town.

    The Oyster Inn looked good though I do not like oysters!

  25. Oh what a wonderful place to travel to and dine Shane. It looks so fresh and inviting.
    Wish your friends every success for the new venture. Looks like you had the bestest time there and a place to while away the day with such a delicious menu!
    Have had my head down and sewing and gardening and more gardening.
    Hope you are having some nice days at home after your stint at work.
    Love and hugs,



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