Tuesday 25 October 2011


Over the last 8 weeks
New Zealand has hosted the
2011 Rugby World Cup

On Sunday our team
the All Blacks
beat France
in a nail biting final
to become

This is the illustrious trophy
the Webb Ellis Gold Cup.
It will stay in New Zealand
until the next event in
four years time in
LONDON 2015!!

Huge celebrations and
our time to party!!

Auckland celebrated
with a wonderful
ticker tape parade

When the All Blacks
play an international game
it is preceded with
their tradition
(a Maori war dance intended to
frighten the opposition!)

The supporters all entered into
the spirit of the occasion.
Many New Zealand faces were
painted black and white!!

The French supporters
were out in force too!!

It has been a wonderful
8 weeks, with so many
visitors here from all over
the world.
New Zealand enjoyed hosting
everyone who made the
long journey to our
little corner of the world!!

Thank you my dear friends for visiting my blog.
The plaster has now gone - Yea!!!
I will enjoy catching up with you all again very soon.
Be kind to one another


  1. Oh yes, hearty Congrats to new Zealand. You did proud!
    Hope you are feeling better Shane. Love and Hugs'xx

  2. Yeah - NEW ZEALAND - they actually televised that game here last Sunday. I was amazed and watched parts of it, Shane. Thanks to chatting with you, I would have never known.

    xo Rhonda

  3. BIG Congratulations on this history making win ... a nice birthday gift for Kiwi Carole too ;)

    I hope I can find the Haka on YouTube that tradition is just awesome to watch!

    You did such a nice tribute here dear Shane!

  4. Double congratulations - good for your team AND good for you for losing that awful cast. You'll be back to creating soon!

  5. We of course being loyal All Black fans were watching the final at home (as we did all their games!) - my poor husband was almost beside himself with that close finish! And I now have a child wearing a cast - one of my twins tripped outside and fell onto a concrete step breaking her arm just above the elbow. The first of my children ever to break a bone thus ending my 19 year record! She was so brave and I was so proud of her at the hospital. We spent all morning at the fracture clinic this week. Wow, people of all ages in there. Much patience was required in the waiting room which had no magazines and no toy box. It is realigning well and she is booked in to have her wires removed - just happens to be on my birthday. I won't mind if they postpone that appointment! I'm sure you are so ready to have those casts off Shane!

  6. That dance must have worked. :) My girlfriend here who lived in NZ for some time has been sick so I haven't spoken to her since last week. I am sure she was celebrating the victory too. Think I shall guy and see how she is doing. Hope you are well, Shane. have a great new week. Tammy

  7. Hi Shane
    How is that hand and arm going. I bet you are so looking forward to creating again!
    Living with a New Zealander I know just how excited you were over the victory. Once a NZder -
    always a NZder!
    Keep well and happy!
    Love and hugs,

  8. Hi Shane,

    Have just had time to come and visit and was happy to hear that you plaster is now off ~ that is wonderful and in time for summer and the warmer weather.
    Didn't the All Blacks do well, it really was a nail biting game though.
    Wishing you a happy week


  9. Dearest Shane,

    Well there was some excitement for New Zealand lately. But the BEST news is that your cast came off! Hope you are managing well by now and please be careful. We all have to head ourselves as we are not 18 any more...
    Love to you,

    Mraiette's Back to Basics



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