Monday 23 August 2010

Show and tell!!!

At last I've taken some photos of my journal!

Remember a few weeks back I told you about Carole's on-line Journal Class.

It has been such an enjoyable class of learning the basic
techniques of making a journal.

I've found the process very therapeutic and relaxing!!!
Just what I needed having retired in April!

It involved some sewing, so I was re-united with my
sewing machine after a long absence!!
I also got to splash paint, tea and coffee about with gay abandon!!
This is the first of three signatures (pages that make up a book).
Surprise, surprise it has a French theme!!!!!
More to come - sometime soon!

Have a wonderful week dear friends!


  1. What a fabulous journal!! - you get to use your creative talents and include your love for -all things French- I really look forward to seeing more.

  2. Absolutely beautiful work, the journal looks amazing. You must be feeling pretty proud of yourself.
    It must be the weather here,(cold and rainy) but my sewing machine and I have been re-united as well this week. Such a good feeling!
    Take care and can't wait to see your next project.

  3. Gorgeous! Love all the details. I've never tea or coffee stained so would like to give that a try. Learning to sew would be a good thing too. Have a great week. :) Tammy

  4. Love the french theme!! Beautiful! Have a lovely week! xoxo

  5. The journal is beautiful. Wishing I'd taken the course as well now as I know several people who have been doing it and their journals are all so lovely.

    Thanks for visiting me :-)

  6. Love the pages Shane! Special the flower ones :)

  7. Love these pages, they are wonderful, I am so glad you decided to share them. You do quite well with that sewing machine and with Carole as an inspiration, well, what is there to say. xox Corrine

  8. Hi Shane,
    I LOVE your pages and especially the theme.
    I was working on my journal to-night. Isn't Carole's class amazing...I have enjoyed it and seeing what everyone else is doing.
    Yes, teatime to-gether would be so delightful.. Guess it will have to be a cyberspace affair..sigh...
    Now back to work..

  9. Oh how I love your book, that little angel fabric tag is so sweet. Make friends with your sewing machine, it will help you create magic. I lay in bed at night still sewing in my mind.
    I'm following your blog now, I'm so behind in reading everyone's blogs. Take care, Rhonda

  10. Well Shane it is just lovely! It looks like it has been so fun to make! Thanks for sharing! Look forward to seeing more!

  11. oooo SO very lovely your pages are Shane!
    You must be thrilled with how they are turning out!
    paper and fabric go so nicely together, don't they!

  12. lovely lovely lovely. It's been a great class hasn't it ?
    No I didn't join in the swap. The old leather baby shoes were my grandmothers. I keep them in my jewellery box. I sould display them really. I love them

  13. So lovely ... and so romantic!


  14. Bonjour Shane
    Thank you so very much for coming over to my little blog. I totally agree with you about the previous life theory(smile). I love, love things about French.
    Oh. Your journal is so adorable. It will be so fashionable to carry one in my big bag for all the inpiration.

    Julie in Mel xx

  15. Ahhhh - beautiful. You might like a peak at my latest Paris book creation since you like french things :-)

  16. PS thank you for your lovely comments about my journal. I don't have gesso just use PVA glue & dilute it to wash over the tissue. It dries shiny & transparent.
    Haven't got much in the way of equipmet - no scanner & a very old printer but I did enjoy trying the TAP paper. xx

  17. What a beautiful blog! Thank you for stopping
    by Flora Doora and becoming a follower!

    Flora Doora

  18. Hi Shane,

    I love your pretty journal and what fun you must have had, making it. The French theme is fabulous.

    Happy weekend

  19. What a beautiful journal...thanks for coming by and signing up for my giveaway!


  20. amazing journal!
    check out my giveaway!

  21. Beautiful journal, I love everything about it so pretty and feminine.
    thank you for popping over to see me, it is great to have you as a new friend and follower.
    I'll be dropping by often,
    Best wishes,

  22. Hi!
    It is so nice to meet you; looks as if we have more in common than our blog lay-outs, and Irish ancestry...we love Mary Green's work as well as journals!
    Your journal is lovely; I need to make time to begin my own. So you enjoyed the online class on journal making? I am going to have to find one of those myself.
    I am looking into the book "Trinity" you mentioned on my history blog, I'm looking forward to reading that as well.
    Thank you for following both of my blogs. I am now following you now and I am looking forward to more great posts from you!

    Have a super day,
    Lisa Bass

  23. Oh my! if you listen carefully you'll hear me squealing with delight in Switzy!! love, love love your journal, totally fab! Great textures and super combination of your images! Margaret

  24. What a serene hobby - beautiful materials and on a dainty scale. A lovely vintage chic look!

  25. Love these pages ,they are so romantic !

  26. That burlap pocket is a really nice page!

  27. I love the lace in your book (it's the GOOD stuff!) I am only just today starting Carole's class. Good thing she has it available indefinitely! I am excited to do what everyone else has been doing for a month or more already!

  28. These are gorgeous Shane! I really like the French theme and especially the roses.



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