Sunday, 29 August 2010


A very exciting parcel
arrived last week!!
When I saw the Honolulu postmark

my heart skipped a beat....

Recently I ordered a bundle of estate linen and lace
from Just Lilla.
It included Cluny lace, Reticella, both bobbin and needle lace
and Swiss eyelet lace - all pre 1940.....

just look at this beautiful label - I love Lilla's eye for detail
Inside the bag were these treasures......
Old linen and lace from France and Belgium....
I ask you what more could a girl want....

My favourite piece - a very fine, delicate doilly and
I wonder whose clever hands made it

Thank you Lilla - as always I'm more than delighted
with my purchase from you!

To see more of Lilla's artistic creations visit her etsy here.


  1. How absolutely exquisite - to be in the posession of beautiful old french lace would be very special. Lilla has done well!!

  2. What a wonderful collection of little lace treasures! It does make you want to know more about the people who created these lovelies. I can't wait to see your new creations!

  3. Love all your wonderful collection of lace treasures and you do wonder who spent long hours working on the gorgeous creations.
    My heart skips a beat when I get packages in the mail like this too.
    Thanks for visiting me and yes, with all the rain we are having here, wished I was back on holiday again.

    Enjoy your week

  4. Wow it is all so beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  5. How lovely,they remind me of the pieces we sometimes find at our French brocantes. Sadly they are usually snapped up by dealers now, who know the value!

  6. Gorgeous! I am sure you will do wonderful things with all. Best wishes, Tammy

  7. Ooh, lovely stuff for you to create with. And the bag it came in is special too. Looking forward to what you make...xox Corrine

  8. I tried very hard not to drool on your lovely new treasures ... oh be still my heart ... bits of lace and linen like that are really special to me too!
    You are a very good shopper Shane!

  9. Lucky you, I saw that bundle and loved it all.
    Isn't Lilla's work devine? She is such an inspiration, her talent surpasses all others.

  10. So beautiful! There is a little gift store in my town which you would love Shane which sells the most exquisite tea towels and linens which the owner sources from Europe. Can I also add here that I thought your journal was wonderful - I am very drawn to this type of craft which embellishes to create something so unique and beautiful.

  11. How beautiful I love vintage french laces... so romantic!
    Enjoy your treasures!


  12. just gorgeous!! what lovely pieces and I cannot wait to see what you do with it!!

  13. Be still my heart, I love all of it, especially the delicate doily :)

  14. Beautiful bundle! There's nothing like working with fine materials, is there?

  15. Been away on a little vacation again and I've missed so much! Do stop by my book blog -- (link from the Gypsy) -- my giveaway is a Peter Mayle book set in France! Deadline to enter is tonight (Fri.), midnight!



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