Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Beauty to lift the Spirits

Another beautiful cup that belonged to my
darling mother
sadly this one is an orphan
I don't know what happened to the saucer!

I won the beautiful decorated burlap sac
in a giveaway by
Merci mon ami!

By pairing the sweet cup with my
Spode Camille saucer and plate
I think I have a match made in Heaven
what do you think?

Our family still feels anxious with 
the recent happenings in Paris
so I felt the need for some beauty
to lift my heart and spirits today

I am focusing on the beauty in the world
....my beautiful family and my love for them
....focusing too on our amazing planet
made for us by our Creator
Who has an unending abundance of love for
each and every one of us.


Thank you all for your recent encouraging comments


to my lovely new followers
it is so good  to have you here
thank you for being part of my blog

I'm linking to 
Stephanie for Roses of Inspiration
Bernideen for Friends Sharing Tea
Sandi for Tea Time Tuesday

Take care and
be kind to one another

Merci à bientôt



  1. I think your orphan tea cup goes beautifully with that spode camille saucer. The blue trim on the tea cup brings it all together nicely.

    My prayers are with you.

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. I pray your family will always be safe en France dear Shane. My brother and his wife were in Paris this past weekend and I was extremely nervous for them! The world is getting so complicated and quite frightening at times - I know how hard it is for you, like me, when loved ones are so far away.

    Your china is beautiful and what is that lovely cookie (biscuit) with a wheat design perhaps?

    Hope this new year will be happy, healthy and that you don't work so hard my dear! Stay well - thinking of you.
    Love, Mary

  3. Thanks for sharing something pretty on what for me is a sad day, compounded by bitter cold. This is so very warm and inviting!

  4. Hello Shane, just playing catch up on your recent posts. Your cup today is just beautiful (as all your china is) & I think its just gorgeous paired with that saucer. I agree with you, we need to focus on the beauty with all these tragic happenings in the world today. Sending hugs to you Shane x0x0

  5. Dearest Shane, I think your orphan tea cup has found a perfect mate - the saucer looks lovely with it. Thank you, sweet friend, for always sharing beauty in your words and photos.

    Love and hugs to you!

  6. Lovely post and beautiful photos, Shane. Keep finding that beauty - hoping all is well for your family.x

  7. Focusing on the beauty helps all of us. But I find myself silenced by the tragic loss in Paris. Praying for peace is all I know to do.

  8. Dearest Shane,
    Love your photos; great color composition and yes, that saucer goes perfect with your orphan cup!
    Life is a scary thing at times, we never know where one can be safe at times.
    Sending you blessings and also for your loved ones!

  9. Dear Shane,m
    My prayers are with you and your family. Focusing on the beauty in life is such a positive, lovely thing to do. Your tea cup from your dear mom is so gorgeous and yes, you've found the perfect saucer. Hugs sent to you!

  10. Hi Shane,
    what a beautiful tea cup!
    I love your photos and your words..so wonderfuö!
    HAve a wonderful week,
    sending Love and hugs,

  11. Wow! I have never seen a cup decorated like this on the inside. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  12. Dear Shane,

    the cup is as beautiful as your mum was. Very unique. Place a little candle in the cup an it will get a special glow. I love China as well, my favourite is Real Old Willow.

    All the best for you and your family in wonderful France,

    luv Babs

  13. Such a pretty cup! I hope that one day you can find a saucer to go with it, although your harlequin pairing is very nice too! xx

  14. So beautiful.. Love your cups and so wondeeful that they are your Mama's.. xo

  15. Beautiful thoughts to go with a beautiful cup. Yes, it looks perfect with the saucer you have chosen. As we know in life, there is beauty in imperfection and not everything matches just perfectly. Yes, look for beauty, thank you for the reminder. If we keep our eyes open we can see it in so many places.

  16. It is so nice to meet you at Tea Cup Tuesday. You are right. Your set is lovely. I like it so much, that I simply had to pin it to my Tea Cup Tuesday Pinterest Board, linking directly to your blog post. It was is so nice sharing Tea Cup Tuesday with you. My blog is marywaldsvintageplace.blogspot.com stop by for tea cup fun, and say "hi".

  17. Oh so pretty, Shane! I never, ever met you, and yet you came to visit me, on my last post. I thank you so much. I will still be in Blogland visiting others, and I will not be deleting my blog. It is kind of you all to come to say goodbye, but I hope that instead of ADIEU, it's only, A BIENTÔT! Blessings, Anita

  18. The cup and saucer are very beautiful!

  19. These would be wonderful to sip coffee and tea out of :)

  20. The saucer you put with your mother's teacup does make them a pretty pair.
    I know how concerned you must be for your family and I hope the situation in France is under control now.

  21. That teacup is so pretty and special. It will make any saucer look grander because of it.

  22. It's a beautiful tea cup. It's good to dwell on the beauty that we're fortunate to encounter all around us. Every blessing dear Shane. May you and your family know peace of mind at this time.

  23. I think your gorgeous tea cup and saucer are a perfect match! Beautiful post -love the Rumi photo/quote.

  24. Hello Shane,
    We here in Canada have been shocked and saddened by what happened in Paris. Tragic as it has been, I agree with you, it is good to focus on the beauty around us and enjoy what God has blessed us with. Prayers going your way.
    I love the marriage between your pretty cup and the Spode saucer. Mis-matched china always makes a charming statement. So glad you have joined me for tea today and I wish you a lovely week.


  25. Thanks for sharing this lovely post with us. I too try to look for the beauty in things and not dwell on the ugly things that go on in this world. Prayers are still with you and your family in France. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  26. Your cup and saucer complement each other so very beautifully.

    Thank you also to the inspiring words reminding us of the goodness that our world contains and which each of may add to.


  27. I love your china :-)
    One day at the time, Shane....

  28. A very special and very beautiful cup!
    We will never understand why some choose not to look for beauty and goodness. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those in France and Paris.

  29. Beautiful post Shane! I love your orphaned teacup and I also have one that was my mothers....it's so delicate you can almost see through it. We do need to think on positive thoughts and hope for peace. Blessings. Pamela

  30. Beautiful things and a lovely post - that I've needed today much more. Thank you.

  31. Your cup is a little treasure, and such a pretty design. You certainly know how to share beauty. Such lovely pictures.

  32. What a wonderful post Shane and it shows others how to blend things together and enjoy them! Americans feel terrible about what happened in France and we are embarrassed that our President didn't go as a sign of support!

  33. Dear Shane, a lovely combination! In a tea shopnearby they serve tea always in different cups and saucers. I like that. Makes drinking tea more hip! Groetjes, Hetty

  34. I love this post. So often we forget to focus on the beauty, don't we.

  35. Your mother's cup is very special, as well as beautiful, Shane, and you have paired it very well with the blue saucer/plate. I like your theme: focus on the beauty. There is much sadness around the world right now. xx

  36. I love that Shane..."focus on the beauty"...that is what we ALL should do isn't it? The orphaned tea cup is absolutely exquisite!

  37. Orphaned pieces that come together such as yours almost seem as if they were never apart. A wonderful mix and match to each other, and not to make light of your mothers piece pasted down, I happen to love how you teamed them up. I once lived with many odd pieces of family heirlooms much like this, I bring them out to serve in on special occasions.
    Nice to see that this cup means so much to you.

    Beautiful posting.
    I too love all things French.


  38. I love your teacup from your mom and the saucer is so pretty. I hope your family will be safe and it's just so sad what happened in Paris. Take care.

  39. I am visiting from Pam's this morning where she has featured her win of your giveaway. So thoughtful and lovely, Shane! And here you are featuring your win! Very nice one it is and, yes, a delightful match.

    Love to you at this time when the world feels so unsettled and scary. God has everything under control. Thank you for the encouragements to look for the good and the beautiful.

  40. I found my way here from playingwithmycamera, Pam's site. I also see you are participating in the Grow your blog event 2015, as I am. Your orphan teacup is beautiful and a treasure to have. Paris is a city I would love to visit.

  41. Such beauty and elegance in your photos and calming eloquence in your words, sweet Shane. I, too, know what it's like to be far away from loved ones. Praying for peace and safety, as our world is becoming more and more perilous.

    Wishing you a wonderfully pleasant weekend, my friend.


  42. It's a lovely cup and a beautiful post :)

  43. What a beautiful blog, and such a lovely tea cup! This is my first time here, through Stephanie's link up.

  44. Yes, focusing on the beauty is what helps us along the way. Love the orphan teacup too.

  45. Beautiful Shane. We all need more beauty in our lives...Love your "marriage" teaset...as it's called...for obvious reasons indeed! Lovey post! Back from break with a feeling-better-Honey!
    Thanks for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  46. Oh, I loved this post. The tea cup that belonged to your mother is gorgeous. Tea time is one of my favorite things, and I'm drinking tea right now in a cup from Poland. It's so nice to hear that you are thinking of all the beauty in the world.....and appreciating it all.


  47. Love this Rumi quote and photo is awesome



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