Monday, 15 September 2014

Mosaic Monday and Around the World Blog Hop

Photos taken on our trips to France over the years.

I have been invited by my friend Barbara of

to take part in this

"Around the World Blog Hop".

Barbara and I became friends earlier in the year through 
another blog party.
I was delighted to see a blogger from France taking part!
It's no secret I am enamoured with all things french -
one could even think it was fate 
that brought Barbara and I together!

Barbara's blog is about everything I enjoy and then some.
She gardens, is a very talented artist
and has a beautiful gîte for rent on her property!

If you are planning a trip to France contact Barbara!

Please pop over to her blog and say hello
she would love to meet you!

Chateau d'Ancy, A village lavoir, A gate bell, Chateau Fontainebleu.

As part of this blog hop I have four questions to answer!

1. How does my writing/creative process work?

Because I've joined several weekly blog parties
my posts relate to the topic or genre of the party.
Every Monday I join Judith of Lavender Cottage
for her party, Mosaic Monday.
I enjoy photography, editing photos and making mosaics.

I also join Donna's "A Personal Photo Challenge"
once a month.
Donna gives us a topic and provides tips and advice
on helping us to meet her challenges.
It's great fun and a good way to learn more
about taking good photos.

Photo taken by me of my granddaughter skipping up the steps at Fontainebleu Chateau - France!

2. Why do I create what I do?

Very simple - mostly for my granddaughters.
I enjoy creating and making things for them
so they have a little piece of me with them in France.

On my side bar there is a photo of a
Nursery Rhymes boardbook I made for my eldest
granddaughter when she was two!
It's been read and played with by three little ones now
so it is getting a little tatty!
I've always enjoyed creating things.

3. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I don't really think of my blog as having a particular genre!
Four years ago I started blogging 
because my daughter was living in France
 this was a way of keeping
in touch with each other.

My posts are usually photo heavy with limited writing.
I'm always aware that we have a small
window of opportunity to grab the reader's interest.
There are so many amazing blogs out there
and we are all like butterflies
flitting from one blog to another to see
what everyone is up to
while we sip our morning cup of tea or coffee!

4. What am I working on now?

I have several projects on the go including
an on-line class of Nellie Wortman.
I'm making a fabric and lace book
about my mother.

I'm also finishing a Miss Maggie Rabbit
a pattern I bought on-line from Posy Gets Cozy.
It's a Christmas present for my youngest granddaughter, 

I have always had an interest in patchwork
and I have joined a class at my local patchwork shop
Patchwork Passion on English Paper Piecing.
I'm making a Brigitte Giblin pattern
of a little hexi bag!

(My cousin made the bag on the left - I'm making the same one)

I'm hoping you're still with me because.......

now it's time to introduce you to 
two other New Zealand bloggers
I would like you to meet!

has been blogging since 2007.
She has a beautiful blog and writes it
from her home on Waiheke Island.
Carolyn's was one of the first blogs I joined
and we both say we will meet up one day!

If you're a teddy bear lover then you are in for a treat
as she makes exquisite bears and this one is called
Miss Emmanuelle Avatar!

My second New Zealand blogger is

Julie lives on a farm and has a large country garden.
She also has a cottage in her garden full of
tempting goodies she has made!
From angels to gollywogs and much, much more...
she has an amazing talent with needle and thread and
this is what I won in her Giveaway a while back.

I also invited my dearest friend Dagmar of  Studio D
to join us - she accepted with great excitement

even though she is due
to leave on a cruise in a couple of weeks.
However, she has since had to decline due to
family circumstances beyond her control.
Please pop over and meet Dagmar
you will love her blog
it's full of colour and joie de vivre!
She is one of the sweetest people I know.

Thank you Barbara for inviting me to take part
and thank you to both Carolyn and Julie
for bravely accepting my invitation!

They will be posting on Monday 22nd September.

I'm sorry you couldn't make it Dagmar
if you would like to join in later
that would be great too!

I'm joining Judith for Mosaic Monday
please pop over and see what everyone's
posting today - we would love you to join us!
If you need help with making mosaics
I'm only too happy to help.

Merci à bientôt
be kind to one another!

♥ Shane 


  1. i enjoyed this, Shane, reading more about you and seeing your lovely collages (and your creations!) I know your heart is in France and I hope you can visit again soon.

  2. Blog hops are good in that readers get to learn more about you. I enjoyed the mosaic of France and the crafts you are interested in and make.
    It was kind of you to introduce a couple of other bloggers from NZ, I'll be visiting to say hello.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday Shane and permitting me to share the parcel from you with the others.

  3. Lovely post, Shane! Your blogging is a wonderful way to keep in touch with your family thru your gorgeous photos.. Thanks for sharing the links of your blogging friends. I will check them out..Enjoy your new week!

  4. Your granddaughters are lovely, and I enjoyed reading about you per the blog hop questions. Have a wonderful week, Shane!

  5. I enjoyed this very much / love that hexie bag ! : ) I am going to come back and visit your friends ...when i have a bit more time ( have a grandson arriving just now ! :)

  6. Wonderful post, Shane. So much fun to learn more about you. I love those purses! All your photos are gorgeous and fun! Oh, boy...more blogs to check out! Thank you (I think)! ;) Happy Mosaic Monday!

  7. I love reading about your blog and enjoy your photos and crafts.
    Gorgeous bag you are working on, and your picture books are a treasure for your beautiful grandkids!

  8. Shane, thank you for the sweet sweet comment on your was a pleasure reading about your process and if and when I have wifi I will follow along and hopefully in the very near future I will be able to be part of it. I will go and say hello to the other bloggers in your post.
    Happiness and joy to you, dear Shane! Xo

  9. A gorgeous post Shane, my heart skipped a beat at your birdnest photo too!! I enjoyed reading all this about you - it kind of gives us an insight into the blogger a bit more. I hope I can do as good a job as you my friend. Have a lovely week x0x0

  10. A wonderful idea the blog hop...and your memories of France are wonderful especially the color themed one...and I love the purses you are creating...

  11. Dearest Shane,
    Lovely photos from lovely people; connected by love across the thousands of miles... Know that feeling too well!
    Sending you hugs,

  12. Wonderful shots. You have a great set of blogger friends.

  13. Hello dear Shane,
    such a lovely post and wonderful pictures! It was so nice to read and see! Thank you! Thank you also for introducing those wonderful Blogs from NZ, Carolyn and I, we know us since many many years :O) and the others I know will visiti too and say Hello :O)
    Wishing you a wonderful new week and I am looking foroward to visit you again on your wonderful Blog!
    Love and hugs,

  14. Dear Shane,

    Always love seeing your wonderful photos and mosaics and visiting you and your lovely blog.
    Really do hope we will be able to catch up one day.
    Many thanks for inviting me to take part in the blog hop - looking forward to it and already I have met some new friends, from it.
    Wishing you a wonderful week

  15. Those shots are amazing! And those macrons look incredibly yummy :)

  16. ♥Hello my dear friend! so lovely and beautiful post, thanks for this! Happy Monday! xxx Riitta

  17. Shane - your post was simply lovely. Your bags are gorgeous. Looks like you are certainly one busy gal. Am going to go visit your three ladies that you tagged. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your three questions. Have a wonderful day.

  18. I always enjoy these kinds of posts. It's fun to see what goes on behind your creativity! And you are most certainly one of the most creative I know!

  19. What a lovely post Shane. I love your French photo's. I could see right away that they were from France.I love that country too. I will be going to your friends blogs later in the evening, first I have to visit my visiters.
    Have a nic e week.

  20. Hi Shane,
    This was an interesting post, a way to get to know you a little better. Blog hops are wonderful that way. I enjoyed seeing your mosaics too and am visiting from Judith's party. Thanks for sharing about yourself, your family, and your ideas. Have a lovely day.


  21. You made a lovely post of the around the world blog hop Shane! I enjoyed reading more about you. You are a really talented lady.

    I enjoyed seeing the photo's of you and your husband and your family in France too.

    Wishing you a Happy week!

    Madelief x

  22. I so enjoyed this post, Shane - it's a wonderful way to learn a little bit more about you. That photo of your daughter at Fontainebleu is really amazing and frame-worthy. I admired it when you first posted it and am admiring it again.

  23. Wow, this post was a visual treat and chock-full of information. Thank you so much for giving a plug about my little photo blog! That remember that photo of your granddaughter very well and it is one of my favorites from the various challenges. It's magical! I will have to check out the blog of the gal who makes teddy bears. I've collected many artisan bears over the years, including one HUGE fellow who sits on a chair in our dining room. LOL...

  24. How lovely to get to know you! It think it's so nice that each day your have a nice post to share. I'll come back! Have a wonderful week! Vanessa ~

  25. I have also enjoyed this post and getting to know you more. I love that you have made or are making books for your little grand daughters. I am working on one for my grand son, but don't think it will be ready this year. Love the patchwork and your photos are always wonderful. Online classes, how fun! I haven't done that much, but just signed up for one for the month of October on Photography and meditation. Life online is special and you make it more special by being here.

  26. Wow! You are amazing. Thanks for all the eye candy. Blessings, Martha

  27. Wow one treasure after the other. You are an amazing artist. The fairy tale like castle photos from France, The gorgeous flowers. The beautiful book you made for your grand daughter is amazing and that photo of your grand daughter on the steps is sublime. So much atmosphere and it tells a whole story. I'll check out the NZ blogs Really enjoyed your post Shane

  28. I always admire your photos so much and this post was an interesting read, I've seen a few of these Around the World bloghop posts lately and am enjoying them a lot :-)

  29. Fun post! I enjoyed reading more about you. I love that you create for your granddaughters - they are beautiful!

  30. Hi Shane,
    It was so nice to know more about you through the blog tour. I especially loved seeing the beautiful purses you are making. They are so unique and colorful! I would love to visit the other ladies that will be touring next. Blessings to you!

  31. Hi Shane, So nice to meet you too. My parents loved New Zealand on their travels I so enjoyed reading your post and your grandchildren are beautiful. We seem to like the same things and I have signed up for your posts. Your photos are lovely. I have been having computer trouble so was unable to post what photos I wanted in my post. Hope to clear it up soon. I am off to visit your two ladies. Sharon

  32. I so enjoyed this post, Shane - so many lovely images and dear family photos! It is so nice to learn a bit more about you and your creative process and why you blog. It is hard to live far from family and that is why I blog, too - to connect with my extended family 3000 miles away. I am going to see them in just 3 weeks and am so excited - a wedding, too! You have a talent for sharing the beauty of life around you and I am so glad to have 'met' you! I will be sure to visit your dear friends in New Zealand, too. Wishing you a very lovely week. Hugs xo Karen

  33. Shane,
    Stephanie is having her teacup exchange and I promised myself that I would let you know when the next one was.
    Here's the link:

  34. Hello Shane,

    Love what I learnt about you today on the blog hop. I came via Julie.The created books are amazing, so much detail in each page. You must get some lovely comments when you are out with your bags.

    Happy days.

  35. This is such a beautiful all the answers....
    and those purses/bags are to die for.

  36. Oh my, dear Shane, what a most beautiful post in so many wayes. Your wonderful photoes showing some life situations, your beautiful creations, and the introdusing to sweet friends. I already know dear Carolyn, and have blogged with her for many years... but Julie, I have not met, and will go visit her.
    Thank you for a lovely post, dear.
    Hugs from Dorthe

  37. Beautiful photos. And lovely to see what you are creating. I do hope you and Carolyn can meet up one day. Make it happen! Best wishes, Tammy

  38. Hi Shane,

    Well, I'm back from my mini getaway, and was looking forward to your more personal post as part of the blog hop, upon my return. Such a beautiful array of mosaics, all aglow with gorgeous places, crafts and family members. You are truly blessed, my friend, and I enjoy visiting your pretty blog for all its wonderful whimsy and friendly vibe.

    Have a great week!


  39. I enjoyed learning more about you Shane. I love all of your creativity and photos. I've never been to France but hope to get there someday!

  40. Fabulous post, Shane - loved reading it - your pics are always so beautiful :)



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