Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Gathering the Moments - August 2014

August was a very busy month working....
but a quiet one in other ways
with some enjoyable weekend moments to remember.
We had some of our coldest winter days
so there were many weekend days
staying at home and keeping warm
and enjoying hot soups and hearty casseroles!

A special photo arrived from my family in France
lighting candles for us in Church.

We enjoyed several meals with friends
to watch the All Black vs The Wallabies
Bledisloe Cup rugby games.
Yea!!! The New Zealand All Blacks have retained the cup
for the 12th year in a row! 
We're so proud of our team!

For a long time now I've been interested in 
patchwork and quilting.
This month I had my first class
with Robyn the owner of Patchwork Passion.
Now I'm hooked on English Paper Piecing! 

I'm joining Cheryl of Thinking about Home for

Thinking About Home

Thank you Cheryl for hosting
I always look forward to seeing what you
and others have been up to during the month.
I'm sorry I'm arriving late to your party.

Thank you to my dear friends who visit
I'm trying to visit you over the week.

Take care and
be kind to one another

Merci à bientôt

Shane x


  1. This is such a nice way of looking back at the month! I would like to do this some time, too! Love the colors of the quilt fabric! Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. What lovely girls.
    I will watch your patchwork with interest. The fabric looks very pretty.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the class :) have a great evening!

  4. A lovely collage of beautiful pics to round off your month, thanks for sharing it and congrats to your All Blacks team too ;-) I hope Spring is starting to arrive in your part of the world, we're enjoying some lovely late summer sunshine here this week.
    Have a lovely week, xx

  5. Dear Shane,

    Love the photo of your sweet granddaughters lighting the candles.
    How fun taking the patchwork class and look forward to seeing what you make
    Yes, was a cold winter but spring is on its way and will be looking forward to warmer days ahead.
    Hope you are enjoying the week

  6. Hello Shane, I always love your gathering the moments posts. Your photos are especially beautiful. Yes August did have some of the coldest days here too, but it went by in the blink of an eye. My friend Shirley often visits Patchwork Passion when she is in Auckland & tells me it is a beautiful shop. I hope you enjoy your patchworking. x0x0

  7. IT looks like a good month and I'm glad you included those times of quiet as we need those, don't we? I look forward to hot soup and stews as fall comes, but right now it's about the hottest it's been all summer. Your new paper hobby looks interesting.

  8. Dearest Shane,
    What a lovely photos from your family in France, lighting candles for you at Church. That is double warmth...
    Sharing food is another fun thing to nourish friendships.
    Sending you hugs,

  9. Lovely photos and a great post. Have a blessed evening. Madeline

  10. Believe it or not, Shane, I am looking forward to the days of hot soups and hearty casseroles! It has been the loveliest of summers this year in the eastern US, but it seems that summer is going out with a bang...with heat and oppressive humidity.

    Glad to hear and see that you have been enjoying some of life's simple pleasures! It will be fun to see some of your quilting projects.

    I know you miss your granddaughters. They have such sweet faces.

    No worries about being late to the party! (I was almost last myself this month!) I'm just glad to see you here!

  11. Lovely summary!
    Lighted candles oh so special.
    Meals with friends.
    Walking the dog.
    all a delight!

  12. One day we will get the cup back not sure if this will happen in my lifetime.

  13. Lovely reminisces of your month of August. Sweet photos. I love your fabric selections for your patchwork class. I tried paper piecing once for a table runner and I was happily surprised at how nice it came out. I gave it to my Dear Mom. Enjoy your week. xo Karen

  14. Hello dear Shane,
    what a beautiful photo of your two dear grandkids , it is such a beautiful thing to lighting candles for dear ones !
    Here we goes to autumn, but still with a lovely weather, -but also cozy inside with creating. I wish you many happy hours with your patchwork.

  15. Beautiful photos Shane. How great you enjoyed your patchwork class - yes, epp is VERY addictive!

  16. Lovely photos! Must admit to being curious about the cake (?) it lemon? It looks very yummy anyway.

  17. Your August looks and must have smelled and tasted divine! I didn't realize there was an August link party! My current post is on August but it was by accident! Lovely photos!

  18. Beautiful posting as always.
    Blessings I love all you share.


  19. Dear Shane,

    Such lovely photos to remember the month by; the girls are darling. How interesting that you have started a patchwork class; sounds like you've been wanting to do this for a while. Enjoy the month of September and happy quilting!


  20. Bon soir . J'adore les Tissus rassemblé en Patchwork,on peut faire de jolis Tableaux ou couvertures. Elles sont belles les petites filles avec les Cierges. Doux week end.
    Bisous de la Sologne.

  21. How sweet that your family in France were lighting some candles for you! It looks like you had a positively delightful month. I had to giggle about you getting hooked on English paper piecing. It is quite addictive and it's so easy to work on it while watching tv.

    I want to thank you SO MUCH for the beautiful card that you sent us, showcasing artwork of Auckland. All the way from New Zealand! And I was so happy to see that you included a Hobbit stamp with Gandalf! We live at a self-proclaimed cottage called Grey Havens, so it's no secret that we are big Lord of the Rings fans. Your kind gesture of friendship deeply touched us! And it came at a good time too because it has been a roller coaster kind of week. Thank you, my dear faraway friend!



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