Monday, 1 September 2014

Delft Blue Miniatures

I have a a small collection of Delft Blue
miniature dutch houses
sitting on the window sill on the staircase landing.

KLM Dutch Airline gave these as gifts on international flights.
I love the architecture of these beautiful old houses,
the detail is wonderful.

Underneath the markings are
Blue Delft's
exclusively made 
for KLM by
Amsterdam 1575.
Bols is an alcoholic distillery and claims to be
the oldest distillery brand in the world!
(I should have photographed the underneath - I know)
Maybe my friend Madelief can tell us more about it!

I'm joining Judith for Mosaic Monday
we would love you to join in with your mosaic photos.
I used the online photo editor Be Funky

Thank you all for your visits and comments
Take care and
be kind to one another

Merci à bientôt



  1. The Delft Blue houses are quaint and look sweet on your window ledge. I can't imagine getting a gift from an airline - that would have been nice.
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday.

  2. Yeah ...Holland is great ...!....we have delft blue....!!! Ria...x!

  3. Very nice collection. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  4. Shane, Your Delft houses are adorable. I like Delft and live close to a Dutch community where they truly celebrate their heritage in many ways.

  5. Lovely Delft blue houses and I love the floral postcard collage.

  6. Nice remembrance of a trip. Pretty mosaics.

  7. They are sweet little buildings.

  8. I have those houses! And also blue tiles that KLM used to give away in the early 80s. That dates me! I love anything delft so it was fun to see yours today, Have a good week!

  9. Dearest Shane,
    Glad you too obtained some of those lovely Delft blue canal houses; real replicas of Dutch houses! Only in business class you got those and we were lucky during our time as international consultants we often got an upgrade and got these lovely houses.
    Did you know that KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) were the first in the air? They do launch each October a new house to give to their loyal clients. There are 94 in total and those are the years that KLM is in business! Nowadays we buy them via eBay or other sources since we don't fly anymore... If you type in the word Delftware houses into the search box at the top right on my blog you can see my posts about them. Ours are lined up on the narrow window ledger in our veranda and we got ALL 94.

    PS not all have been filled with alcohol, for those countries where alcohol is forbidden, they just are empty...
    Bols is one of the oldest Dutch distilleries and they export to the rest of the world.

  10. Dear Shane,

    love your Delft blue houses and your pretty dried hydrangeas and pretty pink rose.
    Have a wonderful September

  11. The little houses are adorable, what a lovely collection.

  12. The detail in those miniatures is absolutely

  13. I didn't know this about Bols.....beautiful rose!

    Happy Tuesday!

  14. Oh what a sweet giveaway!

  15. Those Delft blue houses are so gorgeous. I have some as well. Bols is indeed the oldest distillery 'We used to live quite near it many years ago. I must see if it is still there or moved to bigger buildings.

  16. We used air miles once and traveled in KLM's business class where they give the miniatures as gifts. I too have four little treasures on my fireplace mantel and they bring back memories of that special trip!

  17. What a lovely gift from KLM!
    Do they still do this? I might
    have to fly with them the next

  18. How very sweet and lovely your houses are , they have such a cozy feeling about them, dear Shane.
    And your rose just so wonderful.
    Hugs and greetings from Dorthe

  19. I love the Delft Blue houses in your woindow1 You lucky girl!! xox,

  20. The little houses are very sweet, but I was noticing more the dried mothers favorites~

  21. I've always had a thing for miniature houses (and miniature chairs, oddly enough) so these are a treat to see. Blue is my favourite colour too, so a doubly good treat!

  22. Catching up, dear Shane! I've been offline for too long. I think these are just lovely -- I wish I'd flown KLM!



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