Monday, 3 March 2014

Sunday village walk in France

Hello dear friends
today I'm taking you on one of my village walks I enjoyed
while in France with my family last year.
It was a lovely way for the girls to "wind down" after their
long day at school during the heat of summer.
We always found a shady spot to sit on the grass
and enjoy a little picnic.
It was a chance for the girls to share their day
and tell us about the ups and downs of school life.
Remember the old saying
"A trouble shared
is a trouble halved".
Even little ones can have worries and as we all know
school days aren't always the happiest days.
I related stories about my years at boarding school
and all the fun things we got up to
so many years ago.
So long ago now, that it's almost a blur
yet it's a fun time to look back on and reminisce!

For the next few weeks I am working full time.
Quelle horreur!!!
How did I let this happen after retiring from "work"
four years ago?
My old boss asked if I would be interested in doing a couple
of days a week - that sounded like a great opportunity
for me to save some pennies for my next trip to France!
However, a new person who had only been there for
a week and a half, just 'up sticks', walked out, saying the
job wasn't for her.
So now I'm filling in each day until a new person can be
employed and trained........
so please bear with me, as I won't have much time
for commenting on your blog posts.

Today I'm joining
Karen for Sunlit Sunday
Mary for Mosaic Monday

Take care of one another
  Merci à bientôt





  1. Your photos of France makes me want to go there even more.It must be very beautiful. Smiles,Dottie

  2. Beautiful photos! makes me long for summer-

  3. This weekend, I was doing my own reminiscing about travels. I had long had photos tucked away, but not in albums, and was reliving some wonderful memories while organizing them.

    I hope you do put aside your "found money" from the temporary job and make your way back to beautiful France, Shane.

    À bientôt,

  4. Such lovely photos!!! So very tranquil! Have a wonderful day!

  5. Every time I read your blog, it reminds why I am afford an annual holiday in France

  6. Love your post! and your reminiscing with photos is a perfect journey -
    ty for posting -
    all the best on the new work commitment - it will all work out =)

    ps- found you at Sunlit Sundays
    [a new discovery today]

  7. You are very brave going back 'to work'!

  8. Shane, it looks so beautiful there where you visit your family in France. What a blessing to spend precious time with your granddaughters and help them unwind after school. I hope the work isn't too stressful for you over the next little while. Take care. Blessings, Pam

  9. Breathtaking pictures. All the best to you while you work. Visit when you can. Take care.

  10. In agree, wonderful photos and a great way to connect with your lovely girls, picnics are my favorite way to relax!
    Enjoy saving your pennies, you will have lots more to spend! Happy weekend dear friend!

  11. What fun to have a money saving opportunity fall in your lap. Temporary is the best.
    And your grandchildren are extremely lucky to have someone who loves them so much. If every child in the world had somebody like you, Life would be better for generations to come.

  12. Dear Shane, do you know that your images from France always bear memories for me, too? My husband is from France, and so I can travel to this beloved country often enough! Your bright images always make my heart cheer with delight! That is why I can really understand that you are working again to save every penny for a renewed trip to France, all the more as your family is there (so far away from you...). I hope that work is not too exhausting for you and you still find some time to meet us on your blog!
    All the best,

  13. Shane, what beautiful photos. France looks like a great place. Hope your going back to work will not be to stressful for you. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. Lovely images from your trip to France. The flowers are beautiful. Enjoy your new week, Happy March!

  15. What lovely photos of some beautiful country. :)

  16. Oh it is good for grands to have a listening ear!

    Hope that being back tomworkmhas been some fun, in addition to monies to save toward a trip to those very grands.

    Don't worry about visiting. We can only do what we can only do!

  17. What beautiful pictures. France is one of the countries I want to visit ~ the only thing I have seen is their airport. coming over from Sunlit Sunday.

  18. Beautiful place for an after school walk and chat. With all this work you will get to France sooner:) Jen

  19. I envy your trips to France. Your photos are lovely. Valerie

  20. Hi,Shane,
    Looks wonderful place to walk with your family. I love the air,the flowers and charming building in your photos. I missed visiting beautiful villages in France. The trip to France long time ago was a busy pack trip!!

    As Vee says, Don't worry about visiting.

  21. I hope your work goes well. Don't worry about can catch up any time! Take care and have a wonderful week! I love your photos...wish I could visit! heehee! Hugs, Diane

  22. Your sunny photos of France fill me with longing to visit there once again. How lovely to spend time with your grandchildren and to offer a listening ear.
    I hope that work won't be too tiring for you - it is nice to have a few pennies to add to a travel fund.

  23. Oh yes...I am very familiar with the ups and downs of school days. How lovely you were able to go to France! Such beautiful photos! I will have to start working at some point soon as well. I'll be here waiting for you, as long as it takes! xoxo Jen

  24. Loved sharing your walk with you. Thanks for reminding me I live in a beautiful part of the world, which everyone of your comments says how peaceful it looks, and it is, although at the moment very soggy after the continual rain. can't wait for Spring and all the blossom in bloom. Hope you haven't taken on too much work, but I'm sure knowing that at the end you will have great pleasure returning to France to see your grandchildren. So glad you liked my give away gift enjoy using the bits & bobs.
    Best wishes Barbara

  25. I enjoyed the village walk, and can just picture a little picnic along the way! I hope working full time is gentle on you!

  26. oh dear, back to work full time, how can you stand it! I work 4 days and would hate now to return to 5 days. My day off is my savior. BUT, at least if you are saving for another trip to France you have something to look forward too.
    Thank you for this beautiful dip into France. We visited 8 years ago. I would love to go back and stay in a village.
    Have a wonderful week. I am joining you through Mosaic Monday.

  27. Such lovely images of your time in France, Shane. Perhaps if you think of these pictures as you make your way to work each day, it will make it a bit easier for you, knowing that the job will make it possible for you to go there again? Hoping they find a new hire soon!

  28. I love your French collage dear Shane- of happy dayes with your grandkids...I still remember some of the bad dayes in school,- and am sure it has not been easier now a dayes!!
    I hope you take care, and can cope with working every day, for some time.... Hugs from Dorthe

  29. Those lovely lavender plants! School days were difficult when we were growing up, I can't imagine how much more so, they must be now. We live through it but when you are young and going through can be troubling. I hope your words of wisdom helped.

  30. Dearest Shane,
    Oh, you are lucky in a way that you will be able to save quite some pennies for your next trip to lovely France. Being with your daughter and granddaughters will be pure bliss.
    Don't worry about blogging; this is first priority as it serves FAMILY!

    PS I was not very active during the time I was in The Netherlands, very much together with my dear Mom at her bedside during dialysis. She was so happy on her 90th birthday and loved all the worldwide comments and wishes on my post about her 90th Birthday. So glad that did uplift her and we also celebrated a happy 65th wedding anniversary with Mom & Dad + Family.

  31. It will be hard after retiring but just don't let it get to you. Still take time to smell the roses as the saying goes.

    We will be waiting for you to return when you have the time.


  32. Dear Shane,

    How beautiful your photos of the little French village are, love the pink roses and the lavender.
    Hope that work goes well for you and that you are having a great week

  33. Absolutely beautiful French pictures, as always, Shane.
    Good luck back in the full-time workplace; I know I am beyond that these days. Helping hubs in the business is my limit.
    We are off to Paris in a couple of months :))

  34. Oh how I would love to take a walk there! Beautiful pics!

  35. your beautiful photos and stories of France always take me back to my own experiences-like stopping along the road to have a picnic lunch-I miss that! How unfortunate for you to end up working so much but just think-you'll be grateful to have the extra money for France:) Hope all goes well for you.

  36. I just had my first walk of the day and enjoyed it very much, so beautiful, thank you~

  37. Such lovely cottage scenes! I know that you yearn to see it again. And how wonderful that you can get some extra income right now to save up for another trip! No worries about the reduced blog visits. I completely understand since I did three different "temporary" jobs after I retired. One temporary job lasted almost 2 years, LOL! But it was great to save the money for all these travels that we now take. Best wishes to you, sweetie!

  38. Beautiful photos of France...makes me want to go back! I am a full time Realtor and sometimes it is hard for me to find time to keep my post up to date. I love bloggine and reading blogs so, I just keep after it and blog when I can! Teresa

  39. You know - if I went to somewhere as beautiful as these photos I'd never, ever come back! So beautiful - I'm glad you shared them! Sorry you have to work grotty hours....hope things settle back nicely for you soon! Hugs from Shroo:)x

  40. I love seeing your special spot in France -- what a wonderful way to spend time with your grandlittles -- I suspect they will always remember those visits and walks.

    It's lovely to be loved, isn't it -- and a bit of extra spending money! Enjoy -- you'll find retirement all the sweeter! Again!

  41. Oh no! I can just imagine how you feel. I often think that my job truly just gets in the way of all the things I want to do. But I'm working to pay for my son's tuition which is exorbitant. Thank goodness for weekends. Best wishes, Tammy

  42. We will be here when you return. Good luck with the working. I think I would have a difficult time returning to my old job and the stress, but sometimes a simple part-time job is tempting.



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