Sunday, 16 March 2014

Moments in the Sun

Well I've survived my third week
of working full time... just!!!

I'm back in the zone!
I get up very early as I don't like rushing
in the mornings.

It's dark when I leave home at 7am
 and I join the stream of cars on the motorway.
I've noticed most cars have one person
we are all in our own thoughts
as we make our way to work.

The best part is arriving home
at the end of the day!
Home is my sanctuary where all is familiar
there's a welcoming smile and a warm hug
 and all is safe in my little haven!

I'm joining Karen for Sunlit Sunday 
I hope to see you there!
Thank you Karen for hosting
I'll be sorry to say 'Au Revoir'
to Sunlit Sunday at the end of March
it's become so much a part of my Sundays! 

Thank you for all your positive messages
and encouragement over the past
couple weeks!

I've got a lot of catching up to do!

Take care and be kind to each other
   Merci à bientôt



  1. Good Evening, Your photos are all so pretty. I can imagine how glad you are to get home in the evening. I hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  2. What beautiful collages of sunlit photos you've chosen Shane. I'm glad you are settling in to your new job. Have a wonderful Sunday and week ahead. Blessings, Pamela

  3. Oh Shane - your beautiful images really lifted my spirits on this grey windy gloomy day. Thanks so much - I have been thinking of you battling the long hours & the traffic my friend. Sending hugs & positive thoughts your way x0x

  4. What a nice collage! I enjoyed looking at each picture. Visiting from Sunlit Sunday.

  5. You probably find you can manage your time better since working full time. I was much better when working, now I tend to procrastinate with things.
    Some nice sunlit photos, especially something yummy under the cloche.

  6. Just a beautiful set of photos dear Shane, are you almost finished your work life again? xox

  7. Enjoyed the pics - thanks for sharing them with us. I definitely remember the days of working full time 5, and many times 6 days a week. Leaving in the dark and often coming home in the dark. Have to admit, I was much more organized during that time - had to be.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  8. Loved seeing your lovely collage of sunlit days. I'm sure when your back in your retirement mode and visiting your family in France those early mornings driving to work will be forgotten, and all worth while. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  9. Such a variety of sunny shots! Cute animals and pretty flowers!

  10. Your collages today are just wonderful and your words perfectly distill a workday experience to its essence.

  11. I'm glad you've gotten back into the swing of your new job, Shane. You certainly are on the road early in the morning.

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful collection of sunny photos. I can see why you're so happy to return home at the end of the day. (I bet the raspberry vinegar is delicious!)

    I'm happy to read that you've been enjoying Sunlit Sunday. You're always such a thoughtful participant.


  12. What truly amazing colours in the sunrise photo!

  13. I'm glad things are going well with your job. It's an adjustment, that's for sure. Love your photos and your sweet post! Enjoy your day my friend. Hugs, Diane

  14. That is quite an early start to your working day!

  15. Beautiful images, Shane. So nice to hear your work is going well. Loved the chickens -- so colorful! Happy Sun Lit Sunday!

  16. I agree, Shane, working full time takes away from what we truly love. It only makes me treasure each and every free moment I have at home.

    Love your images this fine Sunday.
    Love to you, Rhonda

  17. Shane dear, hope the working days are coming to an end and you're back enjoying the slower pace we retirees love so much. For many years, early in the morning, I drove by a house where the lady was out in her garden, coffee in hand, checking her roses and shrubs, and I longed for the day that would be me! Of course it has been now for many years and I'm so grateful - working a lifetime is always heard going, especially in the later years…..I just wanted so much to be a stay-at-home woman again.

    Lovely pics - is that your sweet doggie?
    Sending hugs across the many miles.
    Love, Mary

    P.S. Thanks so much for the Eagle and Eles stories - I've shared them and everyone agrees they bought tears!

  18. Hello my dear Shane,
    Your world of sunlit surroundings are all so cozy and lovely.
    Oh dear I hope for you, you can soon relax ,and not have to work full time - every day !!
    I send you many hugs,
    Dorthe xx

  19. Lovely photo collages Shane. Glad you are almost over your scheduled work days. It certainly does make one that much more appreciative of being home n'est-ce pas? Gorgeous postcard at the end!!
    Thanks for mentioning my blog and giveaway too:)

  20. Hello Shane it will be sad to say good bye to March and our sunlit sundays for sure. My mornings are early ones but that is by choice. I used to get up way before the kids ever did so I could get something done. Now I just think I continue to do this so I have a little time to myself :-)

  21. I love that rooster picture!

  22. nice series of photos, you are over the challenging part of getting back to work, the days will get easier from now on

  23. Dear Shane,

    It's good to hear you are getting used to working full time a little. It is a big change.

    Your mosaics look lovely!

    Happy week ahead!

    Madelief x

  24. Getting used to a new routine -- especially an up early, full time one -- takes tons of energy. Hang in there, Shane; you'll settle in.

    I like your sunny thumbnails -- so pretty and bright.

  25. I love your sweet sanctuary and especially your adorable dog! Happy Weekend!

  26. A lovely series of shots. I hope your week goes well. As you return home after a busy day you must say 'home, sweet, home'. Every blessing for St. Patrick's Day dear friend.

  27. Ah....sunshine. It's something we don't give all that much thought to, until it disappears for weeks on end. Even the really weak sunshine we have had today is far better than the dull dark miserable days of the winter here.

  28. Good to hear you are adjusting. There is a job I have thought of applying for, but I wonder if I could do it anymore. A little pocket change would be quite nice, but I can't imagine getting up and leaving by 7AM. Oh my!

  29. Such beautiful photos! I love the feeling of coming home at the end of a very long day! The comfort is amazing! xo Jen

  30. Beautiful, sunny photos, Shane. I'm sure you appreciate and savour your weekends now that you are working full time. Such an early start to your day. I agree that coming home after work is something to anticipate with delight.
    I hope your week is starting well.

  31. What lovely mosaic's. So many beautiful things to look at. That was a gorgeous sunrise too.

  32. Hi Shane, I can see from your photos that you have a warm and lovely home. Good luck with your new job. Soon, you will have a routine and going to work won't be as bad. My favorite photo is the one of the cow. He seems to want to come out and be with you.

  33. Hi Shane, I can see from your photos that you have a warm and lovely home. Good luck with your new job. Soon, you will have a routine and going to work won't be as bad. My favorite photo is the one of the cow. He seems to want to come out and be with you.

  34. Such pretty pictures! And a wire-haired fox terrier. I sure loved my Scooter. He was the wire-haired I had to leave behind when I came to Kuwait. Hugs, Tammy

  35. Such beautiful images, Shane! Wishing you the best as you head back to work. (Think of all the travelling you'll be able to do!) Have a lovely weekend and enjoy being home.



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