Sunday, 9 March 2014

Dreaming of France - Words and Letters

I've noticed with Donna's photo challenge here 
each month she s t r e t c h e s our imagination and 
photographic abilities!
Of course that's a good thing
especially for me
as I'm always looking for the quick, easy and efficient option
to complete a task!
Did you notice how I carefully avoided the "lazy" word?!

If I wasn't working this month I would have
really enjoyed a day out searching for
interesting photo opportunities  around my town
for this challenge.
I love the 'written word'.

Time is not on my side at the moment
so it was back to the archives for some inspiration.
I was amazed at the number of photos I've taken
which involve words!!

Again, they're from previous trips to France
no surprise there!

I use a basic “Point and Shoot” 
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS3 with a Leica lens.

Do pop over to Donna's blog here
and check out what others are posting,
we would love you to join us
with three photos that have words or letters in them!

I'm also joining Paulita for her party
Dreaming of France here

Well, I've survived two weeks of working full time!
I'm appreciating how precious a weekend is
and how much I enjoy an afternoon nap!
Wishing you all a happy weekend!

Take care and be kind to each other
Merci à bientôt



  1. Sweet Shane, time is not on my side either. I know what you mean. Gorgeous images my friend. Enjoy your weekend. Xo

  2. You certainly came up with some wonderful contributions this week.

  3. You had some really good offerings in your file! Hope that you have a wonderful, restful weekend.

  4. I know you have been super-busy and adjusting to the new job. So thank you for taking the time to pull together some photos and participate! Yes, I intend for everyone to s-t-r-e-t-c-h their imaginations and creativity each month. And I would hazard a guess that everyone is inspired when they see the clever variety offered by all of the participants.

    Only in Europe can you see such fanciful merry-go-rounds as the colorful one in your first photo! Did you hop on for a ride, LOL? And be still my heart, I think that Porsche is calling out for me! Love the perspective on it and the bold, green color. And your last photo is a celebration of the French cottage style, with a beautiful sign, abundant greenery to serve as a backdrop and the rustic texture of the building wall. It's a wonderful assortment of photos, sweetie!

  5. With working full time and other things life involves, you did well finding photos for the challenge Shane.
    I like the last sign, very pretty with the flowers around it, the colour of the Porsche - not so fond of.

  6. i bet you do enjoy the weekends now! You came up with some good lettering and I especially love the last one. so pretty against the green.

  7. Work....blech!! Afternoon naps are SO much better. Hopefully this work gig won't last long and you can get back to doing the fun things.

  8. These photos are beautiful, Shane...and all of them bright and cheery! It looks like you have some treasures in your archives! I find the third one especially charming.

  9. Working full-time leaves little energy for anything else. But you know that we'll always enjoy photos of France. Love the Comptoirs sign.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Shane, full of rest and relaxation.

  10. As always, your photos have a tasty little French twist. Nice!!

  11. One of your tags is Dreaming of! That says it all. I love to dream and these are wonderful photos for the challenge. Sweet hugs my friend!

  12. Dearest Shane,
    Oh those wisteria leaves are so charming with that sign!
    You for sure have numerous special photos from France...
    Hugs and happy new week to you.

  13. Don't think of it as lazy. Think of it as efficient! And I'll think of it as lovely and creative. I always love it when you post your photos of France!

  14. Good for you for surviving 2 weeks of work! Hopefully they will find someone soon...don't work too hard or they may not look for anyone to replace you and you will be doing a post on working 2 years!
    I have a friend that takes photos of signage that contains peoples names...kind of neat to see!
    A neon green Porsche.....that says it all!

  15. I didn't get to play this time around...but your photos are Gorgeous as Always Shane!!

  16. They are wonderful pictures showing written words, dear Shane... I love the one with the oval sign ,such beautiful colours, and what a "merry go round " you have so many beautiful photoes to chose from.
    Hugs and love, Dorthe

  17. Just wonderful Shane! hope you are enjoying your beautiful summer in NZ!

  18. Beautiful photos Shane! I love the green Porche! It is so colourful.

  19. Wonderful photos from France. That carousel looks like it would offer a magical ride! Love the bold color and graphic letters on the Porsche.

  20. Love the photos! I dream of France daily! Congrats on getting through the past two weeks! xoxo Jen

  21. The carousel - what a wonder! All of your photos are so nice. I, too, was surprised at how many of the photos in my archives includes words and letters. Hope you're enjoying your temporary job!

  22. That carousel looks good enough to eat and so does the Porshe the color of ribbon candy. Hummm, France - food, a theme of sorts.

  23. What an interesting challenge, Shane! I looked back through my photo albums and realized I've taken more pictures than I realized with words in them. I love yours! What a wonderful carousel! (And that Porsche is my favorite color green.)



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