Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My Pink Post

My Pink Post

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.
It's about 
YOU and

I have several dear friends who 
thankfully are
of breast cancer.

The Sky Tower
 is the tallest building
in Auckland
and each year it is dressed in PINK
for the month of October
Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Chateau Vaux le Vicomte

adorned with pink petals...

...another of my favourite French Chateaux.

It is also quite close to where

my daughter lives.

I've been there twice and I will

go back again.

Go here to read more about it.

You will learn how King Louis XIV

came under the spell of

Vaux le Vicomte.

Today I remember

the women (and men) who have

been effected by

breast cancer.

The last photo is of my
darling french granddaughters -
I miss 
their chatter, laughter,
singing me old French rhymes,
their ballet steps learnt at the last lesson,
their cuddles 
and oh how I wish I could be with
them everyday...

Thank you dear friends for
visiting my blog.
Don't forget to visit
my dear friend Ria
and enter her
wonderful giveaway here

Take care of one another
au revoir

Shane ♥


  1. Dear Shane,

    Lovely post you have shared for Breast cancer month.
    I saw the calender in Whitcoulls, must get one.
    Hope you are enjoying the week


  2. Bonjour dear Shane! How lovely to read of your 'adventures' in France and the wonderful places you visited! Your granddaughters are so beautiful! No wonder you miss them.
    I believe I told you my son has bought an apartment in the Bordeaux region. Now he has retired and my DIL retires in January I expect they will spend more time there.
    You ask how I am. More and more pain with consequently more depression is grabbing me and shaking me hard at the moment. I don't like to write too much about it on the blog but thank you for asking. Compared to many it is nothing and I shouldn't complain!
    I hope you and yours are keeping as well as can be!
    Big Hugs and love xxxx

  3. Ah dear Shane, what a beautiful heartfelt post........and thank you so much for all your recent kind and inspirational comments which are helping me through this rough patch.

    I know how much you are missing those lovely, smiling granddaughters and hope you will be winging your way back to France before too long...........

    Your pix illustrating the ongoing battle to fight breast cancer around the world are breathtaking - even in the sadness as we lose more women to this devastating disease, we continue to pray there will some day be a way to wipe this and other cancers from the planet. If all the money spent on wars could be used for research I'm certain that would happen! Please don't forget the men too - you may recall that my Bob is one of the small (but growing) percentage of men who has had breast cancer.........and thankfully survived.

    I'm doing a lot better............I'm excited about the upcoming trip, and yes, Bob will be with me, for that I'm very grateful, not sure I could do it alone this time, especially when it comes to carrying the bags, ha! ha!

    Sending happy thoughts across the miles........thankful for ***YOU*** and all the great blog friends who make each day special.

    Hugs ~ Mary

  4. Sweet Sweet post, Dear Shane. Oh, your granddaughters are so beautiful.

    Prayers to all who fight this dreadful disease. We recently lost one fighter in our office and our lives changed forever.

    Lovely post, just lovely. xo Rhonda

  5. So beautiful photos! Have a nice day! xxxx riitta xxxx

  6. What a beautiful pink post. I love all your photo's. I understand that you long for your granddaughters in France but you can go visit them once in a while thankfully.
    Have a nice day.

  7. your post darling.....and thank from

  8. Dearest Shane,

    Yes, the breast cancer does affect anyone's friends or family. It is a good thing to stand still and devote time to this worthwhile cause.
    Love your pink bundles of happiness; though far away. It is tough for not being there in person, regardless the modern communication - it is not the same.
    Hugs to you,

  9. What a truly lovely post and a great reminder that we all have/are a part of this in some way or another. It's sad that you're missing your family so-perhaps you could one day skype? I don't have it myself and neither do any of my relatives in France but I wish they did.
    Going to see the link about the chateau-can't get enough of them! Thank you for sharing.

  10. Dearest Shane,

    Ria from It's Me showed Date Branches on her post today!
    That's what they are... they are available here in the USA also at Hobby Lobby and for sure in your area as well.
    Hugs to you,

  11. Dear Shane,
    such a beautiful post you made for the breast cancer month,-
    and so beautiful photoes.
    Here in DK, we have also every 10 woman getting diagnosed with that dreadful diseace,- and I have friends -both some gone, and some whom fought and won :-)

    Your grands are all so beautiful little girls, I so understand you miss them every day,-just like I do mine two.
    Dear I wish you a lovely weekend-Hugs from Dorthe

  12. So beautifully written and illustrated Shane. Your grandbabies are so sweet and I can only begin to imagine how you must miss being with them every day.

  13. Ciao Rose,
    Sono bellissimi i tuoi nipotini!!
    mi dispiace che non puoi averli vicino tutti i giorni, ma grazie alla tecnologia... che da un'aiuto davvero grande!
    un caro abbraccio Claudia

  14. Amazing how much pink on show around the world. Especially like the château lake filled with pink petals.

    It really must be hard for you having your grand children so far away. When my brothers emigrated to Australia in the 60's my Mother never saw her sons again, nor me my brothers and there are many nephews and neices and great nephews neices too but at least I do have my grand children just 1 hour away.

  15. Thank you for that, Shane :-)

  16. Beautiful post Shane. So meaningful and timely.

  17. Beauitful pink post Shane, thank you Mx

  18. beautiful and moving in every day dear Shane

    I had my mammogram this month and they were giving out pink mints and ribbon pins

    Hugs to you and your precious little grand daughters!



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