Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I'm on the countdown now as there
are only four weeks left to complete
 all my bits and bobs that I'm
taking with me to France.....

The pressure is well and truly on,
hence I haven't posted for a while
because I really needed some
"me time" to get things done
you know what it's like!

I'm doing the finishing on two Christmas
stockings for the older girls - Jessie's can
wait until after I come home!

No2 granddaughter has her birthday while
I'm there so I'm making her a wall hanging
of Miss Maude - different to this one
I made for her older sister a year
or so ago.
(sorry for the picture quality)

If you would like to embroider a
Miss Maude contact Carole
at Madness & Mess to purchase
 the pattern!

We've also had several trips up to
the Bay of Islands in the last 3 weeks.

Life has been very busy
as it is at times for all of us!
Why is it that everything
happens all at once?
However, in no time I'll be sitting on
the aeroplane winging my way
to my favourite city in the
whole world - Paris!
I've really got nothing
to complain about!!

to my newest follower
please pop in to her blog and say hello!

Just a wee reminder about Vicki's
amazing Spring Giveaway.
If you aren't already familiar with
the exquisite nests that Vicki creates
you must visit her blog.
You are in for such a treat,
she is an inveterate
traveller too and takes
the most amazing photos!

Thank you dear friends
for visiting and expecially
those of you who come by often
and leave me lovely warm comments,
YOU make it all worthwhile!!

Be kind to one another
hugs and love
Shane xox

Jessie's first slippers
made with love.


  1. Have a wonderful time Shane!

  2. Oh, Lucky you, Shane. Paris in 4 weeks, ooh la la, wish I were going, too!!

  3. So glad you are off to see your lovely family soon - and Paris has to be the best city of all to be heading to!
    The journey is long but so worthwhile - know they'll be waiting with open arms.

    Mary X

  4. The weeks will pass quickly for you as you prepare to see your exciting for ALL of you! I'm excited for you, too.

    The stocking are too sweet, by the way. I love your handwork!

    LOVE that cloud in the's so huge! And the Bay area is so pretty, too.

    Hurry June!


  5. Oh Shane, you will have a wonderful time and I know how much you love your grandgirlies and what wonderful things you will bring them. xox

  6. You must be so excited Shane and what beautiful gifts you have created for the special people in your life. As you might expect I love the Christmas stockings. I'm sure they will be treasured always.

  7. Shane, I am so excited for you! I cannot wait to hear about all that you do and see... How wonderful to be able to give big hugs and kisses to those grandchildren.

    Wishing you safe travels... Let me know if you are going to Pont des Arts.


  8. Such exciting days for you. Your projects are all so beautiful - your family will love them. Paris is such a beautiful city - you'll have a wonderful time!

  9. I can just imagine how excited you must be Shane. How I long to visit that beautiful city again!
    And how wonderful that your family will have such gorgeous keepsakes made with so much love.

  10. Dear Shane, OH girl you are so lucky, Paris and grandkids, what more do one person need ,:-)
    I wish you a very happy and beautiful tour, and can`t wait to see photoes -
    travel safe my friend.

  11. I can only imagine your excitement - Paris and grandkids, sounds pretty perfect to me. Now I'm off to check out the nest giveaway - sounds intriguing!

  12. Your Miss Maude looks gorgeous!! xx

  13. Hi Dear Shane
    I can just imagine the amount of unfinished items looming up at you at present in preparation for your Paris trip to visit your family there.
    Don't forget to breathe deeply for a while - you still have a few weeks up your sleeve yet.
    I can just imagine the excitement building though - ooh la la Paris - it won't be that long now.
    Take good care and save a little energy for when you are there.
    Happy creating,
    Big hugs and love,

  14. Hi Shane! Boy, I tell you, the way time is flying lately, you will be in Paris in no time. This past week for me has been so busy and I haven't done anything except try to get through each and every day in order to prepare for the next. Crazy! Your stitchings are so very pretty and will be much loved indeed! Hope you are having a great weekend. Best wishes, Tammy

  15. I am sure you will have so much fun, ENJOY!!

  16. Oh that's wonderful you go to Paris! Which part of town you will stay, quelle quartier? I like Paris too, it is so pretty. My husband is many times for his work near the Opera in Paris and sometimes I go with him.(shopping! or giving workshops)

    Have much fun


  17. Hi Shane,
    How wonderful to be going to Paris in 4 weeks. I can see you would be very busy getting ready and planning. Your creations are gorgeous and I love the first little slippers for Jessie. Too darling.

    Have a wonderful time, be safe and enjoy every minute of your trip.

    Thank you also for stopping by and your kind comment. You are such a dear heart.
    Blessings and hugs, Celestina Marie

  18. Hi Shane,

    Oh how delightful, to be going to visit Paris and what a thrill to be with your family again.
    Bet you are counting down the days and best of luck with getting all the jobs done before you go.
    I love the sweet design of the Christmas stocking.
    The Bay of Islands photos look lovely.

    Enjoy the week

  19. I missed this go to France !!..great......lovely day from

  20. Paris in spring will be wonderful, but it is probably more like early summer. Wish you a nice trip.

  21. How fun - enjoy your preparations and have a wonderful time

  22. I am very excited for you! We seem to have rather a lot in common. I always tend to set myself time-consuming projects to make (I love it, I really do) as gifts to take or send to somebody special. Those baby slippers are simply perfect. So exquisite. Another thing we have in common? A profound love of Paris. I lived there. I worked there. I loved every minute of it. Even the smell of the metro. Oh yes!

    Good luck with finishing off your beautiful projects.


  23. Have a wonderful time in Paris!! A Dream!!



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