Saturday, 21 May 2011

NURSERY RHYMES reflect events in history!

I made a Nursery Rhyme
board book for my
little granddaughters
about 5 years ago.

Now it's looking
a little bit battered....
which is lovely
and tells me
that it is being read!!!

the girls find new things
each time they
read it - I love that!!
At the time I made it, I
researched nursery rhymes
on the internet
and found that most of them
reflect events in history.
Humpty Dumpty
was a large cannon
used during the
English Civil War!
Check this link below if
you're interested.

humpty dumpty sat on the wall

and all the kings horses.....

Ride a cock horse to
Banbury Cross
 to see a fine lady
on a white horse..

There are many more pages
and I'll show you the
rest another day if you're
It was fun to make
and quite magical
sharing the stories
with the girls
when they were here!

Thank you all for visiting me
and leaving me a comment
I appreciate each one.
Take care

and be kind to one another
"love life"


  1. Hello Shane,
    How are you doing my friend? I love this special nursery rhyme treasure that you have made.
    I bet it is so very well loved.

    Pam x

  2. I am sure that you are passing on your love for handmade to your sweet granddaughters. Anyone can go out and buy books, but making one just for them is so much more special. Hope all is well. Best wishes, Tammy

  3. What a lovely idea, so very different and something to be treasured.

  4. Your book is beautiful Shane! A lovely idea.
    I knew most Nursery Rhymes had a true story to them. Like Ring o' Roses, pocket full of posies, to keep the Great Plague away. If they all fall down, it got 'em! Hugs xx

  5. Lovely!!! Beautiful treasure!
    Thank you for stopping by my little corner.

  6. Hi Shane- oh it is wonderful- with all the many images - and the rhymes behind- a lovely book to make for your granddaughters- I so underatnnd they read it,much :)

  7. What fun - a beautiful book with lots of cool details. Thanks for visiting me - 'see' you again soon :-)

  8. Beautiful book Shane - and nursery rhymes certainly reflect something of the era they were written in!
    Keep well and warm xx

  9. Oh those girls are so spoiled, just wonderful. xox Corrine

  10. just so precious and thought when you said it was looking a bit tattered was "OH isn't that nice!!!"

    how interesting about the history part...The Princess and the Pea .... hmmmm ;)

    Happy Days to you dear Shane!
    p.s. I would very much enjoy seeing more of the lovely book you made

  11. totally gorgeous Shane! I love the way it's aged, what a great treasure, you grrandaughters are so lucky! Mx

  12. Hi Shane Wow what a beauty! Your grandchildren don't yet know how lucky they are. I love all those nursery rhymes. Beautiful collaging here. I do hope it becomes a keepsake that they can look back on.
    Hugs to you,

  13. Hi Shane,

    I love the sweet nursery rhyme books that you made from your Grandchildren.
    How interesting to read about the history of how these stories came about.
    Hope that you are having a lovely Wednesday


  14. What a lovely project. The things that people have made themselves for my little girls are their most treasured possessions - they know instinctively that the items themselves are bound up with their makers.

  15. egads- what a wonderful book! It's the kind of thing I dream of making but haven't tried. You've hit all the right notes (obviously, the grands love it!)- the details are wonderful. And I especially love the Banbury Cross page to "see a lady on a white horse." Nice putting history with the rhymes, too. I haven't any grands (not yet!) but look forward to making them something special like this.



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