Saturday 25 June 2011


  Just recently my sweet 'Garden Fairy'
friend Catherine of
passed on this award to me!!
Merci mon ami!!!!

In  accepting this award, I agreed to share with you
10 things you may not already know about ME.....

♥1 I'm a day dreamer and that's probably
why I love this Debussy album...

♥2 I want to be a disciplined blogger,
and post more frequently as most of you do.
Any helpful tips gratefully received!
It’s all about organisation – I know!!!
Just tell me how!!!!

♥3 My family always come first -
which often effects (♥2)...

♥4 I long to be fluent in the French language.
My daughter's ‘French in-laws’ don't speak english, 
so our conversations are quite stilted...
each time we meet I hope they notice a
little improvement!!

♥5 I love and need music in my life– all sorts.
I adored the singing at Prince William
and Catherine's wedding....
When my family were out we played

“The Black Eyed Peas” over and over.
I have collections of Irish bands, to opera and
orchestral, plus of course
many french singers!

♥6 Of course I believe in fairies and angels -
where would we be without them....

♥7 I love roses - especially the big
old fashioned blowsey blooms like these

♥ 8 France is in my soul.....
I love the people,
the food, music and landscape

♥9 A long time before my daughter even thought of
travelling to France, I had a very vivid dream.
In that dream were two little girls
in pretty smocked dresses
and they spoke in french.......
I can't remember what their faces
looked like but obviously
they were my two little
granddaughters to be.....
♥10 I'm a romantic who loves
music, art and poetry, gardens, beautiful fabrics
especially chintz, rich damasks, linen, silk
and much, much more.....

Image from here

And now I’m passing this award on to these

10 wonderful blogging friends
who have all inspired me
in their own special way.

1 Carole – one of my first followers and also an NZ Blogger.
She teaches a great book making class.
Please visit her at

2 Barbara - a UK blogger I met in Carole's class.
She creates beautiful
pieces of art with her collection of exquisite laces,
fabrics and buttons.
She also makes amazing digital images to use in art.
Barbara you inspire me in so many ways - thank you!

3 Dianne - A talented Australian blogger
and exceptional photographer.
Thank you Dianne for taking me to France each
time I visit you!!

4  Doreen - also an Aussie! We also met
while doing Carole's book class.
Doreeen knows everything I need to know
about my new interest - embroidery - thank you Doreen!

5    Tammy - lives in Kuwait.
She is such a caring blogger - and always
leaves me such encouraging comments.
Thank you Tammy!

6  June - another English blogger.
She really puts me to shame with her daily post!!!
Amazing art and she is without doubt
our Photoshop Diva!!

7 Patty - the blogger I would love to emulate.
She always leaves a thoughtful comment as well as
responding to comments left on her blog.
Amazing artist and such a fun person -
thanks Patty.

8 Corinne - great art!!
Love visiting your blog and you
always leave such warm comments - thank you!

9 Ati – whom I also met in Carole's
on-line book class.
She is so very clever and does
beautiful handwork!

10 Carolyn - another NZ blogger.
She writes such interesting and
varied posts often about her life
on beautiful Waiheke Island!
As well she makes the most beautiful

Please visit all my blog friends
mentioned above as well as
 Catherine of
"An Angel in my Garden"
and I'm sure you will enjoy a
magical experience at her blog
as I always do!!!

Take care,
be kind to one another
love life
Shane x


  1. Well dear Shane, I was just about to say how I loved the 10 things about you, when I noticed you had put my name on your list!
    So Thank you for that. I shall have to think up another 10 things about me later! Hugs xx

  2. Hey Shane! So good to see you back again and thanks for the lovely mention and kind compliment. Since we are on summer holiday, I do have much more time to concentrate on many things throughout the day ... or nothing at all. I am such a homebody and do love being home in pajamas piddling the day away. It is funny that so many bloggers feel pulled in so many different directions, especially when summer time rolls around and they think they have to take a blog break or quit completely -- so many people put so much pressure on themselves to do and be what they think everyone out there wants. I'm just being me which is the only way to be! 10 things to say about myself though is very hard indeed. Thinking cap in place! Have a lovely rest of the day. Tammy

  3. Well, now I know so much more about you, Shane. I hear you had a good visit with our friend Lilla.

    Thanks for visiting my blog - it's always so good to hear from you. xo Rhonda

  4. Bonjour! Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog, and thank you for visitting. I too have that fascination for all things French, but alas, only have my sixth form French lessons to rely on!I can hear it in my head, but when i say it, it comes out all wrong alas! Am still wondering what the French for magpie is. I think it's just translates to oiseaux-pie, which is rather cute if it is the case.

  5. Hello dear Shane. I am so glad that you decided to do the award challenge. Thank you so much for your sweet comments & the links. I just love that blogging reveals so profoundly the uniqueness of us all but I also love the serendipity of finding new friendships or kindred spirits. Your post is just lovely & I share a love of so many of the same things as you do as you may well have figured out. Personally I don't think that blogging intermittence matters a jot. I only post if inspired to do so & then only because I have the time since Rob works so many afternoon shifts. See you when we see much else to do! Much love Catherine x

  6. Aren't you sweet, I love your dream about those petite french cuties and some great aspirations for learning French. I love the phrase French-in-laws...xox Corrine

  7. Hello ! What a lovely lovely post & pretty award - well done ! My family always comes first & I had a dream about living in a white washed house...which I did in Spain ! My mother loved the music from the Royal wedding too ! and I sing along to My Chemical Romance when I'm in Jess's car !!!

    As for Blogging, I get ideas while I'm dog walking. I try to keep them light & chatty. I'm doing hardly any craft at the moment :(

    Thanks for popping by. Hubby & daughter will be delivering the 55 foot Oyster she did the race on to Antigua in the winter. It's a huge opportunity for her. Joe & I will join them for Christmas. Jess may well stay if she gets a crewing job. I'm going to miss her terribly.

    Lovely to hear from you xxx

  8. What a lovely blog post and such flattering comments!
    Sending Hugs!

  9. Dear Shane,

    Congratulations on your Award and many thanks for your kind words and the lovely mention.
    I enjoyed finding out more about you and I am with you there, want to be more fluent in the French language. Family is always such an important part of my life too.
    Thanks again and I appreciate your friendship.

    Happy week

  10. Loved learning
    more about you,
    my romantic-loving
    xx Suzanne

  11. How lovely to read and learn more about you dear Shane!
    AND to see me mentioned and so sweetly too...quel honneur :)
    Something you may not know about me is that I am naughty and not good at playing the award games...sorry dear...but thank you for thinking of me!

  12. Sweet Shane, how nice to see you posting again and also to learn more about you. How do we love France? Let me count the ways... It is wonderful that you have French granddaughters and an even better reason to perfect your French skills.


  13. Congrats on your award!
    Happy 4th!

  14. Dear Shane - Well done on your award! and for your kind words about my site - I have been away visiting my Mother and was so delighted on my return to read your lovely blog
    Thank you.
    Keep safe and warm. xx



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