Wednesday 4 May 2011


What a fun evening we had!!
Sorry no foodie pics
we were all to busy
oohing and aahing
over the spectacle on TV.

The wonderful pomp and ceremony
that the British
 do with such aplomb.
Take care,
be kind to one another,
and love life
Shane x


  1. I must point out that the ladies hats at YOUR party were MUCH more tasteful than what I saw at the wedding in London.

    Looks like your group had a jolly-good time!

    What fun!


  2. It was wonderful wasn't it? I felt very proud to be British! I was shouting out loud when I caught a glimpse of those lace sleeves on the dress and even more ecstatic when I saw it properly in all its splendour. Then to learn that it was all made in England and that it incorporated the various floral symbols for England, Scotland etc, all worked in lace. We had a traditional dinner of roast beef and I even made Yorkshire puddings which I have not eaten since I lived in England. I used a gold tablecloth and my gold rimmed rose patterned china but we did not dress up. Your dinner looks wonderful and I'm sure it was worth all the effort!

  3. How absolutely delightful Shane - Countess of Greenlane sounds most impressive. It was a wonderful wedding and I had a lovely dinner with my daughter and her family then onto watch the big event - just such a buzz!

  4. Hi Shane,

    What a wonderful evening you must have had with all your friends. I enjoyed seeing your photographs. Love the fur and the tiara's.
    Wasn't the wedding beautiful.
    Yes, the British really do know how to do pomp and ceremony well.

    Happy Wednesday

  5. I think you all look entirely and suitably coiffed for your Royal Banquet - Roast Medley of Vegetables sounds truly scrummy!!

  6. You all look marvelous!!!!! xox Corrine

  7. Hi Shane, no doubt you had a fabulously royal dinner party. One of our teachers from New Zealand was invited to the wedding. Apparently she read to Kate when she was little and received an invitation. Hope all is well. Best wishes, Tammy



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