Saturday 29 January 2011

Gloomy weather... and we thought it was summer!!!

I know you expected to see
photos depicting
 our beautiful summer
in New Zealand!
Unfortunately, we encountered
the tail end of the
cyclone that had caused
major flooding in Queensland.
(Image of the car ferry which transported
us to the road to Russell)

This view of our deck
looks more like winter
with wind and rain
and poor visibility,
not the way I planned it!

The tides were extremely high
(as in Spring)
but not expected in Summer!
The Russell wharf
is almost submerged,
we've never seen this
in the 40+ years
we've been coming here.

The boating club is almost
under water too.
We were surprised to find
there was not a soul
in sight.
The locals seem to go "bush"
in the weekends!!

Swamped dinghies on
the boat club jetty

So instead of our usual activites
of sailing around the islands,
we enhanced our fitness
with some great hikes
over the headlands of the area -
whew (puffing and panting)!
I think of myself as quite fit
I walk every day.
they of the 'super fit brigade'
tell me
"you need to do more hill work"
...and so another resolution is
added to the list!!
but will she keep it you ask?
just you wait and see....

Naturally, the morning we're due
to head home, the fickle weather
decides to improve and
even the sun makes an appearance.
Isn't that always the way?

cruise ship in the Bay.
From November to March
this is a very familiar sight.
And a welcome one too
as the tourist industry
is a huge part of our economy.

....and as the Mother Goose
nursery rhyme goes...
"home again
home again
jiggety jig".
With a view of Auckland city
from the motorway.
I love going away
as we do a lot in summer,
but always
the best feeling
is coming home
to our little nest
and one's own bed.

Thank you all for popping into my blog,
I love reading your comments
be kind to one another and
love life!!!
Shane x


  1. Seems we in the US aren't the only ones having strange weather this year. The East Coast is getting alot of snow/cold. Here in Colorado, it's dry and 55 degrees outside today! And your weather is stranger yet. Blame is on La Nina I guess.
    Well, at least you got away and got to hike up to the top of the hill to take a picture for all of us (thanks). But always nice to get back to your own routine.
    Welcome home!

  2. I can completely relate to sailing in that weather and worse. Just have to make the most of it and get on with things the best way you can. We have our summer back now with NO rain. Yay!!!

    Glad to have you back Shane. Pam x

  3. Aw too bad on the weather, but it looks like you made the best of it and had a good time away. Some great photos of that high water. The swamped dingy's wonderful, hope they all get bailed out okay. xox Corrine

  4. The weather everywhere is a complete mystery it seems. Glad you had a good time away anyway.

  5. Oh! yes you will definitely keep this resolution - more hill work. I've been doing the same since jan 1st and you will get better. it just takes perseverance!!

  6. The weather has to improve - we are flying into Auckland next week then heading to the Coromandel. We have had so much rain here and not planning on bringing it with us! Have ordered sunshine for the North Island for the next two weeks!

  7. Hi Shane! Welcome home! Glad to hear that although plans changed a bit, you still enjoyed your time. I love hiking! There are no hills to be found around here :/ and hubby and I haven't walked in weeks. Hope all is well as you settle back in. So glad to hear you received my cards. Best wishes, Tammy

  8. Welcome Home Shane. Such a shame about the weather, isn't that often the way! Still you managed to get out and about, climbing hills (I wish!) and taking lots of photographs for us armchair travellers to see. Thank you for visittng me!
    Big Hugs
    June xx

  9. Good to know you are back to home comforts. It is always good to see your photographs and the sun doesn't always have to shine. I wouldn't imagine it spoiled your trip so here's to the next one.

  10. The Nature seems to be doing strange things everywhere recently:)

  11. oh curses, I was hoping to see the sunny summer sun!! but still beautiful nonetheless!!

  12. Oh these pics bring back a few memories. I used to live up that way at a place called Teal Bay, and my parents used to own the Marlin Hotel at Whangaroa Harbour. Then I moved into live in Whangarei, but still went north for my holidays!

  13. Love seeing your photos...really beautiful even in the rain...lovely post dear Shane...thanks for taking us along...trying to remember 'summer' here in N Virginia under many inches of white stuff :)

  14. You were very diligent with the walking Shane - much harder than boating I'm sure! What a shame the weather was poor - seems the entire world has had strange climate changes recently. HUGE snow storm crossing the US right now - we may be lucky and just have rain, but some states are getting two feet plus of white stuff!

    Lovely pics even in the drizzle - thanks for sharing. Know it's always great to get home again.
    Hugs - Mary



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