Thursday 27 May 2010

Welcome Back Lene!

Lene, I'm so glad to see you back in Blogland and trust you are feeling stronger with each new day!

I came across Lene's blog one day via Fabulously French.
Leeann's post on 16th May, "Flowers for Lene" had a beautiful photo of a sunflower with a best wishes note attached.

I followed her link and discovered Lene's amazing blog. I was overwhelmed, she had created a post thanking her friends for their messages of concern and comfort following her radiation treatment.
Each stunning photo had a message written to her special blog friends from her heart!
You must follow the link I've given you here and read this particular post

By the time I had finished reading, I felt totally over-whelmed by the strength of this amazing woman named Lene.
I left a comment on her blog, but every day since I have thought of her and hoped and prayed that her health was improving.

I visted Lene's blog today and I can't tell you how thrilled I am to see 3 wonderful new posts.
Lene these are photos from my homeland New Zealand especially for you! You are an inspiration!

Queenstown - A Ski Town in the South Island - New Zealand

Lake Tekapo - New Zealand

Mitre Peak, Fjordland - New Zealand

Bay of Islands - New Zealand

Coromandel Peninsula - New Zealand

Queenstown in Autumn - New Zealand

Log Cabin in Autumn

Please visit Lene there too and welcome her back!!


  1. Dear Leeann
    Thank you for your beautiful pictures from New Zealand and the "Welcome" with your very sweet words! They make me very touched, but also a little shy - you praise me up in the clouds, but I'm not so great. Only a common girl who is incredibly grateful for all my good blog friends and thoughtfulness I've had and still has!
    You live in a beautiful country Leeann (it reminds me of Norway).
    Once again thanks, I wish you a wonderful weekend!
    Loving greetings and hugs from Lene

  2. how fortunate of you to live in such lovely country. everything looks so fresh, truly shows a great respect for nature! it is truly a pleasure to meet you in blog world and am looking forward to visiting your beautiful blog! have a great day...verbena cottage

  3. lovely pictures a cool mountains i like them

  4. Lovely photos and welcome back to Lene.

  5. I also read Lene's blog and so happy to hear that she is back.
    We really do live in a beautiful Country, here in NZ.

    Enjoy your week

  6. Thank you for coming to my blog, An American in Avignon. Your comments are lovely, and your thoughts strong. I'm glad Lene is better. It is glorious when some pull through. May your love of all things French continue! take care - Madeleine

  7. Beautiful photos.. especially the first..

    Well I found Lene's blog through another blog friend just as she had come back for treatment and I agree she has a wonderful soul and beautiful blog...

    Have a lovely week and thanks for your sweet comments my way.. xx Julie

  8. just want to wish you a great weekend! thanks for dropping by...verbena cottage

  9. I've never been to Lene's blog, but seeing these photos is a powerful incentive~

  10. such beautiful photographs, thank you!

  11. Oh it is so beautiful there!!!! Your photos are awesome!!! I look forward to being in Carole's class with you, she does amazing art work!!! Marva (purplepaint)

  12. Shane, These photos...oh, New Zealand, what a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful place. I'm touched by your compassion and tender heart for others. Xo, Sue

  13. Thank you for your visit and comments and prayers.

    I just love these photos of new Zealand. My next door neighbour comes from Aukland.



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