Saturday, 1 April 2017

Early Autumn Down Under

My garden is losing it's energy - slowly and quietly 
giving in to the demands of Autumn

A host/ubiquity/quarrel of Sparrows.
I couldn't think what a group of sparrows was called
I consulted Mr Google
and I found these names here - and thought they were quite interesting!

An amazing Autumn sunset

Some of the delicious fruits of Autumn

Oh how I love these figs - given to me by one of my work mates.
I poach them in a little white wine, add a drizzle of honey
and serve with a scoop of vanilla Ice Cream. Oh so yummy!

I'm joining
Fast Five on Friday

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


Thank you for visiting!


  1. Dear Shane,

    Oh yes, Autumn is here and already my magnolia trees leaves are going brown and ready to drop off. A change in the weather, is nice and I always like the crisp clear days. I noticed the beautiful sunset the other night. Your photo is wonderful.
    Happy weekend, as we turn our clocks back.

    1. Hi Carolyn
      I know the end of daylight saving is inevitable but I always feel a little sad as it marks the end of Summer!
      Lets focus on the fun things Autumn has to offer!

  2. We are getting ready for Spring here, of course it is officially Spring, but not yet my kind of start of Spring when it is time to get out in the yard. It's been cloudy cool, and rainy here for...I've lost count of the days..I need some sunshine and warm weather before I go bonkers.

    I enjoyed the list of names for various groups of birds. My favorite was a "charm of hummingbirds".

    I hope you enjoy your days as your season moves further into Fall.

    Stay cozy!

    Susie D.

    1. Thank you Susie - there are many things to enjoy about Autumn.
      I've bookmarked the bird list for future reference! It's an amazing list!

  3. That is really an interesting Google link! I'll write it down... Take the best of the autumn, what else can I say. We have the seasons vice versa.... Happy weekend.

  4. Autumn certainly looks wonderful down there. :)
    There's a lovely light in these photos... and a special atmosphere, perhaps that of losing the summer's vigour, but so elegantly!
    Happy April & Big hugs! xx

  5. Good Morning, Shane! I'll take your Autumn instead of our summer - that feels like it has already started! Your garden is still lovely and those figs -- wow! Have a wonderful week.

  6. Great post. Enjoy your autumn weather. I am enjoying out spring weather here. Have a blessed day and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  7. Lovely photos from your hemisphere!

  8. Beautiful sunset! Seems strange to me to think how opposite the seasons can be in different parts of the world. I had no idea on all the names for the large gathering of sparrows, I'd go with quarrel, based on how much noise the ones near us tend to make. Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Your hydrangeas are nearing th eend, while I am waiting for spring buds on mine! Oh, don't you love how this blogging world brings our real world so very much closer together?!

  10. Spring is just sprouting here as far as the azaleas go. I hope my hydrangeas are as pretty in spring as yours are in autumn, I think they are so pretty this way.

  11. Lovely photos, Shane. There is something a little sad about a garden at the end of summer, like a nice party coming to end.

  12. Seeing the sparrows in your photo was so lovely - we live on the third floor and for some reason we never have seen a sparrow at our bird feeder. I think they are mostly ground feeders but I do miss seeing them.

  13. what a pretty garden area. Love hydrangeas. As you are going into the beautiful rich earthy colors of autumn I am anxiously awaiting the greens and florals of Spring! very interesting link to the bird group names:)

  14. Dear Shane,
    nice photos. The sky of the sunset is marvelous. Each season of the year has something special, the autumn too. Enjoy it.
    Thank´s for visiting our blog.
    Have a wonderful week.

  15. Your autumn looks just lovely. Oh figs! Sound so delicious! Love autumn hydrangeas.

  16. Your garden still looks lovely though, Shane. Beautiful sunset capture and I love a quarrel of sparrows, that's exactly how our house sparrows behave!

  17. What a fantastic idea for using the figs, we have a large fig tree outside and can't wait for the fruits now so we can try them how you do!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Thanks for joining in with Five on Friday

  18. I love finding out the collective nouns for things, they are so interesting aren't they!

  19. Looks so pretty still - what is the climbing vine on the wall Shane? I love how it looks on the bricks. 'Quarrel of sparrows' sounds neat even though I doubt they really quarrel - birds are usually quite polite, compared to mean people I find, haha!

    Good looking juicy figs - love them poached!
    Hugs - Mary

  20. Shane, Autumn is lovely around your neck of the woods. Look at all the sparrows on the grounds, and that sunset is pretty. I haven't had figs in such a long time. They remind me of my dad. : )




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