Friday, 6 January 2017

Five on Friday - Boats

My post today is all about boats
I may have told you before that
Auckland is known as
The City of Sails.

Auckland is surrounded by water so many children
learn to sail at a very young age.

Westhaven marina is a favourite haunt for us.
Both Reston and I belong to the RNZYS
Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron.

Today we had a lunch at a cafe called 'The Sitting Duck'
as the Squadron restaurants etcet don't open again until next week.

Afterwards we drove around the harbour looking at boats!
It was fascinating watching the crane lifting large crates
on to the top deck of this luxury super yacht.

She is named Vibrant Curiosity and as she was flying the
Union Jack she must be from the UK.
We imagine she is here for a refit.
The exchange rate makes it worthwhile for many
overseas boats to come to Auckland to have work done.
Our local shipyards build many new boats too
for overseas owners.
Our nephew is a boat builder who works on these new builds.

Near the New Zealand Maritime Museum
are several heritage boats.

This yacht is the Aramoana built in 1938 by Gordon Pollard
a cousin of my father-in-law Russ Pollard.
They were great mates and sailed together on her for many years.
Notice there are no staunchons or handrails,
one needed to be sure footed moving about when under full sail.
Those were the days!

The Menai is a heritage launch which we owned in the 1970s.
It was the perfect boat for when our children were young.
It always brings back many happy memories!

I'm linking this post  to Amy's Five on Friday
Thank you Amy for hosting - it's been a while since I've joined in!

Take care and
be kind to one another

à bientôt


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  1. Thanks for introducing yourself to me! This Saylor is not much of a sailor, but I love to watch boats navigate on water, and I love to think of The City of Sails. Your photos are beautiful. I am trying to Follow your blog, but am getting a Forbidden error message for some reason. I will try to put your blog on my blogroll. Happy New Year!

  2. It's so great to look at your summer photos for we are freezing here! The tourquoise of the 1st photo is amazing. Have a nice weekend!

  3. It was like a breath of fresh air visiting today with such a Summery theme, I really enjoyed looking at all the boats, although a sailor I am not.

  4. Very impressive. Great to see an outdoor sunny and warm post.

  5. I'm very fond of harbours and marinas. I love the sounds of lapping water and chinking ropes and flapping flags.

  6. I love being by the water. There is something very healing about it. And sailboats are my favorites. I love seeing them in harbor, on the water or being in one. It's only 6 degrees (F) here this morning -- so these pictures truly do warm my heart!

  7. How lovely to see the boats in your photos, the setting around the marina make me think of holidays and the warmer weather to come:)

  8. Oh what beautiful boats and yachts! And I am especially enjoying these captivating photos since we just got some snow and I am longing for summer again...

  9. Lovely photos and educational post!

  10. Love learning more about what you like doing. The photos of the boats are great . Have a blessed day. Madeline

  11. Oh, to be walking beside a marina in the sunshine instead of slipping on the ice here in the USA.

  12. Such great pictures and an obvious family history with boats and sailing. We visited one of the marinas here last week and was very disappointed to see how much garbage there was floating in the water and how dirty the area was around the fish market. A far cry from the beauty you've shown here in your photos.

  13. Enjoyed seeing all the boats. I am sure it was a restful get away to spend an afternoon near the water and gazing upon such beauty!

  14. Great pictures of Auckland's marinas and beautiful boats, and I enjoy seeing the yacht which you once owned. I wonder how you feel seeing it again? And I can't imagine being on a boat without a guard rail, but it sure looks sleek and stylish. Have a great weekend Shane.

  15. Beautiful boats and marinas. What a great history behind living in this area and the boats. How nice to have so many happy memories!

  16. Just a few days before Christmas we were in Auckland. We spent a really good morning in the Maritime Museum and the enjoyed a bottle if good NZ white wine on a patio overlooking the yachts moored nearby. What a wonderful city! Thank you for the re-visit. I look forward to going back one day.

  17. Gosh, isn't Aramoana just beautiful, sleek and elegant. Your old boat looks perfect for family time out on the water.

  18. Beautiful, I remember the time we saw all those sailing boats in Auckland already 19 years ago now.

  19. The boats are lovely for Five on Friday. Have a good week.

  20. I love harbors and your pictures are so refreshing to see as I sit here looking at the snow out my kitchen window while I read blogs!

    Cindy Bee

  21. Thank you for sharing lovely pictures with us :-)
    Have a good year!

  22. It is nice to see warm weather it's so cold here
    Like to visit there

  23. Marina walks in good weather are a favourite occupation around here, too. Those mega yachts are like little cities on the water; they dwarf everything around them. Thanks for this glimpse of boats in your corner of the world.

  24. Gorgeous photos!
    O, to go sailing with the warm breezes rippling through the air.

  25. I'd love a ride on any one of these (well maybe not the one with no railing). Having lunch overlooking a marina like this would be my idea of heaven.



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