Sunday, 29 November 2015

Our Friendship Spans the Oceans....

My heart skipped beats recently....
when I arrived home from work  to find a parcel 
waiting for me by the front door!
Not just any parcel I might add
but one that had crossed oceans to get here.

I was elated when I read the sender's name...
my dear friend
A Breath of Fresh Air

My heart was 'all a flutter'
as I knew I was in for a treat!
I posted about Mary's previous parcel here

When I found Mary's blog a few years ago
I knew I had found a soul mate
who enjoyed many of the same things as I do.

We both share a love of France and all things french
we also both have family living there.

Mary has a love of life which the French call

Joie de Vivre

She is an inveterate traveller and enthrals us all
with her amazing photography and interesting narrative
of  her overseas trips with her husband Bob and friends.

One thing is certain
Mary and Bob will never be short of conversation
when sitting in their rocking chairs on the verandah!

I think I can hear a little voice in my ear...

....what's that? me in a rocking chair.... NEVER!
ha ha!!!!!

Mary dear
you know just what I love...

Vintage Notions

the exquisite vintage buttons and spools of cotton,
ribbons and hand made tatted lace
 vintage cards including the one above
 and lovely old postcards.
I love everything.


Never let it be said that distance is a barrier to friendship.

I'm joining
Judith for Mosaic Monday
Wen for Simply Neutrals Tuesday
Stephanie for Roses of Inspiration

Thank you ladies for hosting!

Be kind to one another

Merci à bientôt



  1. What a delicious collection of notions dear Shane. You would be thrilled to receive Mary's lovely Christmas gift. And your photos are gorgeous too. Happy Sunday xox

  2. It's very nice to have a soulmate friend... Such wonderful items and very sweet of her to send them to you. Have a wonderful day with love Janice

  3. A treasure trove of inspiration and playthings for you to enjoy! Now we have the fun of seeing what you do with them.

  4. Shane, from these photographs I can easily see how wonderful that package was. Yes...the contents are just about perfection.

    Isn't blogging a marvelous community? xo

  5. What a beautiful gift, of friendship and package!

  6. Mary and I go back a long way. She is such a lovely person isn't she. What a super parcel!

  7. You are blessed with a lovely friendship and a beautiful gift. It's amazing how hearts can knit together in spite of the miles.

  8. Hello, what a lovely surprise and beautiful gift. Lovely images and post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  9. What a wonderful feeling this little package brings to all that view your post!

  10. How wonderful to find a kindred spirit and become friends. It truly is a wonderful world.

  11. ♥hello my dear friend! So many beautiful things! Happy Sunday♥ xxx Riitta

  12. How very beautiful Shane, such adorable gifts, from one blog soul to another,-yes we create so many wonderful friendships across the oceans.
    So much lovelyness to enjoy and to play with !!
    Dorthe, xo

  13. Shane we may live on different continents but the internet brings us closer together. It is wonderful your friend sent you that lovely gift. I am sure you are going to enjoy the items. Your photos are great. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  14. Oh Shane, how perfect! What a rich friendship and beautiful gift. Bloggies are the best!

    I have a feeling we'll be seeing some of these bits in your beautiful creations sometime!

  15. What a lovely gift to receive in the mail - far nicer than the million catalogs that clutter up my mailbox!! Mary must be a very good friend. I'm glad to have found your blog!!

  16. What a wonderful gift from Mary. Those vintage notions make my heart beat a little faster. Such a treasure trove! You'll enjoy these things so much!

  17. Dear Shane, such a lovely gift you got from a lovely bloggerfriend !Just wonderful!
    Wishing you a great new week,
    sending Love and hugs and blessings, my dear friend!
    Claudia so

  18. Oh my! Everything is so perfect! That Mary is a generous, kind soul. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  19. What a lovely friend!!! Pretty!!

  20. What a lovely assortment of crafty sewing things sent to you by your dear friend Mary. I love seeing her blog with such interesting photos .

  21. Ooohh how delicious Shane, such joy and beauty. A treasured gift to receive.Hope you are progressing with your vintage book. Have a good week Hugs Shirley

  22. oh my-what absolutely splendid treasures to be gifted with Shane!! I can already picture some of the gorgeous things you will make with them...

  23. Oh the sheer beauty of this post for those exquisite gifts your friend sent to you and also the way that this post shines with the beauty of friendship.
    It struck a chord with me as I was nodding my head in agreement that distance is certainly no barrier. I count myself as so lucky to have formed beautiful friendships with so many friends from the U.S., Canada or nearer to home, on Continental Europe.

  24. What a nice gift/surprise to receive! I see lots of creativity in that package.
    Hope you have a great week ahead.

  25. A beautiful post with beautiful gifts and beautiful photos :-)

  26. Oh,Shane, in the Blogosphere still live wonderful, special ladies, I also have found some of them and I feel so fortunate and thankful for this, and I'm sure that's the same for you !
    Have a lovely start of the week

  27. What a wonderful surprise from your blog friend, Shane. It sounds like she knows just what you like. I love the card, so pretty. And the key is charming. Isn't it nice to get goodies in the mail?

    Enjoy this Christmas season!


  28. Such a lovely package of charming gifts.

  29. just precious; thanks for sharing

    much love...

  30. Mary is extra special. What a very thoughtful gift.

  31. Such beautiful tiny treasures made even more special because they come from a dear friend. Enjoy your gift. It's so wonderful to read tales of friendship in the blogging community.

  32. Dear Shane, how very very special. You are privileged indeed to have such a gorgeous friend. Mimi xxx

  33. Hi Shane, I am Ever-so-Glad I saw your contribution to Wen's Simply Neutrals Tuesday! I enjoyed your post very much! Beautiful neutrals and gorgeous gift box you received!! Thanks for sharing. I hope to stop in again soon. ~Karen O

  34. Hello Shane, Your friend's gifts are delightful, all that creamy vintage yumminess. Sweet buttons and old lace -the best of gifts. Enjoy, and I look forward to seeing what you create with them.

  35. What a wonderful gift, Shane, such vintage beauty. Lucky you.

  36. A beautiful post. A beautiful friend!

  37. Dear Shane
    What a delightful parcel to receive with lace and sewing notions such as those beautiful buttons from Mary, a dear blogging friend.
    The kindness, friendship and generosity found here in blogland is precious and sharing this is very special.
    Sending warm hugs,
    PS How is your book progressing???

  38. Well I'm quite astounded at all the lovely comments from your friends dear Shane! It was so much fun for me putting together the little box of things I know you enjoy - I'm certain you will enjoy playing with them later. BTW - great photos too - do you have a new camera?

    Meanwhile I know I owe you an e-mail and will get to that later - this time of year is, as always, very busy and I need to catch up with several friends around the globe - soon I hope!

    Much love and thank you for the kind words.
    Mary X

  39. Oh, so many pretty and lovely things you got, dearest Shane!
    And what a journey they made to get to you.
    As I could read in your comment, YOU made a long journey last June, too - and it's really a pitty that we didn't meet up in Ireland... One day we hope we can get to NZ, too (it's one of our big dreams...)
    Lots of hugs, my dear,

  40. Dear Shane,

    How wonderful to receive all the gorgeous vintage notions and this must have been a lovely surprise to find by your front door. Lucky lucky!
    Have been thinking of you and was great to get your note - thank you.
    It is a lovely time of the year and how exciting for your family in France to get their packages.
    Do hope you have a happy weekend - looks like we may be in for some rain.
    Sending hugs

  41. Dearest Shane,
    No way, distance can be easily bridged when there is a common love for things. So special that nowadays we literally can cross many borders and reach across oceans to those kindred spirits that share a passion with us.
    Mary did sure pick some joy for sending your way!
    Blessings to you,

  42. My dear, sweet Shane, I can see why your heart was all a flutter {{smiles}} your kind friend certainly blessed you with treasures, and in my opinion you definitely deserve to be spoiled :)

    Even when miles of land and ocean separate people the friendship still remains and what a joy that is. You and Mary are indeed bless to have one another.

    Love and hugs to you, my friend. And thank you for joining Roses of Inspiration.

  43. Shane
    what a gorgeous package filled with goodies of every variety! I love that we can see the vintage feelings of your sweet parcel over your blog. There are so many lovely ladies in the blog world for sure!

  44. It does not surprise me at all that you and Mary are friends, despite never having met. You both share the same impeccable taste, and love of all things vintage and France. Oh wait, that describes me too! ;).

    The gifts are so lovely Shane, but you already know that. I hope you're enjoying them over this holiday season.

    I wanted to stop by (after far too long) and thank you for your sweet comment on my Spotlight Post a few weeks ago. It's been such a busy time, as we are preparing to leave for a few months, so please forgive me for taking so long.

    You have a lovely blog, and I'm glad I found you! Wishing you a most joyous holiday and happy new year!

  45. Dear Shane,

    Just stopping by to wish you a happy New Year and hope all is well with you.
    Sending love and hugs and best wishes for 2016



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